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In the past, the vampire race that ruled over the landhad the power of immortality. In present day, this power has been lost and world has been divided into two groups,the now-mortal vampire race and the human race that coincides with their limited life-span.However, it is said that somewhere in this world exists one sole Vampire that still has eternal life. TRUE OF VAMP: The Originator of VampsConnecting the first and last letters, people called the origins of the vampire race,”TRUMP.” “Death brings equality. This person does notexist in TRUMP.” Having to do my job well so I don't sour God's mood…There's truly nothing more troublesome. Dali Delico: Masakazu Morita.

Refrain your blasphemy, it is our mission to propagate and sustain our species. Gerhard Fra: Katsuyuki Konishi Well Dali, it is like you to say something like that. Henrique Lorca: Hiro Shimono Running away from this heavy responsibility is a serious offense of abandoning one's duties. This is about the recent Dino Classico: Takuya Sato serial murders that have been happening all over. This is a mission that influences the survival of the vampire race. Swear Upon Blood and Pride.

I want to excel at this thing called child raising.I want to raise these children into fine adults with my own hands. Premieres 2024

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