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Alfred Hitchcock said, “The better the villain, the better the movie.” A good reason to take special care of your villains. This is valid in many genres, but when you get into that of superheroes, you really shouldn't miss it. Marvel has understood this well, lining up as many villains as films with great generosity and most often offering its scores to first-rate actors and actresses. From the Earth to the stars, from one dimension to another, we have selected the ten most outstanding,.

Whether they are very, very wicked, powerful, sneaky, cruel, or all of that at the same time. Let's go ! Number Ten: Kang the Conqueror from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. It may seem premature as long as we have seen a meager facet of the one who promises to be the big bad of sentences five and six, with the heavy task of getting behind Thanos. But who knows, maybe we'll make a top of the best Kang in the future?.

For now, we have discovered two incarnations of the character, a rather wise one in the Loki series, and another more conquering in the third installment of Ant-Man. In both cases, these are beautiful proposals from Jonathan Majors in very different styles. Currently, Kang is a promise: that of multiplying and adapting to future oppositions according to the context that the next productions will wish to approach. It's a lot of hope, but we can already rest on the fact that he.

Is one of the most famous villains in Marvel comics, and that Jonathan Majors is a monstrous actor who does not hesitate to put on the gloves. Number nine: Obadiah Stane in Iron Man. Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became this massive machinery spanning space, the quantum world, and the land parallels, he was much more humble and spoke with a kind of pragmatism. Tony Stark and Iron Man, it's still a man in armor and the first villain he faces, well the same.

A beautiful opposition between a surrogate father and his spiritual son who confront each other in a struggle both physical and moral. Obadiah Stane is a Tony Stark who would not have stayed in an Afghan cave, discovering that his weapons serve the least well-intentioned groups. No, he is a pure liberal, a frenzied capitalist, addicted to profit and a much more elastic morality. In retrospect, he might look a little puny compared to the others. But one, he arrived first and two, it is Jeff Bridges who embodies him.

So, question charisma and physique, there is nothing to prove to anyone. Number eight: Baron Zemo in Captain America: Civil War. Past his terrorist and manipulative side that led the Avengers to fight each other in Civil War, we cannot completely find his motivations unfounded. Obviously, they express themselves in the worst way and ultimately reproduce what he blames superheroes for,.

Causing collateral damage that leads to the death of innocent people. Zemo became this criminal mastermind after the Battle of Sokovia in Avengers 2, where he lost his family. Ever since, he's been obsessed with destroying those he thinks are responsible, Steve and Tony's gang. But rather than confront them directly, which for one man is quite a challenge, he prefers to go about it in a more vicious way by trapping one of the most obvious members, Buck Barnes. And he almost succeeded in causing an irreparable split between superheroes.

This side of personal revenge might have seemed a little slick and easy, but aided by Daniel Brühl's interpretation and an exploitation in a film that makes the heroes almost the villains of the story, Baron Zemo turns out to be an exciting villain. . Number Seven: Red Skull in Captain America, The First Avenger. The quintessential pulp villain, despite makeup that looks like a scrub session gone wrong. Crâne Rouge has the theatrical excess that characterizes it and fits it very well.

Into an ensemble that mixes Nazis, occultism and science fiction. This first Captain America resembles a little old school adventure films and in this universe, a uniformly villainous antagonist has its place perfectly. Red Skull is a pure villain. His motivations boil down to dominating the world and crushing the weak. A not very nice program but which shows a logical opposition to the boy scout side of Steve Rogers. Today, Crâne Rouge might seem overwhelmed by the complexity.

Of certain colleagues in the big bad department. And yet, from Hugo Weaving's impeccable performance to this very comic books vintage aspect, there is no ambiguity with Red Skull, no extenuating circumstances, no “yes, but…”. Everything is done to hate him, and that's fine. Number Six: Ultron in Avengers, Age of Ultron. If the Terminator saga had already alerted us to the danger posed by artificial intelligence,.

Here is another example of the risks of letting machines think for themselves and giving them a little too much freedom. This species of binary offspring of the most egocentric face of Tony Stark, has the irresistible stamp of the voice of James Spader. This roundness in the bass, this impeccable formulation, this incredible sense of narration give him an almost natural predisposition to the place of master of the world. Ultron is the guy who looks down on everyone, because he feels smarter than the others.

The guy who really likes to listen to himself talk, unable to sum up in three words what he can say in twenty thousand, and who concludes that the world is doomed after browsing the Internet. Well, on this last point, we can not give him completely wrong. Its power makes it the perfect candidate to oppose the powerful Avengers. Number five: Hela, in Thor: Ragnarok. Hela, somewhere, it's kinda Game of Thrones

meets the Lord of the Rings . Either a game of power, thrones and family issues.

That possess the face and power of Galadriel. A mix that could have been heavy and weighty, but in a film resolutely leaning towards lightness and comedy, the association works well. We must give as much, if not more, credit to Cate Blanchett, who is very amused by this Shakespearian context in the kingdom of Asgard, with a marked enjoyment for mass destruction. It must be said that the lady has come a long way, from hell. She can thank her father Odin, of whom she is the first child,.

Who sent her there after recognizing that peace was better than war. No wonder she comes back a little pissed off, vindictive, with a tough sense of revenge. Number four: Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange 2. When we first meet Wanda, she battles the Avengers on behalf of HYDRA. Then she becomes a member of the superheroic team before taking an ambiguous position after the death of her synthetic husband, Vision. So on the one hand,.

It can be annoying to see the character deteriorate because of a book, especially after having been able to admire all its complexity in WandaVision, on the other hand, it gives a a show as enjoyable as it is emotional, capable of shutting down overly redundant fan theories and embodying the pain of a mother. If Hitchcock is not wrong about the good villains who make good films, we also note that it depends a lot on whoever interprets him. Elizabeth Olsen was able to show the full extent of her talent,.

Well helped, it is true, by a real development over the length. Still, she's one of the most tragic villains because even after all she's done, throwing a city into a collective hallucination, killing the wizards of Kamar-Taj, whacking the Illuminati with a pretty sense of show, you can't hate it. We arrive on the podium with the third place reserved for Killmonger in Black Panther. On the face of it, Killmonger isn't the most impressive villain,.

Nor does he appear in one of the most acclaimed films. But it's one of the most cleverly written because it opposes real social antagonism. In the right corner, we have T'Challa, the king of Wakanda, who lacked nothing. In the left corner, Killmonger exiled to Oakland, having to endure systemic racism that affects minorities in the United States. This rage, this anger that animates him is legitimate and it is all the richness of Ryan Coogler's writing to offer to the villain a priori the storyline which most often characterizes heroes in the making,.

Or at least the outsiders, the left behind, those who must rebel against the power in place to reclaim what injustice has deprived them of. To embody it, we can count on the magnetism of Michael B. Jordan. His last lines of dialogue are worth the best tragedies and maybe that's what makes him such a good looking and good villain. He does not fight for personal desires, but because he carries within him the History of a people, even of a civilization. Number two on the podium, Thanos in Avengers, Infinity Warand Avengers, Endgame..

In terms of number of victims, he is the most strong. He killed half the universe, sorry. And it took all the superheroes to overcome it. We all remember this memorable scene where Tony Stark snaps his fingers. It is also one of the most fascinating, as the reasons which push it to snap the most deadly finger in history pose a few cases of conscience, not far from ending up as a subject for the philosophy baccalaureate. Delete part of the population of the universe to save.

The other half and in the most random way possible. No distinction. Strong, weak or rich or poor because we are too many and we lead the universe to its loss, exhausting its resources. On paper, it may seem justified. In practice, it is already more debatable. To embody this ambiguity, it needed a strong actor, even under a ton of makeup. And obviously,.

Josh Brolin perfectly embodies this monster that it would be wrong to describe only as bloodthirsty because he also knows how to move someone somewhere. And the first place goes to Loki. For all his appearances in the Marvel movies. We started this classification with Kang and the promise of future incarnations over his variations, and we end with the character with multiple personalities, not in the pathological sense of the term, but because he is the master of deceit.

We cannot trust him. He will always find a way to get away with it in the end. Loki is the indisputable charm of Tom Hiddleston, a story that would almost pain us and this fascination that the most cowardly beings sometimes possess. The kind of character that we hate, but especially that we love to hate. Appearing in several films, having your series, obviously, that helps. A bit like Wanda. But if the latter had been able to move us,.

We remain more distant with Loki and his reptilian side, manipulator, liar, vicious, cruel, at the bingo of human beings, he should tick all the boxes and it is precisely for this reason that he is the best. Thank you for following this Top 10. We invite you to subscribe to the Allociné channel so you don't miss any of our latest videos. See you soon.

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