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Hello everyone, I'm back with a 5-minute Review At the end of the previous episode, after defeating the Demon Sect, Truong Tieu Pham was once again sent to Ngoc Thanh Dien for trial. But here, the people of Thien m Tu also told the truth of the massacre of Thao Mieu Thon in which year. All were caused by Master Pho Tri, so Truong Tieu Pham was really innocent. This news really caused a great shock. The people of Thanh Van Mon were all scared. But Truong Tieu Pham was a bit unwell at this time. He flashed a cold smile, raised his face to the sky, and hissed sadly: “What is the righteous path, what is the righteous thing? You guys have always deceived me, I have endured suffering for a lifetime, even if my life is in danger, I will keep it a secret for you, but, what do I do!…” Only saw that Burning Fire Con was in his hand. Zhang Tieu Fan's right hand is emitting a dim light, the Blood Devouring Pearl seems to be revived, the clear light is great, the black aura of the Demon Soul has surrounded Zhang Tieu Fan Seeing this scene, everyone is confused but Also extremely worried. Zhang Tieu Pham entered the ghost? The Thanh Van Mon disciples at this time simultaneously displayed a magic array to capture Truong Tieu Pham. Right at that moment of danger, a hand grabbed Truong's hand. Tieu Pham. The holy voice resounded in the middle of the hall: ''Tieu Pham, follow me, these night beast people are all harming you. Passing by, Bich Dao stood tall in front of Truong Tieu Pham, facing countless righteous masters. g is majestic and fearless at all. Truong Tieu Pham half awake and half asleep replied with a voice, in this lonely moment of heaven and earth, I don't know why there is only the girl in front of him, whom he The only belief is existence. He couldn't help but hold her soft hand and walk with her. But the masters of the righteous path were full of electricity, how could they let them walk around indiscriminately, especially after just a moment, so many people received it? It turned out that Bich Dao was the only daughter of the Demon King Sect Master of the Demon Sect, immediately causing a stir. After a moment, the righteous people on the main hall surrounded this young man and woman in the middle. But at that moment, a loud shout came: “Who dares to harm my daughter?” With a swish, the figure of the Ghost King appeared on the Jade Thanh Palace, the heroic pants opened their eyes and opened their mouths, suddenly there was a stir. The demon cult once again chased, Thanh Van sect already damaged a lot of Yuan Qi, people like Dien Bu Di tried their best to resist, but unfortunately, they could not fight much, were immediately forced back, the situation gradually gradually endangered. The masters of the four major sects of the Demon Sect have not yet come down to fight, all four of them seem to be staring at the true Dao Xuan, knowing that the old thief wants to risk his life to launch Tru Xian sword battle, because So absolutely can't let him get his wish. In a moment, four silhouettes like electricity rushed out, without an appointment, but at the same time rushed to Dao Huyen true man. Right at this moment, the spirit beast Thuy Ky Lan was usually lying down. Outside the Jade Crystal Palace suddenly roared loudly, rushing into Zhang Xiaofan's heart with great pain, only feeling in his mind at this moment the violent and maddening thoughts, a sense of destruction and fear. both tempted to take countless human lives for their own. Anyone who stepped forward was immediately repelled by him. The youth of Thanh Van Mon now, who could be his opponent. The French General stood on one side and saw that he was very impatient, since the day he was in Khong Tang Mountain, he began to meet Truong Tieu Pham, because of that secret fate in the past, he looked at Truong Tieu Pham with different eyes from this Luc no matter what. Not wanting Zhang Tieu Fan to fall into the Demon Dao, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the Burning Flame Con in Zhang Tieu Fan's hand. But at the moment when the French General's hand touched Truong Tieu Pham's body, a high-pitched scream resounded. The French General cried out in agony, was hit in the chest by Truong Tieu Pham's Huo Thieu Con, his mouth spewed out and flew back. Only saw the fierce anger on Burning Fire Conn like a tidal wave, and at the same time, on the face of Truong Tieu Pham, who was honest and innocent, suddenly appeared a cruel smile. He was completely crazy, with hatred in his eyes. limitless, every move will take life, momentarily forcing the hero to retreat. In the air, witnessing Truong Tieu Pham fall into the Magic Dao, Dao Huyen's heart is determined not to release the tiger to the forest. At that moment, when he carried the last of his spiritual energy, in the blink of an eye all the sword qi in the air glowed brightly, especially the seven-color sword master of the magic array grew by half, and let out a roar that shook the sky. The earth, like an ancient angel, rushed down to hit Zhang Xiaofan. Not only the people on the side of the demon sect lost their colors, even the people on the righteous side, the heroes of the Thien m temple and the Thanh Van sect all changed their colors, Tian Buyi and To Nhu's faces were pale. On the side, Luc Tuyet Ky clenched his fists. Thien Gia sword god, his face no longer had any blood, even the Thien Gia sword he was holding in his hand trembled slightly. This giant sword path was amazing, hitting Truong Tieu Pham's head. People around him in a round. The staff splashed countless times, the wind howled, the light enveloped him inside, Zhang Xiaofan was now in a state of disobedience. This is also the end of episode 26 and also the last episode of part 1 Tru Tien 3d. Hello and see you in the next videos.

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