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Let's go. What's so special about these guys? If they can't stop your oppressor. There will be no hope for this island, nor for all of East Blue These four men came to change destiny. You will do well to remember their faces It has been two years since the Marineford War. Did anyone accomplish anything?.

All you did was stay calm. All that Whitebeard did was to end an era. The Navy Headquarters rounded up new forces. The big-timers didn't take any action ! It was like everybody was just preparing for something. That war was only a beginning. You always told me… …that the new era of daring ones is coming along with an unstoppable swell !.

I broke… the gear ! Now, there is no turning back ! From now on, whatever happens… This left arm proves that we are companions! It's me, Luffy. What do you mean : “It's me” ?! Listen! The Flare Flare Fruit is a keepsake from Ace ! I'll never let it go ! And you call me “Luffy” but…

…look at this beard ! I'm Lucy !! You think I can't tell my brother's face just because he's in disguise ? Your brother ? The only people who can call me their brother …are Ace, who died and other one a long time ago Died… I don't believe you ! We stole a bottle of sake from Dadan and made a toast…

I'm no good like this. I thought about it when I lost to Aokiji. If there are more people that strong out there on the ocean… …I need to get stronger… …to protect my nakama. Because I have nakama much weaker than me… …who I want to be with ! If I don't become stronger than everyone… …I'll lose them all !.

Get to the point ! I thought of a way to become way more powerful. So that I never lose anyone. So that I can keep them by my side ! What's he doing ? What's happening inside his body ? You're no match for me now… All of my moves are on a whole new level ! This voice… But I…

If someone's gotta apologize, it's us, Merry ! I'm bad at steering, So I ran you into icebergs ! I ruined your sail too. Zoro and Sanji are idiots, so they broke lots of things ! And Usopp tried to fix them, but he wasn't any good at it! If someone's gotta apologize… But I was happy. You always treated me well.

Thank you. My entire life will have been an immense happiness And this, thanks to you Oh, my. You finally made it here. Quite an entrance, son of Dragon. This youngster sure is scary… I will hunt this woman down to the ends of the world to eliminate her! I want to live !.

Everyone… And you, Luffy… Thank you… …for loving someone like me who is good at nothing… …and who has such bad blood in his veins… …up to today… Thank you ! You can count on us ! There was inevitably some damage.

Where did that idiot go ?! He's here ! You sure scared me for a second. Oi, where did that Shichibukai… What's with all this blood ?! Oi, are you alive ?! Answer me ! Where is he ?! What the hell happened here ? No-.

Nothing… Happened. And in the future… Someday… Someone will appear, carrying the history of all those decades on his back, and challenge this whole world to a fight. You guys in the World Government… all fear that immense battle engulfing the whole world… that will eventually come.

I don't care myself… but as soon as someone finds that great treasure… the entire world will be turned upside down. And someone will find it… That day will definitely come sooner or later. One Piece… does exist !

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  1. Memes apart Whitebeard’s dying speech used to be the greatest 2nd in my behold. The rival of Gol D. Roger the Pirate King himself confirming that the partiality that all individuals is browsing consistently to their deaths does in point of fact exist. No longer greatest did it inspire a entire contemporary wave of pirates however also solidified Roger’s legacy. Performed by the man who the sector viewed as his nemesis. Impartial when it looked admire the World Executive had won by efficiently taking down the strongest pirate alive and the son of the Pirate King he had to fade them with even handed one of basically the most empowering observation ever which undermines the World Executive’s authenticity as a ruling body. Also within the section the put he states that no-one in point of fact dies as their will likely be carried by others alluding to Luffy achieving what many per chance even Whitebeard himself belief that Ace would bring the break of day to the sector. He is aware of that Luffy is the one who will lift on that will and fulfil it. Chilling except recently.

  2. For these of you who’s suggesting increasingly more scenes to add to this checklist, appropriate be aware,The truth that there are more to be added right here greatest scheme that the…… ONE PIECE…………….. IS REAL……

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