Trial Marriage need husband to hardwork Chapter 303 English Sub

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At Tank's house it is reported the share usingthe person of charge of the tank operation has no news so far it says that the tank operationis born to answer in a blood path in any Vision the disaster movie Chief starting thinking willbe available in major theater on December 4th at the same time I also hope the Tank Engine canfind her mother as soon as possible and return to the film industry as soon as possibleI think everyone should miss her very much now let's break in a piece with the eve of tank isnew product launch but what is surprising is that the industry actually there is a VIP invitationlist for the Tank's new product launch I don't know who like it the rest of the list withinfatible cause satisfaction among customer experiment among VIP user leaking Secrets no otherthings on is willing to leave things calm so that.

She has nothing to do with this matter showningthe invitation lists like the warrior Grandpa show using is already investigated in this matterand now we know that the information is Select for beginning Department this VIP customer are thefoundation of the tank Corporation for many years okay I get it Grandpa Mr Sun do you have anyresponse to tanks like tension say I'm sorry I'm pregnant I am at home on vacation I don'task about thanks Affairs I'm very sorry there is a decision of the acting president of things andI have no right to interfere South Bay comes at University Olympic top 20 that's what the actingpresident decides xioning did you hear that too well Tyson wants to instasify the conflict betweencustomers and tanks to tell you the truth thanks has already received many orders for returningproducts Bad Grandpa you believe me I will find.

A way to solve it of course I trust you to do whatyou want at Don company we demand to see the real acting president and we will never give up untilwe give us this Factory explanation this time it is useless for the chairman to come forward thistime the tank operation has never a surprise such a big mistake often in all the VIP customer isridiculous that tanks accumulate accumulation over the years has been hit hard just becauseof sausages I have already counted the oldest lady since I'll be here soon as one and thecell holder let's listen to what the eldest lady has to say Miss directly means Miss thanksone does he have the right to speak at least she is from the tank family and there is no moresuitable candidate than her Miss Tang please thank you don't forget to like comment andsubscribe thank you what's the matter Miss what.

Is the chairman trying to do the tank operationis in a private career situation and there are big trouble happening every three days does it meanthat we sell hotels don't want to feel better grandpa has always let me rest at home as easyso I don't know too well in the world today at the Germans come forward or the acting presidentscome forward don't waste everyone time that's why I think the chairman is probably old if he canno longer make a car adjustment I suggested the almond a big head and make way for the fortunesdirectly do you dare to say this in front of the chairman of course right there darling Deltatank we are having a board meeting what's the matter with the acting president I am busy facingsuch a big thing happened to tank you still have to move to go fishing what do I believe theperson I'm looking for she is on the way and.

I will meet you later if you want to set theaccount or need something else go directly to her the legendary acting president is actuallygoing to show up has spoken let's wait the better people come the more chaotic the dancethe grace stir our chains yes and after a while hanging is coming this is chapter303 the title is list link really don't need me to accompany youno don't worry there is a secretary I will keep an eye on it don't look at me I'm justan innocent bidder have I ever told you that you are also very beautiful as the domain presidentit's not too late to say no thanking case Mr Moon go ahead and have fun if the wife wants to playshe will never steal the Limelight from her how long do we have to wait it's almost an hour nowill people come or not everyone has been waiting.

For a long time don't forget to like comment andsubscribe thank you Miss Tang what are you doing here it's a meeting now not a filming placeso leave now I am also one of the directors also came to enter the shareholders meetingtoday thanking everyone is worried about 10 crops no no one is joking with you since you area member of the time Family you must know how to distinguish occupation and get out you deserve totalk to me like that hanging slept and Swan you oh pinging and hanging gets sit down sit downenough talking let's start the meeting now I am the acting president you have alwayswanted to see painting the next episode of you how do you think the next sport will developthanks for watching see you next video bye

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