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>> Good morning, sister Yuna! >> Good morning, Fina… [Yuna, a former reclusive gamerA carefree bear life in a different world] >> Good![Yuna CV: Maki Kawase] >> I just wanted to eat something good myself![Yuna CV: Maki Kawase] >> But I still wanted to tell my sister Yuna after work…[Fina CV: Azumi Waki] >> Yuna, got you! [Noire Foschurose CV: Rina Hidaka] >> Actually, I also wanted to talk to Fina about the fan club…[Noire Foschurose CV: Rina Hidaka].

>> The bear is so cute!![Shuri CV: Miu Tomita] >> I know you think so too, sister![Shuri CV: Miu Tomita] >> I'm having a little trouble… Yuna?[Tirumina CV: Yume Miyamoto] [Tirumina CV: Yume Miyamoto] >> Yuna-chan?[Tirumina CV: Yume Miyamoto] >> I knew you would say that, Yuna![Mylene CV: Yuko Korose] >> You should respectfully say mighty Lord.[Helen CV: Yuki Kudo] >> Only Yuna is allowed to call by the name…[Helen CV: Yuki Kudo] >> I have a letter for you from Elerola in King's Landing.[Cliff Foschurose CV: Koji Yusa].

>> With these kids, [Shia Foschurose CV: Inori Minase] >> I might be able to endure the hard work of training![Shia Foschurose CV: Inori Minase] >> Like the girl who underestimated Yuna on her first visit and had to compete with her.[Ellelaura Foschurose CV: Yuiko Tatsumi] >> If you would like, I would be happy if you and Fina could come with me.[Misana Farrengram CV: Satomi Amano] >> Wow! It's a bear![Flora CV: Hina Kino] >> Really![King CV: Akira Ishida] >> I promise![King CV: Akira Ishida] >> What's wrong, Fina? >> I knew that my sister Yuna was very popular!.

[Still not enough rampage for the bears!] >> So, you're okay with little bears then? >> What? >> Cute! >> Mithril equipment is a gamer's dream! >> Put it all together >> Bear Cutter! >> How's your work going? >> Oh, no. Oh, my God.

>> But it looks kind of fun. >> Welcome back, sister Yuna. >> I'm home, Fina. [Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch! – On air to start April 2023]

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3 thoughts on “TVアニメ「くまクマ熊ベアーぱーんち!」PV第2弾|2023年4月放送開始!

  1. Thanks for the English subtitles. I would possibly whinge when they aren't included on the trailer, but I'm additionally very totally chuffed when they’re 🙂 And even happier there are subtitles on Kuma Kuma Kuma Contain, because the significant season became as soon as one in all my favorites. 😍

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