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Hello. Hello everyone, I'm back with Review 5 Minutes. In the 3d animated movies hit, perhaps, it's been a long time since Vu Dong Can Khon has no news right. So today, I have Good news for the fans of this movie. After many days of silence, the producer of the movie Vu Dong Can Khon has officially released a very hot new trailer with extremely eye-catching images and graphics. It can be said, not disappointing people. Viewers have been waiting for years, in this latest part, the character image has been officially invested and upgraded. The first is about the main character. After a period of upgrading and editing graphics, Lam Dong has completely changed when putting on a new look that is extremely handsome and masculine. This is completely different from the trailer of part 4 a year ago released by the producer. Not only that, in addition to the main character, the supporting characters in the film also have small changes to improve the image quality. And there is a special thing, because Vu Dong Can Khon and the battle to destroy the frame have returned to the same producer. Therefore, in this new part will, the film's graphics will have a slightly similar direction to fighting. Love the frame with the fight scenes inside the jungle. Perhaps, this is good news, right? Because currently, Dou Pha Thuong Khuong is also a very popular movie in Vietnam. That is why, when Vu Dong Can Khon is released, it is expected that this will be a film that will attract a lot of audiences and people. Regarding the content of this part 4, still like the previous parts, Lam Dong will still cultivate and go to new places on the way to improve his strength. Lam Dong's effective help on that journey is still there. will be Tieu Dieu and Tieu Viem, two good friends who do not run away despite danger. And of course, on the way to find the ancestors, Lam Dong will still meet special encounters, and most and beauties It can be said that this guy is just as peachy as Tieu Viem, when every place he goes, the hearts of beauties appear fluttering. But, all things. It's just a small detail. For Lam Dong, the most outstanding thing for him in his journey to improve his performance is the extremely satisfying PK stage. As a person who is not afraid to collide, carries on his bloodline of aggression, whenever he encounters a difficult opponent. After all, Lam Dong did not falter, no matter what the opponent was like, he was also ready to shed blood for his goal. Then, when he gained strength, Lam Dong returned to Lam Gia and with Lam Lang Thien to compete. Perhaps, this is the most anticipated battle of Lam Dong. This is also because, since growing up and growing up to now, Lam Lang Thien is the goal that Lam Dong wants to defeat the most. But when However, Lam Dong is not strong enough. Now, having the strength, Lam Dong will return to the family with the goal of defeating Lam Lang Thien. And whether, in this part, Lam Dong can defeat Lam Lang Thien to repay his father's debt. I don't. Then let's watch together the latest developments of the fourth part of the universe dance. About the showtime, currently, the producer has not made an official announcement. However, through the trailer that has just been released, I guess, the movie's release date is coming very close. And most likely, Vu Dong Can Khon will be on air as soon as the movie “Spirit of the Change” ends. I know, when I say this, some of you will wonder why the spirit made me watch it all. The dance of the universe has not come out yet. Then I will explain to you, the reason why we can watch all the spiritual movies is also because Vietnamese movie sites have bought Vip. Therefore, we We just watched 6 episodes in one day. As for China, except for vip accounts, regular accounts, they still only watch 1 episode per week. Also because of this, currently on the tencent platform, the producer has only updated to episode twenty-five. Therefore, the spirit of reality has not ended yet, guys. As for whether the Universe will come out after the spirit of change, this is still a question mark. And if my prediction is correct, then the film will be released in early September 2023. .However, to know exactly, we all have to wait for the official announcement, right? Just know that, there is a high possibility that the movie will be released after the spirit of change. As for the number of episodes, with the content and poster released by the producer. In order for Lam Dong to fight with Lam Lang Thien, this part is at least. There will be about 40 episodes. Perhaps, this will be very good news for Lam Dong fans, right? However, in addition to Vu Dong Can Khon, in September, we will return with the release of Tien Nghich, a film that is interested by many audiences. The movie's official release date will be September 25, 2023. And yet, the movie Tru Tien has also released the latest trailer with extremely sharp graphics. Chances are high, in September and October, there will be a lot of super products coming back. Then what are you waiting for. Just follow the 5-minute review to update the latest information. Video ends here. Good bye and see you again.

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