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The episode is shown that she is sitting quietly then we see that Moon has finished the kosh and he is asking where is the master, where is the master, what happened to you, then the royal reply comes to her and carries Hoti Tum Tumne Hosh Ae Gaya Woh Hota Hai Kei Where is Master? Shue hugs him and realizes that after all you have not regained consciousness. In the next scene, Moon learns that he has been comatose for 3 days. Was and was lying unconscious. She tells Shue that as soon as the fighting was over, he fainted and was in a coma for three days, so Shue picked him up and brought the master here . So and is asking her that how did you bring both of us here, she tells that I could not do without both of you, so I lifted you on my back and I had a minute, so I master She was dragged here and that scene.

Is very painful, remembering that scene, tears come out of her eyes and she is crying that I should leave anyone there. You both are very important to me and I didn't want to leave anyone there so you just pick them up and what was Moon coming from behind hugging him why did you just Don't even worry now I am absolutely fine asks Monu can you take me to Master In the next scene we are shown that they have come near Master's grave and Moon is in tears He is coming out, he is crying, the master is here, what happened, is it too cold, but he does not want to show his tears to him, so he is acting laughing and crying, look how dirty your handwriting is How have you written master's name, if he had stayed here now, he would have laughed too much, after that he.

Goes back to the moon, corrects his master's name and then says, let's go now, it is very cold , we are in the next scene It is shown that a few months have passed and Shue used to bring fruits for the villagers, so this is the role of Aunty. It happens that we are ashamed that we you always bring fruits for us, I do not like it at all, maybe you say no, no , you are going to believe in it, what is there to be ashamed of, if you If you don't give us a place to stay in the village, then we don't know where we are stumbling from door to door. Auntie's daughter is such a lovely child . If you get it, you will have to give something in return . Here aunty gives her a little money and carries that you will find a village on the east side of our town. Our town is not very big but small,.

So you You can go shopping and many good things will also be found there, these people but at first she does not take money but aunty forcefully gives her money, aunty tells her that you keep this money quietly and after that You don't say anything, she says it's okay aunty, thank you very much. There is a scene change, here we are shown Moon, who is in her house. R is doing farming in Parande by then Shue has also come there and says look today they have given me a lot of money , see we will become rich very soon but I know you don't impress quickly. Why is it that it has really become a lotus, now it is evening, what happens today that the food is burnt again, the thing gets burnt while eating and it is said that the food is ready, let's go to eat. But as soon as he sees the condition of the thing, it is completely burnt and there is nothing to eat in.

It . If we want to eat, she tells Shue that there is a big town nearby, why don't we go there for shopping and there will be some important stuff, we will buy that too, what do you say? The car should be caught tomorrow morning and then we will reach there immediately. They are talking about the bullock cart, but they are telling that it will not be the first car on time . He has been doing farming for a long time and he cannot go here, his hands, knees and legs are all hurting and he is making excuses that he has to sow vegetables early in the morning, he has to plant his seats, otherwise he will be sick. Will happen but she doesn't want to listen to all these excuses .

I had already made it, so you deliberately asked me why do you want to make fun of me ? While those towns are very nice and big too, if Master were in your place , he would definitely go there and there would be a lot of juice shops too, so he would go there on the very first day and what is the point that She is laughing out loud but Moon doesn't like this thing right now and tells Shue that she please forgive me, I didn't remember at all, suddenly I got that thought in my mind, that's why I gave But it is not possible to smile, no, no problem , now let's finish the food quickly and then after finishing the food, if I want to apply some B, then I will apply it, after that both of them start laughing and joking, what is it? Hoti do you know what happened when.

I went to pluck fruits, he says I don't want to know what happened to you, she starts saying that you never You don't listen to me, after listening to me, we are shown in the scene that it is late at night , but when Ayu wakes up, she sees that Moon Long had disappeared again and she is crying for her man. I have been living with him for so many days, but still why do I feel that I have not been able to know him even a little bit, here we see that he is sitting alone outside the house. Aur Chand ko dekh raha hota hai kuch bhi raha tha With this our episode also ends here Gas I have started a new comic called Leader Chutney you guys must go and watch it once because watching it will take you a lot of time It is going to be more fun and as far as its episodes are concerned, all its episodes will be told here, it does not come, it will be seen, it will be seen, it will.

Be given a lot of crew, if it does not come, then where can the crew come from, till then see you in the next episode. for bye bye

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