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In Slice of Life anime, we see characterswho are somewhat comparable to us, who also face the same struggles of life as we do. This Genre teaches us to cherish the smalleveryday moments of our life. In this category, probably the sweetest andmost loved animes have to be the Slice of life Romance animes. These anime series get you involved in theworld of romance while keeping things in touch with the real world. So in this video, i decided to list the 15best Romantic Slice of Life animes of all time.

I hope that you will like it! 15. Josee To Tora To Sakana-Tachi This movie took the entire medium by a storm. Since it was a new and unique love story withinteresting characters and an amazing backstory, it was bound to gain the spotlight. The anime talks about a guy named Tsuneo whois extremely passionate about the seas. And so, he wishes to attain all the knowledgehe can. However, his life takes some unexpected turnswhen he meets Josee.

She is a girl in a wheelchair who may comeoff as rude at first but is quite sweet on the inside. He takes up the job of caretaking for herand soon enough, they develop a friendship that can't be compared to anything they haveever experienced. This is why the show will go on to becomea motivational piece in the near future. 14. Mimi Wo Sumaseba This is a great Ghibli movie that will reachthe hearts of all those who are into slow yet captivating series.

The movie talks about a girl named Shizukuwho is known for her passion for literature. However, her life changes when she comes acrossa guy named Seiji. He used to read the same books that Shizukudid and so, she decided to meet him and explore his passion as well. However, the search led her to an antiqueshop where she is going to experience some of the most bizarre things. However, that will shape the relationshipbetween Seiji and Shizuku, as well as their outlook on life and the goals that they haveset for themselves. This is going to be fun.

13. Seijo No Maryoku Wa Bannou DesuThis is a fantasy story that you need to watch as soon as possible. After all, it is quite refreshing as a slice-of-lifeanime. The show talks about a world where a constantbattle is going on between two creatures. Amidst this battle, a girl named Sei entersthis world and happens to be considered a Saint. However, that was how things were supposedto go. But life takes some different turns and someother girl gets assigned the tag of Saint.

And now Sei is all on her own. She has no choice but to see for herself inthis completely new world. If things don't work out properly, she mighthave to face another major problem. And that is survival. 12. Tamako Love Story Tamako Love Story is all about a cute romancebetween a couple. The show talks about a girl named Tamako whois part of a family of business owners. However, she has a definite competitor namedMochizou who is just around the same age as.

Her and has been in contact with her sincechildhood. And things have always been quite healthybetween them. But Mochizou is going to experience the endof his academic year. And so, he would have no choice but to expresshis love to Tamako once and for all. The clock is ticking and if he misses thischance, he might lose her forever. This is going to be so much fun to watch. 11. Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Have you watched the first season of Kimini Todoke?.

If yes then this one will be a feast for you. The show continues to explore our charactersSawako and Shouta and their romantic relationship. The anime goes on to express the continuouslove and admiration that these characters share for each other while also telling aboutthe beauty of all the other characters involved in this. The series manages to capture a huge marketand fans love this anime from the depths of their heart. This season focuses on the beginning of Valentine'sWeek and the inception of unforeseen feelings within the characters.

This is going to be quite interesting to watch. 10. Given Anyone who loves music and has a passion forit will love the hell out of given. Why? Because this slice of life anime will shapeyour outlook on what truly means to be a musician. The show focuses on a bunch of characterswith different backgrounds getting together under one roof to practice what makes theirlife meaningful, and that's music. And as they do so, they decide to take theirpassion to the next level and compete for.

Everything that they want. Soon enough, things will get a bit more complexwith these characters as their personal life clashes with their activities. However, all of it will be brought to lifewith the realistic representation in this series. 9. Nana This anime is a lot more mature and fascinatingthan what meets the eye. And this is why it manages to capture a massiveaudience without breaking a sweat.

The anime talks about two girls that sharethe same name. Nana. And both of these girls have had past experiencesthat shaped theirs as personalities. However, when their fates cross paths, theyrealize that this world is a lot more interesting and captivating than they initially thought. And that's when it all began. The growth of Nana as she tries to have abetter life ahead of her is what makes the show so entertaining yet realistic. 8.

Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru My Dress-Up Darling took the entire fandomby a storm. And that was quite understandable consideringthat the show had an incredible Waifu for us. The series talks about a girl named MarinKitagawa who loves to cosplay and she meets a guy named Gojo who loves to design clothesfor dolls. Although both of their passions may seem abit out of place at first, in reality, they seem to share a strong sense of connection. And this connection will be tackled in thisseries as Gojo goes on to spend most of his.

Time dressing for his dolls. But in the process, he might have a Marincoincide with her work as well. And their seemingly simple relationship mayget too complex. 7. Kotonoha No Niwa The Garden Of Words is an amazing piece thatneeds more love and appreciation from the fandom. After all, we aren't seeing many animationsas beautiful as this one. The series talks about a guy named Takao whois on his journey to becoming an elite shoemaker.

One day, he decided to skip lectures and sitin a beautiful garden for his work. There, he comes across a woman who neededa new pair of shoes and so, they both started to be with each other. They would come into the garden and spendtime together. And in the process, they might end up creatingsome of the most unexpected feelings toward each other. This is why the series is known for its depiction. 6. Kimi No Suizou Wo Tabetai.

A cry fest. That's how you would describe this movie. It talks about a guy who seems to be emotionlessfrom all angles. He doesn't seem to feel sorrow or happinessand his face seems just as stale as you can imagine. However, all of that comes to an end whenhe meets Sakura, a girl who has been diagnosed with a lethal pancreatic disease. Together, both of them will spend time witheach other and soon enough, develop feelings that they never expected they would.

However, there's one slight problem. Destiny has defined Sakura. And her death is inevitable. This love story is bound to have a tragicending. And it will hit harder than a truck. 5. Tenki No Ko A supernatural story that managed to takethe entire anime fandom by a storm. That's what this anime is all about.

A beautiful love story that will melt yourheart. The movie talks about a girl named Hina whohappened to have unreal powers under her belt. The hustling and bustling city of Tokyo seemsto have constant rainfall going on. However, this will be brought to a differentconclusion since Hina has the ability to make sunshine appear out of will. And with Hodaka, she goes on to help out allthose who require sunlight. However, there might be some catch to herpowers. And messing up with nature isn't exactly thesmartest thing to do. 4.

Ao Haru Ride A love story that will make you admire theconcept of a relationship so much. And with the complexity of high school lifein place, the series will continue to pave its name into the books of excellence. The series talks about a girl named Futabawho always tries to maintain distance from people. Moreover, she is known for being quite a populargirl amongst boys and so, her social life has gotten kind of awkward. However, things get better when her crushKou Tanaka comes into the equation.

And let's just say that this is where theanime will take some interesting turns. Will her crush look up to her and have a positiveeye? That's what we are going to experience soonenough! 3. Bokutachi No Remake The beauty of this anime lies in its realismand presentation. This is why it is ranked so high on our list. The series talks about a guy named KyouyaHashiba who left his job and started pursuing a career in gaming.

However, that doesn't work out all that welland he ends up losing a lot of value in the process. But things take some unexpected turns. And when I say some unexpected turns, I meansome time travel shenanigans. This is where the anime gets interesting. Now suddenly, our main character has gone10 years back in time. And as someone whose life was quite off-trackuntil yesterday, this is a great opportunity for him to prove himself and his worth asa whole. 2.

Byousoku 5 Centimeter 5 Centimetres Per Second is an absolute beautywith the contents that it offers. And that's what makes it worthy of the runner-upspot. The series talks about a couple named TakakiToono and Akari Shinohara who are beyond close as friends. However, this closeness is all in their mind. In reality, they are extremely far since theylive in two completely different locations. But that won't be the end of their bond. Because even after this long-distance, theywill continue stronger and better than ever.

As they walk their own paths of life. The story will nurture itself as a staplefor anyone who is experiencing long-distance relationships and their heart will melt likebutter. 1. ReLIFE And the number one spot goes to ReLife. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone consideringthat the anime has all that it needs to be an incredible slice-of-life series. The show focuses on a guy named Arata Kaizakiwhose life is not in the best position.

Therefore, he accepts the offer of gettinginto a program called ReLife. This will allow him to go back to his 17-year-oldself and live out everything he missed. And in the process, he might be able to shapehis future forever. The beauty of ReLife lies in the fact thatit expresses the idea of changing your past to have a brighter life ahead. And since this idea is felt by every humanin this world, the show continues to engrave itself as an amazing piece of art. And that's what makes it worthy of this list!

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