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Hello Guys Welcome Back to R Anime ExplainerGuys Please Like the video and Subscribe to my channel Thank you..Today is Explanation of Upcoming Episode of Perfect World Based on NovelSo let's start Stone Emperor has left this world?”Whennews was transmitted to the outside world, every region was shaken. Even though theyhad long anticipated this result, when it was truly proved, it still stirred up tremendouswaves. The entire world was shocked. The little Stone still fell in the end. No miracles happened.His life had grown dim, eventually being cut off. He had reached the end of the road. “Whata pity! Truly lamentable!”Shi Hao’s death was truly unfortunate. He was so young, yethe already reached the pinnacle of the wasteland.

Region. If he was given time, no one knewjust how high he would have soared. Stone Country arranged an empty coffin, allowingeveryone to come and attend the memorial service. Great sects from all different places movedout to express their good wishes. It was unknown just how many people came. “Stone Emperor,a true hero He was still so young, yet he fought against deities” A few sect masterssighed. “Fire Emperor has arrived!” A loud voice called out. “Wood Emperor hasarrived!” Another person reported. This left everyone shocked. The emperor of a countrynormally wouldn’t easily set foot in the country of another. However, these types offigures appeared in today’s funeral, and more than just one. Later on, everyone discoveredthat the masters of major powers in the eight.

Regions arrived as well. “Green Flood Dragonsupreme expert has arrived!” “Ocean Race’s Silver Emperor has graced us withyour presence!”“GreenVine supreme expert has arrived!” Everyone felt fearful, shivering inwardly. Even thoughseveral great calamities had happened, there were still so many experts who managed toescape. Over ten supreme experts actually appeared today from every great region. “Littlefriend was so stunning, yet he left us so early. It really makes one sigh helplessly.What a pity! I wanted to see just how far he could reach.” Another supreme expertarrived in Stone Capital. Xiao Tian, Nine-Headed Lion, Xiao Youyu and the others were astonished.They recognized who it was. This was Western Tomb Meteor Montain’s elder, a former ‘deity’who called himself Southern Meteor. Today,.

He had fallen out of the deity realm. ImmortalMountain’s Qin Hao he successfully transplanted the supreme being bone?” Bi Gu was shocked.“Correct, and extremely successfully at that without any complications. His vitalityis abundant right now, and his body is terrifyingly powerful!” Hong Huang replied with absolutecertainty. “Too shocking. This should already be three month old information, right? Onlynow did it leak out.” Shui Yue said softly.“A single person with two unrivaled preciousbones, is he trying to defy the heavens?!” Xuan Ming cried out in alarm, finding thisa bit hard to believe. “He could unexpectedly have two pieces of true bone, just how powerfulwould he become?! Let’s go!”News of Qin Hao successfully inheriting the bone circulatedon a small scale, startling everyone. Many.

People were shocked and fearful. Just howpowerful of a figure would he become? He was truly going to defy the heavens in the future.The noble ladies and geniuses of the higher realms paid Immortal Mountain a visit. Bothsides exchanged joyous chatter. They indirectly verified this information, creating quitea commotion. “Our imperial palace has become cold and cheerless. Those people had cometo rope in Stone Emperor before too.” The Ming King said softly. Ever since Shi Haodied, those noble ladies and geniuses only came once. They never appeared here again.“This is but normal. His Majesty has already fallen, so Qin Hao will definitely rise togreatness. With two supreme being bones, he can overlook an area even in the higher realms.He is worth roping in.” Peng Nine sighed.

And said. Stone Village. The villagers naturallyhad lives to live. Only, when they thought of Shi Hao, they would always feel especiallysad. More than three months had already passed. The parts around Shi Hao’s tomb had alreadygrown tall. Several days ago, the villagers had burned many papers there, because a hundreddays had just passed. “This hill seems to have a bit more spiritual essence. Could itbe because little Hao is buried here?” Shi Linhu was a bit surprised. “I truly wishfor this child to continue living” Shi Feijiao sighed, feeling deeply emotional. During thisperiod of time, villagers would come here from time to time. In the end, they all shooktheir heads before descending the hill. “Little Hao, how much I wish you would come aliveagain!” Dazhuang, Ermeng and the others.

Came. They brought a bottle of wine and satdown here, drinking a glass. Then, they poured down a cup onto the grave. They were a fewyears older than Shi Hao, but Shi Hao’s constitution was strong even when they werelittle. At first, he still chased after their butts, but later on, he passed all of them.It really isn’t fair Little Hao is lying here alone by himself, while that fellow isbeing called a world-shaking genius. Everyone is saying how he is unmatched under heaven.That was originally little Hao’s title,” said Pihou. Even though they grew up in StoneVillage, they knew a few things about the outside world as well. It was because theyalways came to and from Stone Country Imperial Palace, so the information traveled freely.Because Qingfeng inherited the position of.

Stone Country Emperor, he always traveledback and forth netween these two places. “What do you guys think? Is there really revivinggrass in this world? How great would it be if we found one? I really want little Haoto live” Dazhuang spoke in a downcast manner. Later on, you finally survived. We lived together,depending on each other. It truly was a time full of joy” He sighed softly. Tears floweddown from his old eyes. He could vaguely see those large blinking eyes, the little fellowwho tottered about as he walked around, pulling on the big red dog’s tail while releasingtender shouts. “Village chief, let’s go eat. Don’t feel bad anymore.” The villagerstried to advise him. Everyone was feeling extremely terrible. “I have no appetite.”The old man lowered his head, using his hand.

To caress a small pot. This was somethingthat the little guy used every day back then, sneakily cooking beast milk in it to drink,to prevent others from finding out. Of course, how could everyone not know? The beast milkwas all brought over by the uncles. “Grandpa Chief, what is outside those great mountains?I want to see for myself and leave the great wastelands.”When he grew a bit older, ShiHao already began to yearn for the outside world, wishing to explore it. These wordsstill seemed to ring by his ears. Shi Yunfeng self blamingly shook his head.“I shouldn’t have agreed We should have just lived here, never leaving this place.How great would that be? Something like this wouldn’t have happened. In the outside world,the Qin Clan was currently discussing in Immortal.

Mountain. They wanted Qin Hao to quickly ascend,because the heavenly path was going to be cut off soon. He would then forever lose thechance to do so. “I won’t go up.” Qin Yining shook her head. She felt extremelypained. She was going to stay in Stone Village, not wishing to leave the lower realm. WhenShi Ziling heard this, his eyes released divine radiance. “I am going up!”For the sakeof revenge, he had to enter the higher realms. Even if he was filled with reluctance andregret, he still had to leave. “Alright, you go up. I’ll stay behind in Stone Village.”Qin Yining released a light sigh. “Mother, come together with us. Older brother alsowished for you to be happy. He doesn’t want you to be broken-hearted,” Qin Hao advised.Qin Yining shook her head. She was overwhelmed.

By sorrow. Finally, Shi Ziling returned toStone Village. He stood in front of that grave for an entire night. Then, he resolutely left.On his back was his own golden spear. He was going to the higher realms. Shi Ziling andQin Hao left. They followed a mysterious heavenly road and disappeared from this realm. Soonafter, those noble ladies and geniuses from the higher realms also left one after another,permanently returning to the higher realms. They also brought more detailed and reliableinformation with them. This left their elders surprised, discussing with them. Dual-pupilsis known as an unmatched existence even in my higher realms. Recently, an eighteen ornineteen year old expert has also appeared in my higher realms, sweeping through allhis peers in Heavenfall Province, known as.

Unmatched in his generation. In the end, heentered Heavenfall Academy and fought a decisive battle against their ‘exceptional talent’.He seemed to have won and also joined Heavenfall Academy.”Time passed quickly. More thanhalf a year had already passed since Shi Hao passed away. During this period of time, regardlessof whether it was Western Sect, Immortal Mountain, or the others, contacting the higher realmsbecame more and more difficult. Along with the passage of time, it became harder andharder to communicate between the two realms. It was almost as if the connection had beencut off. The Qin Clan urged several times for Stone Country to contact and tell QinYining to go up. Otherwise, they would miss the chance and be forever separated. “Whyis there more grass the more we cut here?!”.

Ermeng said. Another few months passed. ShiHao had departed almost a year ago. Immortal Mountain sent someone to tell Qin Yining toreturn. This time, it was related to Shi Ziling and their second son. Qin Yining was goingto go. While carrying sadness, she stood in front of this grave and said her goodbyes.She cried for an entire night. The Qin Clan sent a message that Shi Ziling was woundedin the higher realms, moreover extremely seriously. In addition, there were problems with QinHao as well, so they needed her to go up. “Ziling has been wounded. If Hao’er herefinds out, he will definitely not be at peace. You should go.” The old chief Shi Yunfengcomforted. “I will send down true information about his father down to help Hao’er restin peace.” Qin Yining said while crying.

She was extremely emotional. The lower realmhad brought her too many regrets. That day, she departed through one of Immortal Mountain’sold roads into the higher realms. Several days later, Immortal Mountain paid a hugeprice to satisfy her wish and communicate with the lower realm, sending down a message.This time, the lower realm Immortal Mountain didn’t hide the information. Dazhuang saidin front of Shi Hao’s grave. “Qin Hao has demonstrated extraordinary skill in thehigher realms. News of him having two supreme being bones wasn’t hidden. Many people foundout, and as a result, a world shocking battle broke out!”This was what Ermeng said. Allof this information came from Immortal Mountain. Qin Hao’s name resounded through a region.Many old inheritances in the southern areas.

Learned of this, and a few great sects tookaction, wishing to be connected through marriage with Immortal Mountain, offering their sects’heavenly ladies. It was rumored that Qin Hao was cultivating bitterly in hopes of quicklyrising up to power. What a pity Little Hao, you were originally going to enter the higherrealms and demonstrate your brilliance, yet now” Pihou and the others felt disappointed.In the blink of an eye, a year passed. The villagers all felt as if something wasn’tright. This hill’s spiritual essence was just too abundant and rich, becoming manytimes greater than in the past. “Little Uncle Hao, we came to see you again.” Agroup of children ascended the hill. They frequently took care of this grave, but thegrass grew just too quickly. There was just.

Too much to pull. That was one of Shi Hao’sembarrassing moments, something he wasn’t willing to bring up the most. Even when hegrew up and reached the Formation Arrangement Realm, he was still left with remaining grievance.He wanted to catch this strange Five-Colored Sparrow, but he never had the chance. Thisbird was incredibly lowly, always running away ahead of time. The Five-Colored Sparrowcried out. After combing its beautiful feathers in a manner that wasn’t too fast or tooslow, it arrogantly left. With a flap of its wings, it left behind five-colored light beforeflying towards the old date tree behind Stone Village. That was where its nest was. “Toohateful! Whenever we pull out the grass, it plants more!”The group of children wereso angry they cried out with wa wa sounds.

They rushed down the mountain ran towardsthe village to catch this bird. In the end, they startled many adults. “What happened?”When the adults in Stone Village learned about this, they all felt rather strange. Then,everyone went to search for the Five-Colored Sparrow together. However, it was extremelyslippery and was nowhere to be found. “What Five-Colored Sparrow? I never saw such a thingbefore. It seems a bit strange” Hairy Ball said. Its injuries had pretty much been healed.This what happened?!” The old chief was moved the most. He was a cultivator as well,so he could feel that a wave of life force was reviving in the grave!During these months,this grass grew extremely vigorously. Now, all of their roots shone like the tasselsof a dragon. They even seemed to be moving.

This grass was extremely special. The rootswere especially thick. They were definitely not ordinary grass. Today, they became evenmore unordinary, releasing glowing radiance. “Let me take a look,” Hairy Ball said.His eyes released divine light. He stared here, and then he looked into the depths ofthe earth. Soon after, it was shocked!Hairy Ball sensed a wave of strange fluctuations.“All of you, do not act rashly!” It seriously warned. Then, it brought out the bronze preciouscase that Shi Hao previously held. After opening it, that dualpupil appeared. “That is”It was deeply shaken. It used the dual-pupil to look inside. Below the ground was a layerof light that released a strand of vitality. It was precisely that coffin!“Reincarnationwithout experiencing life and death, how can.

One understand reincarnation? Could it bebecause of this reasoning?” Little Red also came. It was extremely shocked as well. “Iam only speculating too,” said Little Red. It was about to recover as well. Its wingshad regrown, and its entire body was replete with brilliant red radiance, as if it wascarved out of red gemstones. It was only the size of a fist, but it was incredibly beautiful.The grave was shining from within. It was extremely auspicious and peaceful, producinga special wave of energy. “You should come and take a look!” Hairy Ball indicated forit to come over. “Yi, what kind of grass is this?” Little Red was shocked. Apartfrom feeling a wave of reincarnation power, it never expected to see a world underneaththe ground that was especially mysterious.

The roots of this grass were like dragon tassels.They were extremely long, extending all the way into the ground and wrapping themselvesaround the coffin and releasing sparkling radiance. The roots were pure white like jade.They wrapped themselves around the wooden coffin like ropes, binding it up layer afterlayer like a cocoon. They released a layer of light and produced mysterious fluctuations.“Do not reach out your divine senses.” Little Red warned. It was because it noticedthat some of the villagers couldn’t hold themselves back any longer, using their divinewills to search underground. If they only relied on their own cultivations, it wouldmost likely end in failure. Hairy Ball released a grunt. It was as if thunder struck downon everyone’s ears, making his body tremble.

His eyes restored their radiance, revealinga wave of horror. “I think I was in a reincarnation. In the blink of an eye, I could see hundredsto thousands worlds back there. It was all very blurry, very terrifying, I I forgot aboutit all!” Ermeng seemed like he had woken up from a dream. Finally, he became clearheaded, grabbing his head while his body trembled lightly. Only then did he fully break free.Most of the villagers understood cultivation, and quite a few individuals’ current cultivationsweren’t weak. However, no one rushed forward. They carefully observed the situation. A waveof excitement stirred within their minds. “Child, I knew that you wouldn’t leave.You wouldn’t be willing to leave us behind. You are definitely still here!” The oldvillage chief was shaking, tears continuously.

Flying out from his old eyes. Little Hao,are you still here? Hurry up and wake up.” Dazhuang emotionally shouted, his eyes turningred. No one was willing to accept the fact that Shi Hao had already been dead for anentire year. The mound shone. The energy fluctuations that were released from inside became moreand more powerful. Hairy Ball and Little Red had everyone back up, telling them not toget too close. “Not even the dual-pupil could completely see through this. It is definitelynot ordinary.” Little Red sighed in amazement. The hundreds to thousands stalks of silvergrass were thick and long. They wrapped themselves around the coffin, swirling about like stellarstreams. This grass is a bit similar to the revival grass recorded in the bone texts,but it’s different.” Little Red observed.

This strange grass. On the ground, the grassleaves were emerald green, but they didn’t release any rich fragrance or brilliant radiance,not appearing that special at all. Only the roots that wrapped around the coffin wereunordinary, shining brightly at this moment. Hairy Ball plucked a leaf and placed it intoits mouth. He slowly chewed it, carefully sampling it. He was incredibly shocked. “Itmakes one feel absentminded, as if they are going to fall into reincarnation. Rumors hadit that it was brought into the higher realms. It could exchange the flesh and bones of thedead into those of the living, possessing unimaginable mysterious powers!Once this grassmatured, blue and green multicolored light would overflow into the heavens like a greatwave. This would all come from a single stalk.

Of grass. One could imagine just how strangeand powerful it was. Apart from this, there was another type of grass that was named reincarnation.When one sucked on it, they would enter a state of reincarnation. It was the strangestand most mysterious type of phenomenon. This type of grass only grew in the underworld.They had only appeared several incidences since the ancient times. If one had it, theywould gain endless experiences. This isn’t reincarnation grass or revival grass. Themedicinal efficacy is far from being comparable to them. However, these possess a few of theircharacteristics.” This was the conclusion Hairy Ball and Little Red came to. The villagerswere all extremely shocked, but they simultaneously began to feel happy. They saw hope. This grasswas so special, so could it be that it was.

Slowly changing the situation inside the tomb?“Iremember. This shouldn’t be undecaying grass, right?” Hairy Ball was shocked. “It mightvery well be that grass!” Little Red nodded, also revealing its shock. Rumors had it thatthere were two unrivaled experts who had joined together to breed a type of undying grass.It was known to be undying, and its name was astonishing. It signified that when one ateit, they would possess immortality. Of course, this was only a legend from the higher realms.In addition, Hairy Ball and Little Red’s ancestors were both extremely great, or elsethey definitely wouldn’t have learned about this at all. They had spoken to their descendantsabout it before, so the descendant’s offspring gained some understanding towards this aswell. “One of the experts obtained revival.

Grass, and then another unmatched giant obtainedreincarnation grass. The two relied on these two grass to breed undying grass, but in theend, it resulted in failure.”Undying grass was too heavenly defying and rarely seen inthis world. In the end, they produced a type of grass that contained characteristics ofboth revival and reincarnation grass. It was then named undecaying grass. Look, the soilhere is a bit special too, separating into black and white colors. I wouldn’t havenoticed if I didn’t look carefully.” Hairy Ball squatted on the ground and carefullylooked at the soil. “No wonder It must have been that Five-Colored Sparrow that broughtover this soil.” Little Red nodded. “Could it be that it knows a place similar to a truedragon or divine phoenix nest?!” Hairy Ball.

Became a bit stirred up. Undecaying grassdefinitely couldn’t grow in any normal place. It even brought over soil that could growundecaying grass! This Five-Colored Sparrow definitely knew an incredible place. “ThatFive-Colored Sparrow could actually find this type of grass, it is definitely extraordinary!”Little Red said. A year had already passed, yet there was still this type of news. Itwas just inconceivable!“Little Uncle Hao really can survive?” The children all becameexcited, especially those little fellows that found the Five-Colored Sparrow planting those‘grass seeds’. They were running and jumping around, feeling extremely happy, as if theydid something great. There were reincarnation symbols before in Shi Hao’s body, and now,this type of energy was rippling outwards.

It naturally filled everyone with hope andincomparable happiness. It was because this was an omen of revival!“This has to be asecret. It cannot be spread into the outside world!” Shi Feijiao said, fearing that anaccident might happen partway. “I am going to personally protect this place!” Quitea few of the wrinkles on Village Chief Shi Yunfeng’s face seemed to have faded awayinstantly. He wiped away his old tears and roared with laughter. His previously downcastmood was immediately wiped way. This seemed to have an affect on the others as well. Fromthis day forth, Stone Village cut off all connection with the outside world, sealingup that ancestral altar. No one could come in or out of the village, including StoneCountry. Sure enough, this Five-Colored Sparrow.

Appeared a few more times. It acted extremelyarrogantly, stopping on top of the burial mound as if it sensed something before flyingway. “Many thanks to the divine bird!”The villagers all went on their knees. It wasalready quite evident that this Five-Colored Sparrow saved Shi Hao! Two months passed inan instant. Stone Village no longer communicated with the outside world. Everyone was payingclose attention and protecting the hill. They felt more and more nervous. “Yi, the gravesplit open!” Ermeng cried out loudly. The cocoon underground has broken apart!” Hisbreathing became rushed. The roots of the silvery white and sparkling undecaying grasswere thick and long as they wrapped themselves around the coffin. They were releasing a gentleand soft light. Right now, quite a few of.

Them snapped, revealing the coffin within.Shi Yunfeng carefully looked inside. He discovered that the coffin had also cracked, and a bodycould already be seen inside too. Shi Feijiao and the others were greatly moved. They activatedthe dual-pupil together, making everything more clear so they could see the scene insidethe coffin. Dense mist rose in that place. All types of multicolored light pervaded theair. Shi Hao was lying inside, his complexion rosy and full of life!“There are symbolsflickering about on his body!” Pihou cried out in alarm. On Shi Hao’s body, there werea few mysterious symbols that would flow out from time to time. In addition, various partsof this body shone resplendently with divine radiance. “Aiya, his arms are turning agolden color!”“Yi, something’s not right.

Why is his palm turning a purple color?”Everyone became extremely nervous, but also stirred up. They were all hoping for a miracleto happen. “Ah! He is breathing, Little Hao is alive! I saw a stream of white energyflow out from his mouth and nose!”The villagers were all pleasantly surprised. Quite a fewpeople cried out loudly. This place immediately erupted into a great uproar. Shi Hao’s fleshdidn’t decay. His complexion was rosy, not like how deathly pale it was before, withoutany color at all. His current self had radiated an extremely powerful wave of vitality. Halfof his body turned a golden color, and then it turned into a pitch black color. Then,a moment later, it then turned into a purple color it was continuously changing. “Whatwas going on here? I felt a flourishing wave.

Of energy, a surging of divine force. Is thisa type of transformation?” Dazhuang asked. Right now, everyone was waiting with expectations.They truly wished the person inside that coffin would immediately wake up. Hairy Ball andLittle Red were startled. They immediately rushed over and carefully observed the situation.They were startled as well. They were certain that Shi Hao’s body was full of life forceand that he was about to resurrect!This was a miracle! After remaining dormant for a year,he still had a chance to survive! Undecaying grass maintained his body’s state, leavingit in an undecaying state and not letting his condition worsen. Of course, if one trulywanted to live, they would still have to rely on themself. Perhaps the Five-Colored Sparrowhad done something, but his experience in.

His life and death reincarnation, as wellas his will to live, were definitely extremely important during the critical moment.This Episode Part 1 Will End Here…

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