TVアニメ「陰の実力者になりたくて! 2nd season」PV第3弾 【10月4日(水)放送開始】

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>> The moon… >> It's… >> Redder than usual… >> It's just like the… >> legendary… >> Red moon >> It begins >> War [The red moon rises,].

[The time of awakening draws near,] >> I'll eventually become a monster >> I'm sorry… >> Cid. >> I'll tell you everything >> What the goal is, and the truth about the Blood Queen >> That's too bad >> I'm the original.

>> I wonder how long you can endure? >> Oh my, although you look cute, >> you really are quite the monster >> I need to make sure not to leave at the wrong time [Nice to meet you, XXX]>> I need to make sure not to leave at the wrong time [And…] >> A place of rest.[And…] >> A place to be with those important to you >> Why am I…

[Good-bye]>> So weak? [Opening theme “grayscale dominator” by OxT] >> You are the single beam of moonlight that pierces through the darkness >> If you so desire, I… >> From here on out, I'll give it my all! >> Master Shadow! >> Good luck! >> I don't understand! >> You don't…

>> need me? >> Even if someone, >> somewhere[I'm sure you'll know once everything is over.] >> Is spinning a new tale, [That this was the best choice.] >> I won't change.[That this was the best choice.] >> I will just continue to aim to be the Eminence in Shadow >> My name is Shadow >> The one who lurks in the shadow,.

[The Eminence in Shadow]>> and the one who hunts them [Coming October 2023] [The Eminence in Shadow Novel ver. Vol. 6 to be released Oct 30!]

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3 thoughts on “TVアニメ「陰の実力者になりたくて! 2nd season」PV第3弾 【10月4日(水)放送開始】

  1. TVアニメ「陰の実力者になりたくて! 2nd season」
    10月4日(水)よりAT-X、TOKYO MX、BS日テレにて全12話放送開始!

  2. Bien ahí, aparte se nota que no se mandan un jjk 2 o spiderverse que sacan trailers que solo tienen cosas del primer cap o primeros 30 mins, asi que todo va a estar bien trabajado. Encima entendí todo sin subtítulos, mas tryhard Dx

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