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The Episode starts with taking tasty food, after that both of them sit comfortably and start eating, while eating food, they also talk a lot that he got the beach here and then you know the meaning of basic behavior. The relationship is a little bit kite-like, so these people are talking like this, then Shuu says that there is a small town nearby, can we walk there after having food, Moon would have also done Han for it. He says yes, I will definitely go there because I have to go to the blacksmith 's shop as well. He is a little surprised to hear this and it would have been wondering why to go to the blacksmith's shop. It's a matter of fact that we have to take a sword for our safety, that's why the gorge goes deeper, are you going there to take the sword, you.

Stupid girl, we are here in another place, where no one knows us and We can't even accept help from anyone here, so we must have some weapon for our protection. Now both of them are laughing. He is laughing a lot, for the first time after the death of his master, he was laughing so loudly, but he is probably thinking that in the moon, have you ever thought, after all, how long will we spend our lives like this, next scene In this we are shown that those people have already gone down, they are very happy, there candies are seen in their mouths, seeing which they become very happy and they go straight and carry that I want a lot of candies. Give me lots of moon here it is okay ayu you roam around here only don't go far from here she says where are you going wouldn't you like to chew these tasty candies it.

Is really very tasty But he starts leaving and says that I am just going to black smith's shop, I will come back immediately, you don't go far from here. She says okay, I will wait for you right here. nearby but I am going to eat all the candies too now here we see that it has reached the Black Smith's shop and here But the uncles who are doing less, they say choose any tone, you are going to get very good material here, none of it is bad, the moon is also hum ka raha hai or not, I don't like it that much. No, but I don't want all these swords, they come after listening to this or I don't want all these selfishness, I don't want that kind of swords, can you tell me what kind of weapon my brother is looking for, Moon tells he says okay the tool you need is here inside.

A go and get it after that they take it inside and the movie goes behind them here next scene I show us that Shayari is shopping, she is doing the bracelet, I was wearing the dress, Madam, take this bracelet, you need a number on it, it is not very expensive, I will give it to you at a discount, okay. Because you are so beautiful, but here you must be thinking that if I have not taken the bracelet, then a lot of money has also been spent. Will go and we both do n't have that much money left so she puts it on the bracelet and says she's sorry I missed it I don't think I'll be able to take it and she's watching He hasn't come yet, he must have been from the shopkeeper, the poor go somewhere to talk on time, after that she goes to the clothes shop, because she was seeing that he was working too hard, so his clothes would have been torn. That's why she.

Has come to buy new clothes for Moon too, she is watching, till then she goes there to aunty and carries clothes for her boyfriend, daughter, you are so cute. If you have come to pick it up, she blushes completely and carries it. There is also a child, she is carried, Aunty Astak, so we have never kissed children, it is a distant thing, but that aunty is deep, not deep, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I tell you it is going to be a lot of fun and aunty se tips and tricks teri hoti hai I will read myself you guys there is no need to read because I need you the most till then there is a moon asking Shahi starts taking that cloth.

And asks you to get it done here so soon, you had said that you will come after a while, he says. When I saw you, I came here, what is there in this, but that aunty was making fun of me from behind and was saying that this cloth will suit you very well, child, and from here it is ours, Moon says, well, but I do not want this cloth. Should thank you very much and only after saying this he starts leaving from there Shue continues to follow him. She is asking what is it inside it tells Monu that there is a special thing inside it, why don't you open it yourself and see what it is , after all, what special thing is inside it. Let's see, she opens it, then she sees the same bracelet that Shuu wants and she is very happy to see it. Moon is also telling us.

That when I came here, I saw that you had left her shop. Thi, you liked this bracelet, that 's why I took it from you, I was not saying white, I was speaking while looking at the other side, but she again started asking him . did you have extra gem he says yes i have more money but i saved it with my hard work But till then some man comes from behind and Shahi and Munja come less, he slips from u's hand and the bracelet gets broken into pieces, now the hormone has got angry, he sits in style, you guys wait there And especially you who have the appearance of a pig, stop right there, that is not a pig, I mean that human being is an idol and what is he doing, what did you tell me, that guy is pulling his sword here, then what else was he doing, child,.

You don't know. Do you know what life and death are, this noble person who is standing in front of you, who is this moon doing, Motu, you broke our bracelet, we don't want a new one, and who you are, it doesn't matter to us, but I All I know is that our money has gone in this hurry up and quietly withdraw the money, do you leave or after hearing this All his friends start laughing loudly because he is the mayor's son, so all the people who are here are going inside the house with their children, everyone knows that he is the mayor . But these people had not come here, so they would not have known anything , all the people would have gone inside the house and these people would be laughingly worried that till date no one had the courage to Someone can say to us that you are trying to fight with us young and.

As soon as you see that small town is completely empty Meher's son must have been worried that you are a small boy , you have more courage than the mayor's son. You are trying to ask for money and here they are saying with her that here it seems that she wants to die, she does not want to live, but Moon is really very angry, her spirit is coming out of her, she immediately Just goes, takes out his sword and in front of the mayor's eyes kills two of his men so fast that both of them have been killed . There are people who see what happens to them, they are thinking that the head is behind, go, this is not a normal guy, he is a warrior and just gas . Will go don't worry won't take long if you like the video subscribe the channel then see you all in the next episode till then.

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