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Breathtaking blockbusters, intriguing thrillers,exciting action movies, and more in today's episode! Hello everybody! Welcome to my channel and today I have 10great new movies for you that have already been released on streaming platforms. Make yourselves comfortable and have a greattime watching. Avatar: The Way of Water (20th Century Studios)IMDb: 7.8 Avatar: The Way of the Water, the long-awaitedsequel to James Cameron's Avatar, has finally been released on streaming platforms.

Set years after the events of the first film,the movie follows Jake Sully, Neytiri and their children as they venture into the underwaterworld of Pandora and face new challenges from both man and nature. The movie is a feast for the eyes, with stunningvisuals that transport viewers into a vibrant and colorful alien environment. The 3D effects are particularly noteworthy,and the motion-capture performances are realistic. The movie also has several emotional scenesthat will tug at your heartstrings and exciting action sequences that will keep you on theedge of your seat. However, the movie has its flaws that preventit from achieving greatness.

The story is unoriginal and essentially aretread of the first movie, with the same villains and conflicts. The dialog is often corny and overused, andthe characters are not particularly well developed or memorable. The running time of over three hours is alsoexcessive, and the movie could have benefited from tighter editing. Overall, Avatar: The Way of the Water is animpressive visual spectacle that will appeal to fans of the first film and those who enjoygrandiose displays of technical prowess. While it lacks originality and depth, it isstill worth seeing for its stunning visuals.

And exploration of a fascinating world. Tetris (Apple TV+) IMDb: 7.4 If you're a fan of video games, you won'twant to miss Tetris, a biographical drama that chronicles the life of Alexey Pajitnov,the creator of the iconic puzzle game. Taron Egerton delivers a riveting performanceas Pajitnov, revealing the genius behind the game that has captivated millions. The film delves into the challenges and triumphsPajitnov faced in creating Tetris, including his legal battles with various companies overthe rights to his invention. It explores themes of creativity, passion,greed and betrayal, all set against the political.

And economic turmoil of the Soviet Union andthe Cold War. The movie also cleverly incorporates Tetriselements into its opening credits and soundtrack. While the movie is engaging, it does havesome flaws. It rushes through some important events andcharacters in Pajitnov's life, resulting in an uneven pacing. In addition, the film lacks emotional depthand impact by not delving deeply into Pajitnov's personal struggles and relationships. Historical inaccuracies and oversimplificationsalso detract from the film's accuracy. Overall, Tetris is an entertaining biopicthat highlights a remarkable chapter in gaming.

History. It will appeal to fans of the game and thoseinterested in stories of innovation and inspiration. However, it doesn't offer much originalityor depth beyond Egerton's riveting performance. Living (Lionsgate UK) IMDb: 7.3 Living is a film adaptation of Akira Kurosawa'sIkiru, set in 1950s London, that explores the transformative journey of William Williams,a civil servant who discovers that he has a terminal illness. Portrayed by Bill Nighy, Williams decidesto make the most of his remaining time by pursuing his passions, making new friends,and leaving a lasting legacy.

The film is a poignant and stylish celebrationof life and the human spirit, with Nighy delivering a remarkable performance that captures Williams'transition from a lifeless bureaucrat to a vibrant and compassionate man. The movie boasts stunning costumes, sets,and music that evoke the era's ambiance. At times, the film's adherence to the sourcematerial sometimes causes it to feel outdated or misplaced, and the story's darker and morechallenging aspects are not adequately explored. The film can feel slow and repetitive, particularlyin the second half. Living is a heartwarming and visually appealingfilm that will captivate fans of Bill Nighy and those who appreciate inspiring tales ofredemption.

Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game (VerticalEntertainment) IMDb: 7.2 Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game is a funand quirky comedy-drama film about the true story of Roger Sharpe, a pinball enthusiastwho helped legalize the game in New York City in 1976. The film celebrates the history and cultureof pinball, a game that was banned in New York for decades due to its association withgambling and crime. The film follows Roger's journey as he writesa book about the game, testifies in court that pinball is a game of skill, and navigatespersonal and professional struggles. The film occasionally breaks the fourth wall,lacks some of the charm and energy of the.

Game itself, relying on clichés and stereotypes. Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game is anentertaining and informative movie that will appeal to fans of the game and those who appreciatestories of underdogs and rebels. Missing (Sony Pictures Releasing) IMDb: 7.2 Missing is an edge-of-your-seat thriller thatfollows a young woman's desperate search for her mother, who mysteriously disappears whileon vacation. And the more she delves into the search, themore strange and mysterious details she discovers. Utilizing a screen-based format, Missing takesaudiences on a technological adventure as the daughter scours social media, tracks downclues, and ultimately confronts potential.

Suspects in her mother's disappearance. Along the way, the film explores themes ofonline privacy, identity theft and cybercrime. The cast delivers solid performances, withportrayal of the determined daughter standing out as particularly impressive. Sure, some elements of the story feel unrealisticand far-fetched, especially with the daughter seemingly hacking into various accounts anddevices with ease. Additionally, the movie relies on certainclichés and stereotypes that are all too familiar in the thriller genre. Nevertheless, Missing is an entertaining thrillerthat will appeal to those who enjoy movies.

With a technological twist. Creed III (Warner Bros. Pictures) IMDb: 7.1 Creed III is a sports drama film directedby Michael B. Jordan, who also stars as Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed. In this movie, Creed faces a new challengefrom Damian Anderson, a former friend and boxing prodigy who wants to prove himselfafter serving time in prison. The film is a satisfying conclusion to theCreed trilogy and a great addition to the Rocky franchise. Michael B. Jordan delivers a charismatic andemotional performance and directs the movie.

With style and confidence. The supporting cast also puts in great performances,especially Jonathan Majors, who plays a complex and formidable antagonist. The movie follows the same beats and tropesas previous Rocky and Creed movies, making it a little too predictable and formulaicat times. The film also lacks the originality and depthof Ryan Coogler's Creed, which brought a fresh perspective and social commentary to the franchise. Creed III is still an exciting and emotionalmovie that will appeal to fans of the series and those who enjoy stories of courage andredemption.

Kill Boksoon (Netflix) IMDb: 6.6 Kill Boksoon is an action-packed movie centeredon the life of a legendary assassin and single mother. As she struggles to balance her personal andprofessional life, Bok-soon faces a new threat from a rival agency that puts her and herdaughter in danger. The movie's exciting fight scenes are beautifullychoreographed, adding an intense and emotional element to the story. Jeon Do-yeon's performance is versatile andpowerful, showing the character's strength, vulnerability and love for her daughter.

The supporting cast, however, is not particularlymemorable – give or take a typical set of actors for a modern action movie. Despite some flaws, such as being too longand following a predictable formula, Kill Boksoon is a solid and entertaining moviethat will satisfy fans of the action and thriller genres. The film promises to please fans of such actionmovies as Oldboy or The Villainess, don't miss it. Boston Strangler (Hulu) IMDb: 6.5 Boston Strangler is a new movie released in2023 that follows the story of two female.

Journalists, Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole,who investigate the Boston Strangler serial murders in the 1960s. This drama is not a typical crime thriller,but focuses on the challenges these women faced in their investigation against societaland police resistance. The film explores the possibility of multiplekillers and the misogynistic culture that may have contributed to the case. The film sheds light on an overlooked aspectof the Boston Strangler case, highlighting the role of journalists in uncovering thetruth. Despite its strengths, The story seems tolack suspense and feels like a less thrilling.

Version of the film Zodiac. The Boston Strangler is a gripping movie thattells a story of justice and recognition. The outstanding performances of Knightleyand Coon and the historical context make it worth seeing. However, it is not a groundbreaking moviethat will leave a lasting impression. Shazam! Fury of the Gods (Warner Bros. Pictures) IMDb:6.5 Shazam! Fury of the Gods is a sequel to the 2019 movieShazam!, which follows the adventures of Billy.

Batson, a teenage boy who gains the powerto transform into a superhero by saying the magic word “Shazam”. This time he faces a new challenge from twopowerful and vengeful goddesses, Hespera and Kalypso, who threaten the world with theirwrath. One of the film's strengths is its humor,which brings a light and playful touch to the superhero genre. The action sequences are also a highlight,with exciting and well-executed sequences showcasing the powers of Shazam and his fostersiblings. In addition, the movie explores importantthemes of family, friendship, and responsibility.

That add depth and heart to the story. However, the film feels like a retread ofthe first film, with a similar plot and character arcs. The villains are underdeveloped, lacking depthand motivation, and the film struggles to balance its comedic and dramatic elements. Overall, Shazam! Fury of the Gods is an enjoyable and entertainingmovie that lives up to the expectations of fans of the first film. The performances of Zachary Levi and AsherAngel are highlights, and the film's humor.

And action make for an exciting ride. Inside (Universal Pictures) IMDb: 5.9 Inside (2023) is a slow-paced movie that followsan art thief named Nemo who finds himself trapped in a New York penthouse after a heistgoes wrong. The movie's premise is intriguing as it exploresthe psychological effects of isolation and confinement. The cinematography is stunning, contrastingthe luxurious penthouse with the chaotic outside world. Dafoe's performance is the movie's main asset,portraying a complex and tormented character.

However, the movie's pacing is too slow, lackingvariety and suspense. The plot relies on coincidences and contrivancesand doesn't sufficiently develop the character's backstory or motivation. The movie's ending is abrupt and unsatisfying,leaving many questions unanswered. Inside tries to be a tense and gripping thriller,but it falls short. While it is worth seeing for Dafoe's performance,the movie's flaws may make it a bore and depressive for some viewers. =============== And that's it for today.

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