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Three armies needs husband to hard work music thisis chapter 314. the title is entertainment forever if you like my video don't forget to like commentand subscribe thank you happy watching brothel watching today hot in fact you don't have to berestaurant just feel free today if you can can you give me the microphone I have something to sayMr Tang the webcast has start and deliver test signal is very stable thanks for your hard workfirst of all I want to say hello to my friends although none of you can but I will not feelregretful because there are also many favorite family members in audience the first thing Iwant to explain is the current Scandal about me I have no special relationship with Missjosini and I'm not the father of the child in her one the so-called evidence is only becauseI invite Midtown to here at Regency as a guest.

You know the circle needs hype and I just want mythird sister to tell Miss Chao thankfully that I don't want to cooperate as for what happenedafterwards I don't want to explain anymore before entering this circle I thought that thetask of being a star is to be lied by others but after entering I realized that this circleis far dead here and darker than what I saw love is fake Talent is fake and sometimes even fansare fake really there is a single audience or friend at the seats how beautiful lodging is stilldelighting the little Heavenly King who likes to see in fact I have a long one to say that life isan assault and the circle is even more assault I know that many people hope that I will disappearfrom this circle as soon as possible because I make you sick so I will do as you wish I watchinganother starting tonight because the entertainment.

Soccer Never sing again and never step into thiscircle again what there looks from this moment on I am Tang Jing Chuan the fourth year muscle ofthe Tang family the future hair of the Tang family finally thank you for your reflex I also thank youfor your head at this moment and he lived there profit is a nonsense announce hiswithdrawal from the group explosion sister son have you seen the news from tonightbut it's amazing watching who you used to lead and knows that he is returned from the circleit's impossible how is that impossible all the new Zeal protein or us I used to like his songquite a bit this time I'm really unlucky watching answer the point quickly what about hanginghanging just sat down the point no nothing can withdraw Misa what's the matter with you thehearing of floating Scandal publicist said the.

Lodging is innocent she said that the agent wasbehind the scenes the child father was at SCM businessman and had nothing to do with launchingevidence of the internally and recordings were released I really never thought that it wouldcost us great home to loading so I came here to clarify if you want to score me please thischarging is really funny she didn't come out to clarify when something happened but no sheruns very fast so loading was in the cylinder and now it is a clean reason between him andChao Chingy I have to find him a few days later Sister song have you lost your mind these few daysbecause of hair he went to America is it loading it's lodging sorry you have to the work personwatching appeared at the airport after returning from the circle suspected to have left for theUnited States I have never contacted loathing.

Again if I want to know his news probably only oneperson can help me seasoning I want to know about launching he went abroad for further studies andyou probably won't see him in the past few years but then there's of luck to him he always have amind that can be exalted thing you said that boy and young su's fat is over therefore descendantsI don't care I just know that I want you to win the free 10 Award for best newcomers Chief hasalready broken many box office reports in a short period of time and everyone is full of price ofyou even the old guys told me that your acting skill and she even made him but I hope that thisyear in fashion award in fight game part to be the chair it's true but don't expect green powerto release water of course I know Grandpa one I am just afraid that other people will have thisidea I hope that the award I am holding in my.

Hand is really worthwhile according to my lifedevelopment model that things go smoothly this time the fashion award will not be so easy toget thanks for watching see you next video bye

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