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Welcome guys are you looking for some greatanimated family movies to enjoy with your loved ones look no further because I'vegot the scoop on the top 10 best animated family movies from heartwarming Tales toaction-packed Adventures these movies are sure to Delight both kids and adults butbefore jumping into the video make sure to like this video And subscribe to our Stoli'sYouTube channel what are you saying too late first I would like to talk about number one Rangocame out in 2011. the IMDB rating of this movie is 7.2 it tells the story of a chameleon named Rangowho is lost in the middle of the desert he's a bit of a goofball and a dreamer but he's also verybrave after stumbling into the town of Dirt Rango finds himself pretending to be a tough sheriff andthe townspeople love it but things start to get.

Real when Rango uncovers a Sinister plot to stealthe town's water supply now he must step up and become the hero he's always dreamed of being butcan he do it this movie is a rollicking adventure filled with action humor and heart it's a mustwatch for anyone who loves a good Underdog Story what was that for you're a stranger strangersdon't last long here number two the Super Mario Bros movie released in 2023 and this movie rankson the IMDb with rating of 7.3 do you remember the Super Mario Bros video game series fromthe 90 seconds well they are back in action in their latest movie Adventure released in2023. in this epic adventure Mario and Luigi the heroic plumber Brothers find themselvestransported to an alternate universe ruled by the evil King Koopa with the help of their trustyfriend Yoshi and a new ally named Daisy they must.

Navigate their way through this strange New Worldbattling obstacles and evading danger at every turn however as they make their way throughthis treacherous landscape they discover that King Koopa is planning something sinister thatcould spell the end of the universe as we know it it is thrilling chases exciting battles andplenty of laps along the way a lot of galaxies they're all counting on us number three cars came out in 2006 the IMDB ratingof this movie is 7.2 the movie takes place in a world where cars and other vehicles are aliveand have personalities the main character is a Hotshot race car named Lightning McQueen who'son his way to the biggest race of his career however on his journey to the race lightningfinds himself stranded in a small town called.

Radiator Springs he ends up damaging the town'sMain Road and is forced to stay and repair it as part of his punishment while there he meets arusty tow truck named Mater a Sleek Porsche named Sally and a wise Old Hudson Hornet named doc asLightning spends more time in Radiator Springs he learns important lessons about friendshipteamwork and the true meaning of winning cars is a heartwarming story that teaches us about theimportance of slowing down taking in the scenery and appreciating the people hey do I spot a littlepinstriping tattoo back there oh you saw that number four Spirited Away came out in2001 and this movie ranks on the IMDb with rating of 8.6 it's a fantastic filmthat tells the story of a young girl named Chihiro who gets whisked away to a mysticaland magical world one day while on her way.

To a new home Chihiro and her parents take awrong turn and end up in what appears to be an abandoned amusement park but as the sun setsthe park transforms into a magical world filled with Spirits ghosts and other Fantasticalcreatures when tahiro's parents are turned into pigs by a witch she must navigate thisstrange and wondrous world to find a way to save them and return to her own world alongthe way she meets a young boy named Haku who helps guide her through the mysteries of thespirit world Spirited Away is a beautiful and touching film that explores themes of Lovecourage and the power of imagination let's go number five Inside Out released in2015. the IMDB rating of this movie is 8.1 this amazing animated movie is all about the innerworkings of our emotions the story follows 11 year.

Old Riley as she moves to a new city with herfamily leaving behind everything she knows and loves the emotions inside her head Joy sadnessfear anger and disgust work together to help her navigate through this difficult time but whenjoy and sadness get lost in Riley's long-term memory it's up to the remaining emotions to keepher happy and safe as joy and sadness Journey Through the various islands of Riley's personalitythey discover the importance of each emotion and how they all work together to create a balancedlife it tells us that all of our emotions are important in shaping who we are what whatis it woman what signal him again foreign number six Shrek came out in 2001 and this movieranks on the IMDb with rating of 7.9 Shrek is an ogre who loves nothing more than living a peacefullife in his swamp but one day his world is turned.

Upside down when a group of fairy tale creaturesshow up on his doorstep they've been kicked out of their homes by the evil Lord Farquaad andare looking for a place to stay determined to get his peace and quiet back Shrek sets off ona quest to confront Lord Farquaad and demand that the fairy tale creatures be returned totheir rightful homes along the way he meets his trusty sidekick donkey and the BeautifulPrincess Fiona who is also in need of rescuing but as they journey to farquaad's Castle Shrekand Fiona begin to develop a bond that neither of them expected as they navigate throughdangerous obstacles and hilarious situations they discover that true love can come from themost unexpected places Shrek is a hilarious and heartwarming tale that will have you laughing andcheering for the unlikely hero looking .

Number seven Finding Nemo released in 2003the IMDB rating of this movie is 8.2 the movie follows the story of a little clownfish namedNemo who gets separated from his dad Marlon and ends up in a fish tank in a dentist's officeMarlin being a worried dad sets out on an epic journey to find his son and bring him back homealong the way Marlin teams up with a forgetful blue tang fish named Dory who is hilariousand has a talent for making everyone laugh together they overcome many obstacles includingencountering dangerous sharks escaping from a hungry anglerfish and navigating througha field of jellyfish meanwhile Nemo and the other fish in the dentist's office come upwith a daring plan to escape and return to the ocean but will Marlon be able to find his sonbefore it's too late you'll have to watch the.

Movie to find out well he might be hungry don'tworry whales don't eat clownfish they eat krill number eight the Lego movie came out in 2014 andthis movie ranks on the IMDb with rating of 7.7 have you ever wondered what would happen if aregular Lego guy suddenly found himself in the middle of an epic adventure well Wonder no morebecause that's exactly what happens in The Lego Movie the movie follows the story of Emmett ahappy-go-lucky construction worker who always follows the instructions and never Strays fromthe rules but when he discovers a mysterious object called the piece of resistance EverythingChanges it turns out that Emmett is actually the special a legendary hero who has the power tosave the Lego Universe from the evil Tyrant Lord Business Emmett is joined on his quest bya ragtag group of Lego characters including the.

Tough and feisty wild style the enigmatic wizardVitruvius and Batman together they must navigate a dangerous and hilarious world made entirely outof Lego bricks including the wild west a pirate ship and a city made of cloud regular normal guyyou have the ability to be the special because I believe in you robots destroy him numbernine Despicable Me released in 2010 the IMDB rating of this movie is 7.6 he followed theMisadventures Of The Notorious super villain group as he attempts to pull off the greatest heistin history stealing the moon Gru is aided by his loyal Army of yellow Minions who are equallyhilarious and adorable but when three orphan girls enter his life crew's plans take an unexpectedturn the girls melt his cold heart and make him question his life of villainy will Gru choose tocontinue on his path of crime or will he become.

The ultimate hero and save the day with a perfectblend of heartwarming moments and hilarious Antics Despicable Me is a family-friendly movie thatwill keep you laughing from start to finish and on very last number 10 your name released in2016 and this movie ranks on the IMDb with rating of 8.4 this animated film follows the story oftwo high school students mitsua and Taki who mysteriously begin to swap bodies with each otherat first they are confused and disoriented by this strange occurrence but they soon learn to adapt toeach other's lives and routines mitsua who lives in a rural Village dreams of living in Tokyo andexperiencing the big city life while tacky who lives in Tokyo dreams of living a simpler lifein the countryside as they continue to switch bodies they start to form a deep connectionwith each other despite never having men in.

Person as they discover that they are connectedby a comet that passes by Earth every 1 200 years they must find a way to meet each other beforethe comet passes or risk losing their connection forever your name is a must-watch movie thatwill leave you feeling uplifted and inspired foreign this was the whole video and if you enjoyed it andwant to support us the easiest way is to like the video and subscribe to this YouTube channel sodon't forget to like comment and subscribe for more top 10 lists and more entertaining contentSee you in the next video by the time I'm done we have to warn him and fast.

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