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Today i have a super exiting video for youguys because today we will rank the top 10 strongest players in blue lock and i have beenlooking forward to doing this video for a while however before we get into iti feel like i should menetion that not every team has played in the neon egoistleague yet so some players might be in a lower place then you would expect but i am sure thatthey will sky rocket when they get their moment oh yeah i almost forgot but i willonly be covering u-20 players with the expetion of loki because that would belike comparing a kindergarden to a dinsouar, but yeah so no loki, noa or lavinhobtw please check out the original creator of this video idea as he was super niceand gave me permission to make this video.

And if you want to play along then feelfree to post your top 10 in the comments anyway lets get into this liston the number 10 spot we have a shared entrece between reo mikage and oliver aikuReo has been absoluty steaming in the match between the manshine city andbastard muchen, he has able to team up with nagi to make their crazy goalbut he was also a really solid player overall, reo was able to pretty much get behindhalf of bastard muchens team with him beating isagi, ness and some other random guy with easeand was also really close to scoring, Reo has also evolved his chamelion style to a new levelhe is able to copy everything he sees to nearly perfection even isagis meta vision which helpedreo take the ball from both kaiser and noa when.

They were struggling against princeReo is an outstaning overall player who dosn't have any short comingswhich makes him into a great threat however i dont see reo every getting higher onthis list until he perfects his chameleon style, but i defently think that he deserves this spotaswell as reo i also had aiku place on the number 10 spotNow aiku is one of the best or even the best defender we have yet to see in thisseries, he was one of the only reasons the japan u-20 team was able to match blue lock eleveni he was able to defend the goal from the likes of isagi, nagi and even rinbasically most of the blue lock eleven unfortantly we havn't seen anything more fromaiku since the u-20 match but we know that.

He is in blue lock traning with the ubersand i can't even begin to imgaine how much he will improve, i defently think that we willsee more of aiku and i beleive that he will be an important player for future arcs aswellyou also have to take into a count that aiku is a proffessinal player and thathe has gotten proffessinal traning and thats why i think aiku deservesthe number 10 spot on this list 9 – chigirinow i am saying this with great sorrow but on the number 9 spot i have hyoma chigirichigiri is an incrible player both in terms of goal scoring and football knowledgechigiri is one of the fastest players in blue lock and uses it to great advantges, heis able to outspeed anyone in a 1 v 1 situation.

Chigiri has developt so much since he joinedmanshine city, and is able to make use of his abilites in a more creative and betterway thanks to both agi and chris prince one of the main reasons i think chigirideserves this spot is due to his insane play in the mashine city vs bastard muchen match chigiri was able to steal the ball fromkaiser and after that he swept through the defence of bastard muchen, leabing namesas isagi, kurona and kunigami behind him and when he got into his shootingrange it was easy for him to score so i defently think that he deservesthe number 9 spot on this list 8 – kunigamiNow the one to.

Secure spot number 8 and be ready becuase thisis a real wild care but its kunigami rensuke Kunigami got a massive upgrade in the neonegoist league after he had finished wild card now i will breifly explain what wildcard is for the ones who have forget, basically wild card was a optition you couldenter when you were kick out of blue lock we don't know what type of traning the playerswent through in there but the goal of the wild card was to create a copy of noel noaand the only one who surived the traning was kunigami who came back like amassive chad, quickly after that he became a starter for bastard muchenKunigamis stats are on part with alot of the blue lock players but its his massive bulidand scoring abilitey which makes him stand out.

Kunigamis shots has so much accurcy and powerbehind then making them almost impossible to save i was tempted to switch chigiri and kunigamibut i wasn't 100% sure but i would say that they are on part7 – bachira the one to take the 7th spoton this list is bachira meguru i don't really think that i have to explainthis pick any further becuase lets be honest bachira is a monster (like he literaly is one)In the match between fc barcha and manshine city it was clear that bachira hadevolved into a much better player bachira was able to make crazy dribbles freelyon the field and was highly praised by lavinho, like bro bachira got the wholefc barcha squad bulit around him.

And i defently think that he isworthy of the number 7th spot 6 – shidoucoming on at number 6 we have rusyei shidou shidou is born to score goals and ithink that shidou is the most natural talented goal scorer in blue lockshidou is able to score goals from even the most impossible positionswhich has been proved multiple times now the only thing holding shidou back is hisnonexisting ability to help the team, He is a very selfcentred and selfish player which is thegoal of blue lock but it still holds him back I also think that you need someone to drawout the full abilites of shidou like we saw in the u-20 match and don't get me wrongshidou is an outstanding player by himself.

But to bring out his best he needs someonewho can help him with his crazy ideals and someone who can make use of his scoreing abilitei am almost sure that shidou will climb some spots when we see him play in the neon egoist league5 – nagi this list woudn't be complite withoutblue locks own genius seishiro nagi you know when i said that shidou isthe most natural talented goal scorer well nagi is better than that becausei would say that nagi is the most talented football player in blue locknagi can do almost anything possible like we saw in the match between manshine cityand bastard muchen when he did 5 fake volleys and then scored an absoulty incrediblegoal (btw link that video in my bio).

And nagi has only been playing football for9 months if i don't remember wrong, as long as nagi has someone who understand his abilitesand can pass to him he is basically unstoppable the only thing holding nagi back is his lack forfootball knowledge becuase as i said nagi has only been playing for 9 months so he he dosn't have thesame understanding of the game as isagi or rin But it won't stay like that for long as agiand prince is currently helping him with that in manshine city so i am surenagi will only become more furious nagi defently deserve number5 spot on this list 4 – Rinfor the number 4 spot we have someone with severe brother complex oh shit i wasn'tsupposed to say that i of course mean itoshi rin.

Rin is an abosolute crazy player which has beenshown mulitple times mainly in the u-20 match the whole time in u-20 game rin was phenomenal butin the last few minutes he was able to enter flow state making him even crazyier and scarierRin was defently the best player from the blue lock eleven in that game,but we havn't seen him since and at the end of u-20 match sae went overtelling him that he isn't the future of japan i am 100% that he will go crazy when we get tosee him in the neon egoist league but currently i can't put him above number 3 has number 3has been shown some crazy feets in the neon egoist league3 – isagi you have already geussed itbut number 3 is isagi yoichi.

Isagi has become a outstanding player in the neonegoist league, he has been able to match kaisers meta vision on multiple occasions and eventhe man himself noel noa went to help isagi now isagis biggest weakness is hisbody, he is smaller and shorter then most of the players and if we only thinklike that then rin would be better then him has he has much better pyshic then isagihowever its isagis brain that makes him stand out, we have seen him adapt like crazy in the neonegoist league and is able to match pros now And i can't wait til we see himplay against the other teams 2 – kaiserNow for the number 2 spot i have kaiser Kaiser is straight up a prodigy, he is currentlyplaying for bastard muchen in the neon egoist.

League as the teams ace and main striker butit dosn't even there becuase kaiser is a also a member of the new generation world 11and even noel noa said that kaiser had a better direct shot then he hasKaiser has also meta vision which gives him a omnipotent perspective of the fieldjust as isagi has. Now i tink that kaisers meta vision is either on part to isagis or above hisbecuase isagi has been shown coming to the same conclusions as kaiser has with his meta visionmeaning that they can see the same thing but its suprising dosn't stop there ashe has outstanding off the ball movements and also has professional footballtraning which gives him a slight edge kaiser also got the evaluation of 97 whennoel noa announced the starting players.

And i am convinced at kaiser defentlydeserve number 2 on this list 1 – saethe one who is the best player in blue lock u-20 is none other then itoshi saesae is a football prodigy who is known as the best player in the japan, sae is also amemeber of the new generation world 11 in the u-20 match sae was best player without a doubt, this man toyed with the blue lock players in the first half and i dont eventhink that he went all out in the second half Now you might say that sae isn't a better strikerthen kaiser and you would be right becuase kaiser is a better striker but sae is the better playerhe is a perfect midfilder with no short comings and midfilde wasn't even his main role from thebeginning which makes it even more impressed.

Even with all this its kind of hard tocompare kaiser and sae becuase of their diffrent role but aslo becuase we haveseen them in such a diffrent envierment we have only seen sae play in the u-20 matchwhich he didn't even go all out in and we are seeing kaiser in the neon egoist leaguewhich is filled with outstanding players making it harder for kaiser himself to shinei would say that sae and kaiser are pretty close to eachother and that if kaisersoverall starts are 97 then saes is 98 and i am more then fine withputting sae in the number 1 spot Anyway that was that and i hope you liked my listi really tried my best to find the best top 10 players and i think that i did pretty wellif you did like or didn't like it please why.

The comments because i would love to readthem and also if you want to create your own list you can always leave it down belowand If you like blue lock and videos like this then I would highly suggest you subscribe to thischannel and while you are at it leave a comment a like as it helps out with the algorthym a toonand if you are intressted to see another one of my videos then please watch one of the videoswhich will be poping up at the screen now anyway thanks for watchingand have a great day bye

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