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Visually stunning sci-fi, comedy,action, and more in today's episode! Hello everyone and welcome to my ShadowTavern! Today I have 9 great new moviesreleased on streaming platforms. Make yourself comfortable andhave a great time watching. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (WaltDisney Studios Motion Pictures) IMDb: 6.4 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania isan exciting and entertaining sequel that takes Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyneon an adventure into the Quantum Realm with their loved ones. The film boasts anincredible cast that includes Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, MichellePfeiffer, Kathryn Newton and Jonathan Majors.

The film's strengths include its humor,stunning visual effects, compelling characters, and unexpected plot twists. It also exploresthe emotional struggles of balancing superhero duties with family responsibilities. Rudd,Newton and Lilly have fantastic chemistry, and Majors delivers an outstanding performanceas the powerful and complicated villain Kang. The film also sets the stage for futuredevelopments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the downside, the film suffers from aconvoluted plot, and underdeveloped supporting characters. Just, Come on – how could they get ridof MODOK so easily? In addition, the story relies heavily on exposition to explain the QuantumRealm and its mechanics, leaving some loose ends. Overall, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniais a fun and entertaining movie that is.

Perfect for fans of Ant-Man, Marvel, andcomedy. It offers a welcome break from the darker and more serious toneof some of Marvel's recent films. A Good Person (MGM) IMDb: 7.0 A Good Person is a touchingdrama film that follows Allison, a young woman dealing with guilt, addiction,and family issues after a fatal accident. The film's strengths include excellent acting,authentic dialogue, a moving soundtrack, and a heartwarming message. The film dealswith themes of grief, forgiveness, redemption, and hope with sincerity and authenticity.Pugh's portrayal of Allison is outstanding, and Freeman shines as the grievingfather who forms an unexpected bond.

With her. The movie balances its dramawith moments of humor and sincerity. On the downside, the movie's pacing canseem sluggish and the plot stereotypical. It may also be too depressing for someviewers. Inconsistencies in tone and gaps in the story may weakenthe emotional impact for some. The movie's greatest assetsare its performances, writing, and message about finding meaning and happinessin life, despite the struggles and mistakes. A Good Person is an emotional and inspiringmovie that offers a genuine and relatable portrayal of human struggles and relationships.It is an excellent choice for fans of drama, and offers hope for redemption and growth.

The Last Kingdom: Seven KingsMust Die (Netflix) IMDb: 8.3 The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Dieis a historical drama film based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell and thetelevision series The Last Kingdom. The movie has its strengths, including epicbattles, stunning cinematography, a faithful adaptation, and a satisfying conclusion. Itdelivers an immersive experience that takes viewers back to the 10th century and stays trueto the source material while adding some new twists. It also wraps up the story of Uhtredand his quest to reclaim his ancestral home. The movie at times has a rushed pace, complexplot, inconsistent accents. Some viewers may find it confusing, especially if they are notfamiliar with the previous seasons or books.

The strongest points of the movie are theaction and the story. It shows realistic and impressive fight scenes with hundreds ofextras and authentic costumes and weapons. The movie also depicts historical events andfigures that have shaped England's history. For fans of The Last Kingdom, historical dramas, or action movies, the film is well worthseeing. It offers a satisfying conclusion to a beloved saga and celebrates England'srich and diverse culture and heritage. On a Wing and a Prayer (Amazon Prime) IMDb: 5.7 On a Wing and a Prayer is an exciting movie basedon the true story of an amateur pilot named Doug White who must land a plane after the pilot diesin mid-flight. The movie stars Dennis Quaid,.

Heather Graham, Jesse Metcalfe and RockyMyers and is directed by Sean McNamara. The movie has several strong points, includingits exciting premise, actor performances, uplifting message, and family-friendlytone. The plot creates a sense of tension and excitement with its life-or-deathscenario and unexpected obstacles. However, the film has a lot of flaws. Theseinclude a weak and predictable plot that relies on clichés and coincidences, as well ascorny and unrealistic dialogue that detracts from the seriousness of the situation. Thelow-budget visual effects detract from the realism of the story, and the movie doesnot offer anything new or innovative to the genre of airplane disaster movies.An absolute classic for the early 90s,.

Which for some reason was released this year. On a Wing and a Prayer is a simple andstraightforward film that provides some suspense and inspiration. It's worthseeing for fans of Dennis Quaid, Sean McNamara, or airplane disaster movies. Murder Mystery 2 (Netflix) IMDb: 5.6 Murder Mystery 2 is a comedy film about a marriedcouple who start their own detective agency and find themselves in the middle of a kidnapping caseat a lavish wedding. The film is a sequel to the 2019 film and stars Adam Sandler, JenniferAniston, Mark Strong and Melanie Laurent. The movie has many funny moments with sillyjokes and amusing situations. In addition,.

The movie features beautiful scenery and costumes. However, the movie also has itsrecycled formula, predictable twists, shallow characters, and a lack of originality. Theplot follows the same pattern as the first movie, and some of the twists are easy to predict.The characters do not develop beyond their clichés or stereotypes, such as thespoiled bride or the bumbling cops, and the movie does not bring anythingnew to the genre of comedy whodunits. Overall, Murder Mystery 2 is worthseeing for fans of Sandler, Aniston, or comedy films. It is a fun and light-heartedmovie that provides some escapism and amusement. Batman: The Doom that Came toGotham (Warner Bros.) IMDb: 6.0.

Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham is ananimated feature film based on the comic book series by Mike Mignola, RichardPace and Troy Nixey. Set in the 1920s, the film follows Bruce Wayne's returnto Gotham City, where he discovers an ancient evil that threatens todestroy the city and the world. The movie has many strengths, such asthe dark and atmospheric animation that creates a gothic and Lovecraftian mood. It's afaithful adaptation that captures the essence of original graphic novel and stays true tothe concept while adding some new twists and surprises. The plot is compelling,mixing horror, mystery and action, with some of Batman's iconic allies andenemies reimagined in a different era.

The pacing is rushed and the narrativecan be confusing, with a lot of story and characters crammed into a short runningtime, resulting in a superficial and disjointed adaptation. The excessive violence may notbe suitable for younger or sensitive viewers. Despite its flaws, the movie's strongestpoints are the animation and the adaptation. The animation style and tone is consistent withthe comic book series, making it one of the most unique DC animated films to date. The adaptationis one of the most original and creative stories ever written for Batman, offering a differentperspective on the Dark Knight and his world. Ghosted (Apple TV+) IMDb: 6.0 Ghosted is a romantic action-comedyfilm that tells the story of Cole,.

A farmer, and Sadie, a CIA agent, who fall in love while on a mission to stop abio-weapon from falling into the wrong hands. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas havenatural chemistry and charisma, and the engaging plot mixescomedy, adventure, and espionage. However, the movie has some drawbacks,including a recycled formula, predictable plot twists and a lack of originality. Lookslike any other generic action comedy. The story follows a familiar pattern, with the maincharacters stumbling into danger and becoming targets. In addition, some of the plot twistsare easy to figure out or have been seen before. Overall, it is a fun and lighthearted movie thatprovides some escapism. Fans of Chris Evans,.

Ana de Armas, or romantic action comedies shouldgive it a look, a feel-good movie to enjoy. Return Seoul (MK2 Films) IMDb: 7.1 Return Seoul is a drama film that follows Freddie, a French woman adopted from Korea, onher first trip back to her birth country. The movie has many positive aspects,including its emotional story, realistic performances, beautiful cinematography, and touching message. It sensitively andhonestly explores themes of identity, belonging, family and culture. The cast delivers strongperformances. The film captures the stunning scenery and diversity of Korea as Freddietravels from Seoul to Busan to Jeju Island.

However, the movie has some drawbacks. Itsslow pace, depressing tone, lack of humor, and lack of resolution may put off someviewers. The movie focuses more on Freddie's inner journey than on external action, andhas a dark and pessimistic tone that may not appeal to all audiences. There is nohumor or lightness to balance the drama, and the film does not provide a clearresolution or closure for Freddie's quest. Overall, Return Seoul is worth seeing for anyone interested in adoptiondramas, Korea, or human drama. The Wandering Earth 2 (ChinaFilm Group Corporation) IMDb: 7.5 The Wandering Earth 2 is an action-packed sciencefiction movie that continues the Moving Mountain.

Project, a worldwide effort to move the Earthaway from the dying Sun beyond the solar system. The movie's greatest strengths are its stunningvisual effects and thrilling action sequences. With gigantic engines, massive spaceships,this film boasts some of the most impressive and realistic visual effects ever seen inChinese cinema. Explosions, car chases, and disasters all feature prominently in the movie,making it an exciting and immersive experience. On the downside, the plot can be overconfusing, and the dialogue can be cliched, politicized and unrealistic. In addition,the characters are often shallow and lacking in depth, which can be disappointing forviewers looking for clever sci-fi film. Despite its flaws, The Wandering Earth 2 isstill worth watching for fans of visually.

Stunning science fiction or action movies. Thefilm conveys a positive message about unity, courage, sacrifice and loyalty.If you enjoyed the first movie, or if you're looking for an exciting andengaging adventure, this is the movie for you. =============== And that's it for today. Thanksfor watching. Feel free to share this video with your friends,subscribe to the channel and click the buttons below the player.And see you in the next issue! Bye!

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  1. appropriate my conception… precise motion photos I've loved within the final 6 months are (BTW I detest woke stuff)Jesus Revolution (that's a Christian one)65 (that's bought Adam Driver in it, taking pictures dinosaurs & stuff)Champions (Woody Harrelson coaches special Olympics group, take care of Mighty Geese)The Whale (now now not fleet-witted but all round awesome acting, big characters)Hunger (Netflix one, about cooks, I favored it, there's an english dub version)Creed 3 (forgotten what its about, but it held my consideration for the entire movie)John Wick 4 (nephew loves it, I haven't viewed it)2022'sA man known as Otto (Tom Hanks, sucidal dude kinda rediscovers life over again)Megan (robotic movie, boring fun, I loved it)Orphan 2 (substandard girl vs. substandard step-mum/brother lol)Blood Crimson Sky (German movie, dubbed english exists, Netflix, precise vampire on easy with terrorists).

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