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Side games got onto my radar as an animeproduction company with Akiba made sensor now the trailer for that anime series really piquedmy interest you can find my trailer reaction on my channel here and I must say the anime pleasantlysurprised me I'm having a good time with it it's not going to be one of my all-time favoritesbut it's worth a watch and it's entertaining so I was pleasantly surprised with that one so nowthey're gonna release a new teaser trailer for new anime series that will start airing in 2023called the marginal service it's probably gonna pick my interest again so let's have a look at theteaser trailer together and see what we can expect okay so the marginal service pretty unique titlelet's have a look what we can expect from this um from the title not much I cansay so let's jump it together.

Okay cool warning signs originalanimation a new kind of service oh spicy yeah what is this yeahelderly man as well yeah I love the song as well this is cool gold gold oh yeah hey this is cool prettyshort teaser we don't know actually we don't know anything but what I really enjoy is the fact thatthat they really managed to it's it's teasing it's an actual teaser trailer hey this is this could becool no idea what it's going to be about um let's have a look here so uh quickly breakdown so thetitle The marginal service no idea what that could mean warning signs lots of warning signs it'san original animation yeah and then it says here.

So in Japanese it says so when I translate that it means a new kind ofservice that cannot be known so there needs to be secret interesting and what's also interestingekanai is written in Katakana stylistically or maybe there's a meaning behind that because uh menwho are popular amongst the women are sometimes called Ike men and that's also often writtenin Katakana so here we have the same Ike so uh well two possibilities here um I'm thinkingthe series is going to either be about some new kind of underground secret hostservice in Japan host services are clubs where people can go while Club not in the sensethat there's loud music or anything but there are spaces where you can go at night tohave a drink to to relax enjoy yourself.

Aimed at female customers and then you have hostswhich are men usually men that take a lot of care of their physical appearance entertaining thosewomen so sitting next to them drinking together talking listening to their worries trying togive them a good time it's it's uh it's it's something specific to Japanese culture somewomen drop a lot of money in these in these clubs in these host clubs so that could be onepossibility Leo with the naked presentation uh uh the ike in Katakana from Ike man and a newunderground kind of uh special kind of host club with the Quirk perhaps that could be a possibilitya second possibility in my opinion is maybe some kind of Secret Service type of organizationthat does dangerous missions because we have those warning signs those exclamation marks andthey specifically gather Ikea men so men who are.

Um you know who are pretty popular among womento use them in some kind of James Bond style uh missions that could be a possibility as well andnow thinking about it this comes from side games the same people who made Akiba maidos and so sothey also did the Akiba made scene but with the with the twist I'm thinking this is going to bethe host scene but also with the twist probably some kind of host club that also does dangerousmissions or something like that there was one female character in here and I think maybe shemight be the club owner yeah here it says yeah interesting and I here we getwe get uh the main characters introduced with their names and they're allnaked they're all butt naked I love it I mean of course a very strategic positioning of thehands and the hair here but they're all naked.

And what's really interesting I mean if ifI see the First characters I would think like yeah probably hosts and then maybe she isa female host in a different club or she's the owner or something uh and then we get this oldguy here so I don't know we see some kind of uh hosts for women who specifically ask for a manwith more experience and and then this year uh Peck Desmond is is that a mascot are they usinghim in special missions I have no idea no idea uh but but this this looks really easy with thewarning signs and so on and then here in the back if you look closely now that I freeze the frameI can see it there's like some special kind of entity is it some kind of monster and there's aman standing in front of it is that one of those main characters standing in front of some kindof monster is it some kind of host club that is.

Actually a cover for secret organization fightingsome kind of demons Monsters uh mechanical beings I don't know but it looks to be something likethat my money would be on this a host club that is actually a cover for a group that does specialmissions fighting these kind of creatures that would be my guess and that would be definitely onpoint with uh with what you see here with this uh with this kind of introduction with the naked uhintroduction the marginal service also the the name uh yeah that that that that could referencesomething like that my guess is yeah it's gonna be something like that uh I mean you gotta love thisshot right I mean look at this I mean this kind of introduction and then you have the very strategicwarning running over the private parts of of the main characters actually I love it I think theydid a really good job with this with this teaser.

Trailer I love it uh definitely gonna give it awatch it's gonna start airing next year in 2023 not so far off were December now but uh yeah I'mgonna have a look at them for this one looking out for it uh I enjoy uh Akiba major sensor it's ait's a fun little twist on the whole uh mate scene and this will probably be something similarbut the twists on I guess the the host scene uh quickly before we go let's have a look at atthe website as well and and see if we can get a little bit more information from there okayso a quick look at the home page of the of the marginal service where here we can see the samekind of shot I I love that um there's a there's a campaign running now uh let's have a look ifwe can see a little bit more so 20 23 on air this is uh so their Twitter page what do we havehere yeah just the cast being introduced nothing.

About the story okay now let's have a look hereso we got top going back to the page news staff and cast that's it so nothing about the story butI like that actually I mean the the teaser trailer really really has us guessing so yeah this isactually quite fun um so we have a cast comments yeah and I had a look at these so I and eachof these video segments actually the casts are uh talking about um while the projectitself but all of them clearly state that I'm gonna play this one I don't know if you canhear it but uh turn on the subtitles so Darren he's introducing himself kind of like an impact you don't know aboutthe content itself difficult to to understand what it's going to be about or how it's goingto turn out so there's a campaign on Twitter.

Right now and yeah start asking everyone tohave a look at the Twitter campaign foreign yeah and then early on he he said that indeedthey are not allowed to talk about The Story So Far So yeah I think it's a good idea yeahyeah yeah yeah it definitely works this this really uh piqued my interest same way they didwith the Akiba major sensor but this even more so yeah definitely interested gonna havelook when it tears uh hope you enjoyed my coverage of this if you did please leavea like leave a comment share the video out and I'll catch you guys at the next onetake care Jane hope you enjoyed the video if you did please leave a like subscribeto the channel tap the notification Bell and sound off in the comments and hey whileyou're here why not check out another video.

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