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Peter grimrose looked back at thesurgeon who just did his wife's delivery when can I take them home after24 hours look Mr grimrose she will be no less than any normal child it's nothingbut an unfortunate occurrence that your daughter has been born with a partial faceI'm happy that you're accepting her the way she is congratulations the new fathersmiled but only the gods heard his heart people of more view are in the mood forcelebrations right now today one of their own has taken the seat of town mayor aftera successful win at the Town Hall elections mayor Peter grimrose addressed his peopleat the local churchyard and got Applause and cheer in return despite having a disfigureddaughter he didn't hide her inside the house he.

Is quite proud of her and thinks she is morethan capable to live a normal life people of this town raise their voices and supportthey said this is exactly how a strong and supportive father should be irrespective of hisinherited family wealth the mayor chose to put his daughter in public school so that she couldhave a normal life like every kid in this town this shows the robustness and broad-mindedmentality of the mayor no doubt his impressive character won people's Arts stay tuned formore news we'll be back after a short break Alice was getting her lunch from the lockerwhen a big damn basketball hit her head with the sudden attack she lost her balance and fell on thefloor her lunchbox broke and the noodles from it scattered everywhere look at that freak poor Alicegrimrose she got up and saw Edmund and his gang.

Standing behind her they laughed leave me aloneEdmund like the rest of your face Alice slammed the locker and ran into the girl's washroom cryingshe stopped in front of the bathroom mirror her long black hair covered her partial face shenever cuts her hair she lets it grow waist length her shaking hand swiped the hair behindher ears and her scary face flashed in the mirror a thousand times she tried to imagine howher face would look if she had the rest you are ugly you are hideous Alice she spentthe rest of her day inside the bathroom she kept waiting for the final Bell so she couldend this horrible day and go home when the bell rang she waited for 10 minutes and came out ofthe washroom all the kids were gone by then Alice heaved a sigh of relief she can go home now thatnight at the dinner table Alice asked her father.

Um Dad why can't I be homeschooled Mr grimroselooked at his wife who was eating quietly that's not possible Alice you'realready enrolled in the town school but I will rate such language in this house so thinkbefore speaking please dad I swear I will study hard even if I get homeschooled mom can teach mea rush of anger clouded mayor grimrose's face is this all you're doing what are you saying you'resecretly manipulating Alice to leave the public school oh Peter can't you see how miserable shefeels there if if she isn't comfortable there then we as parents should listen I know my dutyis a parent Missy no way my daughter is going to hide from this world why don't you see that thetown looks up to our family we have an image to uphold if she quits now everyone will call usweak you mean they will realize how you used.

My illness for your sympathy vote Dad shut upmayor grimrose slapped Alice in the house sank Into Darkness you'll graduate from Moore ViewHigh School and that's the end of this discussion Peter grimrose left the room and poor Alice threwaway her dinner plate it broke in the pieces Mrs grimrose held her hand trying her bestto comfort their suffering daughter Alice your father wants what's best for you I willsee your teacher and we'll punish those kids who are tormenting you everything will be allright then really you mean like last time when you complained and they made my life even worseshe got up from the table and stormed upstairs Missy grimrose followed her like a heartbrokencaregiver Alice listen to me Alice went straight into her room I wish I was never born I'm likea monster to everyone she slammed the door in.

Her mother's face Mrs grimroe sat on the stairscrying she knows very well that she has no power to go against her husband if she had she couldhave taken Alice to a plastic surgeon long ago she too knows very well how her husband used theirdysfunctional daughter to climb up to the seat of town mayor whom the town worships as the idealfather is the most selfish parent in reality Alice looked around and saw Edmund with hisruthless gangs standing in the corner laughing at her like usual she wanted no trouble today so sheskillfully avoided them the entire day when the final bell rang she came up with a plan insteadof leaving the usual exit she took the back door Alice walked down the hallway constantly lookingover her shoulders just as she stepped outside the school gate the three demons blockedher way we have some unfinished business.

Ugly you didn't forget did you Alice let's gether before Alice could turn back and run the two girls jumped and grabbed her hands they heldher tightly while Edmund took out a pair of scissors from his backpack why are you so scaredto show your face to this world come let's make things easy for you let everyone see how filthyyour face is Edmund chopped Alice's long black hair from wherever he could Sam put her hand overAlice's mouth so that no one could hear her scream the three cruel kids robbed her of the only chanceshe had to appear normal in front of the world with her hair cut to inches from waistlength her entire face was now exposed look at the ugliest girl in the world hi you pig they kept cursing and insulting her while she sat on the floor crying just thenshe noticed the broken window above her.

Pieces of glass were still hanging on it shepicked one up and attacked Edmund with it her first blow cut him in the arm then shekicked Trish out on the leg which made her fall to the ground you witch I'm gonna kill younow Alice realized they were going to kill her if she stayed here a second more she turnedaround and ran straight to the woods Edmund's footsteps mixed with Trisha's and Samantha'svengeful screams made Alice fear for her life the woods were deep Alice didn't care whereshe was going she just wanted to go home and never come out of her room again she ran andran until the chasing footsteps faded away after running for quite some time she finallystopped to look back she didn't see her bullies her scared eyes kept searching for them thoughAlice was looking everywhere the woods are.

Completely silent now only Alice's pantingbreath can be heard amidst the tall trees just when she began thinking that she wassafe now a hand pulled her from behind and her scream echoed the Grim Roasters were sitting in theirliving room with worried faces two cops standing next to them constantly askingquestions when was the last time you saw your daughter right before she left forschool is it possible she left with a friend yourself missy don't tell me what to do ourdaughter hasn't come home for three days please Peter three freaking days Mrs grimroseleft the room mayor grimrose tried to handle the situation so the cops don't blamehim for his daughter's disappearance.

Excuse my wife officer she's having difficultydealing with the current situation understandable any parent who hasn't seen their child for threedays would react exactly like your wife Mr Grim Rose an average height woman with a sharp face andbright eyes entered the room and sat next to the mayor uh and you are I'm detective Cooper assignedto your daughter's case the higher authorities said you were adamant to bring her home as soon aspossible but now to my surprise you seem calm what does that mean it means Mr Mayor that you don'tlook as heartbroken as your wife how dare you say that I love Alice more than anything in this worldthe entire town knows how much she means to me the entire town knows how much you have advertisedher defect to gain the sympathy of your people did you know she was bullied in school it's justoutrageous you can't talk to me like this did you.

Know she was bullied yes yes Alice mentioned andwhat did you do about it there's nothing I could do about it she needs to toughen up I won't bearound to save her from every trouble for the rest of her life hmm we found Alice's chopped up hairin the school backyard I think her bullies took things too far this time we are questioning eachone of her classmates I'm confident we will find out what happened to your daughter soon do youdo you think she's dead detective Cooper turned her face towards Mrs grimros she was lookingat her with a scared painful face we certainly haven't found a body Mrs grimrose but in caseof missing person cases if the individual is not found within 24 hours then the statistics say ohmy God no no Alice Mrs grimrose broke into tears Alice's grandmother came and escorted her insidethe bedroom while trying her best to console the.

Poor mother mayor grimrose's face turned palefor the first time he looked genuinely scared a sudden change in his body language depictedthat he wasn't ready for a shock like this the cops left with Detective Cooper the entirepolice department ran four to five area searches to find Alice grimros's body but nothing surfaceddetective Cooper was just about to get inside her car when she heard an officer yelling her namewhile running towards her detective I found a body without any more Ado everyone drove to moreView High on the school ground the cops were lined up under this big oak tree under the tree laid thebody of Edmund Fisher who found him The Watchman he said he heard a snap and sound followed by ascream hmm call him the officer brought the school security and after 15 minutes of interrogationa few shocking pieces of information surfaced.

It seems like Edmund climbed this tree in thebranch he relied on for support backstabbed him the branch broke sending Edmund plummetingafter a particularly nasty drop he landed on a strong upright branch that split his entirebody down the middle it was a grisly sight what sounded more shocking is that the Watchmansaw a girl with long black hair walking into the school the news of the death of EdmundFisher spread all over town like wildfire his dear friends Trisha and Samantha couldn'tbelieve their ears they also felt weird that Edmund went behind the school all alone uponquestioning both Trisha and Samantha told the cops that Edmund told them his dad is on the way topick him up so he was going to wait in the school the girls left for home knowing their friend willbe picked up by his parents and then he was found.

Dead even though Edmund's death got ruled outas an accident detective Cooper couldn't wrap her mind around it is Alice still alive and ifyes then did she have any part in Edmond's death Trisha used to come here with Edmund they bothlove swings and today she is alone here for the first time not even in her Wildest Dream shethought she would lose Edmond are the rumors true did Alice visit him when he died what ifEdmund died because of the horrible things they did to Alice she didn't tell her parents or thecops about how they used the bully Alice every day since middle school Trisha sat on one of theswings the sadness curled up inside of her chest she felt heavy and broken the more sheswung the more Edmond's face flashed in front of her teary eyes in the spurof the moment she didn't realize she.

Was going too high suddenly she heard ametallic Creak and everything went black I was walking my dog and saw her swingingsuddenly the frame collapsed I ran to catch her but she instantly fell to theground her face struck hard on that rock her brain splattered on my shoes and then Isaw this girl with long black hair standing across the lot watching this poor girl die Icouldn't see her face okay you can go now a big frown appeared on detective Cooper's foreheada young officer with a worried face came to her what's happening in this town detective everyone'ssaying saying what that Alice's ghosts taking revenge on her bullies I mean there's no doubtboth deaths or accidents we even have a witness those who saw the dead bodies also saw Alice inthe same spot if she was alive someone would have.

Seen her a 12 year old girl can't hide in thistown without being seen for four straight days so you want me to tell the authorities that a girl'sghost is killing the kids of this town the officer immediately went quiet Cooper looked at the swingframe suddenly a cold shiver ran down her spine the second swing which was still attached to theframe caught her eyes the boat looks sturdy and strong enough to hold the swing in place noway this could have loosened up on its own she quickly looked at the broken swing its bolthad a few marks on it what do you think this is probably tool marks when the workers fix theswing the wrench they used might have resulted in these marks or when someone loosened thescrew on purpose knowing that Trisha often comes here but how could they know she'll sit onthis particular swing she could have sat on this.

One too you're right let's check sit on this onewhat just sit on it Miller officer Miller sat on the swing and as he took one Leap the bolts brokedown making him fall along with the second swing you're right both the screws are loosened up it'sa it's a trap come with me detective Cooper drove to the school's backyard with officer Millershe parked the car outside the fence and then entered the ground from the small back gate hereyes were constantly checking out the tree she took off her boots and started climbing officerMiller watched the respected detective climbing the tree like a kid when she reached the brokenBranch from where Edmond fell she got goosebumps without a single doubt she realized before Edmundclimbed onto this tree someone cut it halfway with a saw so when the poor boy sat on it his weightsnapped the branch right away these aren't the.

Works of any ghost these are well executed murdersdidn't one girl's parents say she was a close friend of Trisha and Edmund yes the daughter ofthe Town pastor drive to their house right now they jumped in the car and took up full speed theSetting Sun is slowly pushing the town into the darkness of the night when they reached the townPastor's house they heard a scream a woman was screaming detective Cooper ran inside the houseand found the inevitable has already taken place the pastor's daughter is missing she was in aroom the entire day but when her mom went to call for her for dinner she found her room windowopened and the study table lamp lying on the floor someone took her away I bet it's the killerdetective did Samantha have any favorite place in this town what I I don't this is not time tothink Pastor your daughter's life is in danger.

She loved the lake she often visits it onholidays Miller get in the car and call for backup when they reach the lake they could hear thescreams of the little girl coming from the lake detective Cooper took out her gun and so didOfficer Miller they both ran to the end of the lake following the screams what they sawswept the ground beneath their feet Samantha was held To The Ground by an unknown attacker thelight post illuminated the scene at some distance stood Alice the disfigured daughter of the townmayor she had a wig on her head which was already out of place and she was staring at Samantha withwide still eyes stop throw the knife away and back away from Samantha I swear I won't say it againone wrong move and I will shoot you Mrs grimrose Mrs grimrose turned back a detectiveCooper with Hungry Eyes and a demonic face.

The sweet heartbroken mother hassuddenly turned into a demon from hell seeing the gun pointed at her she slowlylet go of Samantha The Moment I Saw red nail polish on the tree branch I knew it wasyou I remembered the crumbled nail polish on your right hand the first day we met it's hardto climb a tree with such long nails I suppose the backup arrived within five minutes andescorted the girl back to her house safely grimrose was taken into custody and Alice wassent to the hospital for further checkups detective Cooper was sitting opposite of Mrsgrimros she had no remorse in her eyes no regrets the town mayor stood on the other side of theglass and watched his wife confess to the murders of their daughter's bullies yes it I who killedthose piglets they deserved it I went to pick.

Up Alice from school that day I was going to tellher that I'll homeschool her myself that the kids won't be bullying her anymore and then I heardher scream I went to the backyard and I saw her running into the woods chased by those three cruelkids they chopped her hair off can you believe that detective they held her down and choppedoff her hair so she can be even more miserable so it was you who hid Alice all this time andmade it look like she got abducted or even worse murdered yes I kept her in the Attic she hasn'tspoken a single word since that day she's like a living husk now that's when I decided I will takeher revenge I couldn't stop her selfish father from using her illness as a show that disgustingson of a witch is the main reason why my daughter never felt safe after killing Samantha I was gonnakill him too why did you bring Alice to the crime.

Scenes I wanted her to watch I wanted to showher that her mom loves her she's not going to let people live once they have hurt her daughterI thought if she watched them die she might start talking again but she never said a singleword just witness these deaths like a mannequin detective Cooper ordered the officers to takeMrs grimrose away she was put into prison for a lifetime mayor grimros resigned from his postand left without any traces Alice lives with her grandmother now one knows when she will talk buther grandmother lets her wear the wigs still today

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