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[music] so hello everyone this is sagar and welcome to my channel so gage 2022 is over now and this year bahut best best anime released to kya aap se woh best anime miss ho gaye hai to uske liye aaj hum ye video Making today, in this, today we will discuss the anime above the top 10 best and to support this video today, a YouTube brother is with us, who also makes anime content on his channel, which you have already seen on our channel. Must have seen together, then today we are going to share our top ten best anime videos with them, so before our top 10 list, if you also want to give your top ten list, then now you can tell in the comment section below, today we are going to rank Hai best animes of 2022 and this is going to be our opinion then do n't write abuses in the comment section just write your ranking so that our engagement may be a bit bigger and sab batao [MUSIC].

So the gas that comes at number 10 is BLUE LOCK THIS There is a lot of Kamal's soccer game and you know that Japanese soccer game is very Kamal's, its visuals and its story are very good. A lot of Kamal's journey which starts on our character, how his team becomes the best team of Japan, will get to see the journey which is almost in all the shocker games but to see something different in this. You will get to know what it is, this is anime and this is also ongoing, so if anyone wants to continue, then you can continue it, its opening on 18 is also very lotus, rest you can change me in the comment section below. Anyone who has seen anime, how did it feel that someone would come constantly, literally, someone would come because its season was van air in 2017 and then after that fans had given up hope, it had given such an ending, it started showing its charm and in this season.

Aur iss wale season mein fans gaya aur kya hi animation kar rahe de aur tum dekho toh pata laga jo mind games vagaira sab kuch hai do checked out agar tumne nahi hoga season van season tu to number dedh mein jo aata hua kya kamal ka animation This was a very lotus animation and its story is very unique, you see its name Can't even decide whose story will be in this, our female lead, who is our male lead, places the cost, he makes the dress for her, and between these two, they make the dress and play the cost in what ways . Se pyaar ho jaata hai yehi aapko dekhna hai is one of a kind rom com series which you can watch in itself gives a very very good full good feeling it is at number 700 ranking of king so far you have read about it You must not have slept because a video has already been made on it on big YouTube.

And if you haven't heard it then I will tell you what it is in a few frames so in this we follow one of our little Kumar Posi Prince The one who can neither speak nor hear but is not physically strong but he is definitely strong with one thing [MUSIC] It is told that how he completes his journey with so many complex characters . It's an adult story and it's also in Hindi dubbed, if you want to watch it, you can go and check it out there. There is a lot of Kamal whose name is Spy X Family which comes in the list of best anime to be released th is year, in this tell the story of the family who has a spy and a little girl who can read everyone's mind so so many Kamal When the characters will be in the same family, then what kind of scenes will be created, it is obvious that there will be laughter and even more meaning, it will be fun.

, so to experience this fun and comedy, you will have to watch such a great anime, so if you have seen this anime If you have seen then you can tell in the comment section below that how did you like this anime Apni chain so le ke so and if you haven't heard about this anime then you I don't know you zero under this stone yet 300 man turn off d Most Popular Animal Right Nau Go Over Le Lo Animation Le Lo Mapa Wale Pata Nahi Kya Animated Le Lo Its Every New Episode Has A New Video Fan Loving Characters And Jo Story Hai Magar Tum Man Ki Man Ke Dog Nahi Banne Toh Phir Aur Till now you haven't started watching then trust me you are missing something great then tell me gas The name of Dun three is ultra romantic who is following school it is very difficult to tell him spoiler free you will tell him that it is very much like its name.

You will get to see fan you will get to see romance and much more You will get to see the scenes of Kamal and the one who has not started the season yet, I will tell him that under which stone are you living again, you must see this, it is not a lot of Kamal, so the season is on the third number. Apne season van aur apni movie ghatak success ki post season tu aaya ki woh apna movie humne ki laga hai movie level animation thi uski bas first part 3 4 episode movie level se bhi upar animation thi uski aur tumhe reaction dekhna toh tum jaa sakte I had also done my promotion on my channel but going to talk more from story point of view we were very emotional I was very emotional you are not watching you will say the same thing to you what are you doing Ho apne jeevan sir dekho jaake aur jise.

Attack on titan season 4 part tu jo ki very much lotus Who hasn't seen the anime, who hasn't seen the entire series of Attack on Titan, who has not seen all the episodes, watch this first because it is very lotus, its season 4 was also the same lotus, meaning what the action was, what the story was And what if I mean speechless means too much Kamal Kehta Hai season four part of it Tu which was released this year so if you haven't seen then you must go and watch it so number one is going to come on I know many people guest Nahi kar hoga Demons nahi hai Attack on titan nahi hai chain to man nahi hai toh bacha hota hai very under 18 number van par hai mob psycho 100 season 3 people have not even seen it so season 3 is its culmination not after this aane wala hai season 3 add hua just one thing i am about to say this anime the whole master piece the way end.

Kar starting leke end tak sare jo bhi the its whatever all characters se sare pal loving characters tum sabse pyaar Ho Jayega End Tak Jaate Jaate Na Nahi Chuda Nahi Chuda Tha Is Wale According Top 10 Tu Ab Aapke Ko Se Aap Us Below You can tell in the comment section, in the comment section, I should not get any abuse, because our opinion will agree to your disagree and also go and subscribe to my channel so that I can make a video group on my channel and we will like this more video Will be lying on my channel on Sagar's channel, abhimanshu bhai said, you will find the link in the description. Anime lovers of Himanshu bhai's channel must go and check out. You can tell in the section that your top ten list is found again on some other interesting topic.

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