Top 5 Film News : Neat Mario Bros , Roam on , Bob Dylan , The Mother , Beau Is Terrified

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Hi everyone hope you've had a great weekend we've just finished an amazing weekend activity Gathering five top news of this week that I can't wait to tell you about so sit on your couch and follow up this episode Super Mario Brothers it was a terrific week for the Super.

Mario Brothers movie to break numerous records in his box office the movie shattered all expectations and scored the top opening of all time for an animated film the result was a little different in the Chinese box office after 60 years in the movie business Jackie Chan is a Steeler.

Box office Force the Hong Kong action Legend added another chapter to his career over the weekend as his latest action feature right on standard of competition from the Japanese anime called susame and Universal Pictures those Super Mario Brothers to win the weekend in China.

Directed by Larry Yangon produced by Alibaba pictures right on starstown as a washed up stunt man battling debt collectors over ownership of his stunt tourists oh hey Mr Tambourine Man Bob Dylan Timothy chalamet appearing as Bob Dylan aroused everybody's Curiosity on whether xiaomi is going to sing for.

The film or not well the answer is yes James Mangold who's set to direct the actor in The forthcoming biopic let us know that Timothy chalamet is soon going to find out how it feels to perform songs as the inimitable Bob Dylan the mother I'm a killer but I'm also a mother using her to get to me.

The official trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie the mother was breathtaking for Jennifer Vance Jennifer Lopez plays a former assassin turned a fierce mama bear who emerges from hiding in the Alaskan Wilderness to protect the daughter she gave up for adoption years earlier and Before We Say Goodbye let's have a.

Look at the new Walking Phoenix movie but Beau is afraid this is the movie which makes you afraid Beau is afraid is a surrealist black comedy horror movie directed by Ari Esther the theme Stars Joaquin Phoenix as the titular Beau Wasserman a mild manner but paranoia-ridden man who embarks on a surreal odysite to his hometown for his.

Mother's funeral confronting his greatest fears along the way each day is a new adventure in the world of Hollywood and we are here to share the interesting moments with you we'll be back next week with more news bye everyone ride on

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