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Thank you we got so many hits from this year regarding the action anime genre and to be honest even 2021 didn't really have the greatest year in terms of action anime there were some great ones to watch but ultimately there just wasn't enough of what people really wanted to see but this year ever in 2022 it's a.

Whole different other story baby so today I'll be going through personally some of my favorite action anime series of this year and some new ones that are coming next season so if you are new around here then please make sure you subscribe to the Channel with notifications Bell icon turned on stay up to date with the latest anime news.

And recommendations right at your doorstep now that keep me all waiting let us begin with the video so the core element of rust eater bisco is how unique of a series it is and combining the Epic action it has to deliver a very fun storyline where everyone thinks bisco is a criminal spreading the rust disease when in.

Reality he's actually trying to save Humanity from this disease it's actually pretty cool now I'm not one to say this anime is mind-blowing by any means necessary but more on the side of it saying you know it's actually quite solid created by Studio Naz and of course oz two brand new Studios that recently established to create their.

Very first anime I'd have to say I am very very impressed with what I've watched lycorus recoil is something I never even expected to enjoy in the first place but the sheer addicting action the firefight cool Matrix moments and you know going on it sure has me hooked in of what this anime is capable of.

Foreign this is an anime original created by A1 pictures and is one of the most talked about new shows of the current season it's mainly about a group of girls fighting to stop crying from taking place you know using weaponry and watching them build friendship training together and fighting together is.

Something that can easily be done but the way this was made is really something else and it's just sparked me to really want to keep watching it foreign black Summoner is one of those as simple asakai tropes where protagonist is so powerful at the very start and maybe.

That way but this character is more of a Savage than I really thought this man is hungry to fight stronger opponents wherever you know the opportunity comes by and seeing something like that is quite intense now if I was strong myself as him I of course I definitely want a tough challenge foreign.

there are fight scenes mostly consists of CGI that is actually done quite well and it's not bad by any means even though many don't like this approach I everyone can actually see the potential it can become throughout its airing time okay now we're moving on to one of the most popular talked about series of this.

Year and it's spy X family oh yeah it's one of the more funnier comedy series that I have watched because its concept is so unique and very fun three characters join forces together to create a fake family relationship all.

For the cause of saving the world from a disaster with hilarious events to Epic action taking place what more could you ask for from this it's also a joint collaboration with which studio and cloverworks delivering to us a masterpiece of a comedy series look at that time I feel like the Executioner in a way of.

Life is quite the underrated Izakaya not being your average Trope it's more of a unique take for people that get issachied are actually killed so they don't spread their Misfortune or you know spread reality into this fantasy world or even seek power I think JC staff pulled a really excellent concept that you really don't see too often.

There is no overpower protagonist in this and it's more of an even late playing field you know with two strong female protagonists trying to reach their goal with a really interesting world and lore behind them I wish more people could see what this anime is about but it is sad to see such.

An underrated anime like this go under people's radar Attack on Titan the final season part two you know I just had to include this end because it is too good of a series and mapa have been doing a great job with the adaptation by far and still bringing us part three next year foreign.

I'm sure everyone knows how intense Attack on Titan can get with the most recent events that ever happened I am so damn excited to see what's gonna happen next it may not be which studio quality but I'm really enjoying every second of it the red light district art of Demon.

Slayer now this is probably one of the best arcs in the entire series with just amazing animation during the fight sequences this is all what you need to watch we got introduced to the sound hashir which is probably one of my favorite hashirers in the anime and also two brand new enemies extremely strong foes able to put up a huge fight to.

Bring us quality entertainment and beautiful crisp looking animation thanks to Studio you foldable he said foreign I think love of kill is quite the underrated series it's nothing special but I really enjoyed watching a unique.

Relationship of enemies falling in love together dankworth Chateau who works for an organization to deal with and kill people for their bounties she meets a very special person who is actually a swift killer named son who falls in love with her at first sight and wishes to get to know her thank you.

It's also got a lot of action from gunfights and hand-to-hand combat it's pretty cool and I think you guys will really enjoy watching it and find great entertainment from this the Eminence of Shadow is a new anime that will soon be airing next season which means it's not even out yet but this is actually one of my most.

Anticipated series coming really soon and it's an isakai series Studio Nexus will be animating this who are the creators of let's say Darwin's game and to be honest I feel like this anime will have a lot of great potential ranging from its action sequences great characters and also an interesting story plot it will be starting to air in.

October and I recommend you all to keep an eye out when it does air foreign to all of you mob psycho 100 season 3 which is the most anticipated upcoming sequel coming next season and everyone is so excited for it foreign and now we have high expectations from.

Them on delivering quality animation sequences from its fighting and the overall look of the show it's been about three years since season two and so this is a masterpiece that is returning once more with a third Sequel and I honestly couldn't be more happier to see greatness return well there you have it all the best new action anime of 2022.

Everyone loves the action genre blood pumping adrenaline and spicy moments that the majority of us are definitely looking for if I eventually leave any anime out in particular that you thought would be a great addition on the list and let me know in the comment section down below as I'd love to hear your very own opinion or just comment down below.

What you thought about the video in general as I'd always appreciate the feedback enjoy the rest of your day and I'll see you all in the next one foreign foreign

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