top 5 anime where significant personality lose

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Top five anime where main character goes to fight there is aaj hum baat karte wale aise anime ke jitne maine character e gota bhi bad to welcome aap karib striyon mein but before starting the video I want to say channel subscribe like share Must do and with this [music] anime name death note thank you to those who subscribed the channel death note is a master piece anime in which the character gets a death note in the story of the character light or less so so that the name Han can kill anyone by writing, he can also kill those people in his own way from the book i.e. by heart attack or by accident Smart characters have been shown hello light both are very smart but light kills in the middle yes we see in the last whose name is there and there the.

Story of light ends so let's talk about anime the name of the number comes development then you must know that according to lucifer would have killed our main character but in this anime Lucifer wins in me so let 's talk about the next anime then the name of the number what is the name of this anime dragon ball ji is a movie first Vegeta fights with Veer Ras and gets defeated then after that there is another Goku fight in which Veer Ras completely defeats Gokul which we used his power He has not seen a glimpse of his full strength in this fight, it shows Veer Ras, so let's talk about the next anime, the anime whose name comes on number four means Movie Demons . The fight is so intense that even if it was cut off, Vijender would stay there and.

Watch Zero . The name of our anime comes [MUSIC] Thank you so much to the people who have made this video so far, for getting such a video from me. Channel subscribe like share zaroor karne isi ki saath b r ending this video like and subscribe

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