Unbelievable Anya Face References You Did not Know Existed! (Leer x Family)

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Did you know that this face Anya makes in episode13 is a reference to another pink-haired anime psychic? Well stick around and we’ll tell you allabout it and many of Anya’s other hilarious faces. Anya is a very expressive character which is whatmakes her so fun to watch. This video is going to be analyzing several of her most iconic.Including one of our personal favorites. Anya really is the core of Spy Family’sstory. While Loid does get to do most of the cool spy stuff, Anya is what keepsthe family together. Plus her adorable character design and silly anticshave made her an easy fan favorite. Anya is a very expressive character,especially when compared to Loid and his almost constantly serious face. Since atits core, Spy Family is a slice of life comedy,.

Anya’s expressions can bring a lot to ascene whether it’s for comedy or emotion. One of the first notable faces that Anya makesis her sad face. It first appears in Episode 1 when Anya overhears Loid’s thoughtsand worries that he’s gonna abandon her. Anya’s face is drawn in avery classic way. Obviously, thanks to animation Anya can show a lotmore expression than a regular person can. In order to really show how sad Anya is, hereyes and even her irises are shown literally trembling with wavy lines. Her mouth is alsodrawn in the same wavy style. It’s honestly a very Looney Tunes way of showing sadness. Andwe mean that literally. Just take a look at this sad dog from the classic Warner Bros. cartoonFeed the Kitty. The way the tears are animated.

Coming out of his eyes in a way too fastfor any normal human are a lot like Anya’s. Another cute anime girl with wackyfacial expressions that Anya seems to take inspiration from is Chiyo fromthe classic slice of life anime Azumanga Daioh. A lot of Chiyo’s sad, scared orpanicked expressions are similar to Anya’s. Speaking of which, Anya is scared andshocked a lot. Her most common expression, aside from her usual happy face, iswhat we like to call her surprised face. Usually this face shows up when Anyaoverhears something about Loid’s spy work. Just like with her sad face, Anya’s eyes and mouth are highly exaggerated. Onlyinstead of being all wavy and wobbly,.

Her eyes and mouth go totally rigid. Not tomention how her pupils shrink to tiny dots. It’s a very common way to showcharacters being surprised in anime. But on Anya it looks extra cutethanks to the roundness of her face. A character who similarly gets scared and surprised all the time isZenitsu from Demon Slayer. The main difference between Anya and Zenitsu’sfaces is that while Zenitsu’s mouth gets way bigger when he’s panicking, Anya’s mouthusually shrinks or stays its regular size. It makes a lot of sense since Anya is alreadya very small character. Giving her a mouth that large all the time might look a little weird onher. Here she looks both hilarious and adorable.

One particular variation of Anya’s surprised facethat we love is her hissing face. This is a face that Anya makes when she reads Fiona’s mind andthinks about the idea of Fiona as her mom. She’s gotten so attached to Yor that thinking aboutFiona replacing her makes Anya hiss like a cat. Anya’s face here looks a littlelike a Pokemon. To be more specific, a Corphish. Which we know, that’s acrab. Not a cat. But the oval eyes, small black pupils and wide open mouth aredefinitely similar enough for us to make a connection. It’s probably not an intentionalreference, but it’s fun to make the comparison. On the opposite end of the spectrum isAnya’s excited face. Or as it’s better known, her Waku Waku Face. It’s similar to her shockedface since it’s still got the same mouth shape.

And large eyes. The main difference is thather eyes sparkle and fill up with stars. Showing eyes sparkling with stars likethat is a pretty common anime trope. It can be found in classics like Sailor Moon andhas continued all the way to the present day. The four pointed stars in Anya’s eyes aresometimes called “Shiitake Eyes” because they resemble a shiitake mushroomwith a decorative cross cut into it. Now, if you remember at the start of thevideo, we teased that this particular face is a reference to something. Well,now it’s time to talk about that. This face is Anya’s “No Face” and showsup in Episode 13 of the anime. Anya makes this face after being taken to thepet store and seeing the terrifying.

Guard dogs Loid is trying to convince her to buy. It’s probably the most disappointedAnya has ever looked. She’s usually such a happy young girl that seeing her makethis disgusted face is honestly hilarious. Not only that, but it’s a reference to thecomedy anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. If you’re not familiar, this anime is about ateenaged boy named Kusuo Saiki who just wants to live a normal life. The only problem is he wasborn with immensely powerful psychic abilities. In terms of personality, Saiki and Anya are totalopposites. Saiki is much more cynical than the constantly positive Anya. But the face Anya makeshere is very similar to Saiki’s Annoyed Face. Obviously it’s not exactly the same, butreally it’s all in the vibe. They’ve got.

That same annoyed, disdainful face goingon. Plus both characters having pink hair and psychic powers make us think thatthis may just be an intentional reference. Now here, the last one of Anya’s faces wewant to talk about in some detail is quite possibly some of her most famous ones. Even ifyou haven’t actually watched or read Spy Family, you’ve definitely seen this one pictureof Anya floating around on social media. That’s right, we’re talking abouteveryone’s favorite: Smug Anya. As well as two equally hilariousfaces she made in the same scene. This face makes its debut in episode6 during Anya’s first day at Eden Academy. If you’ve already seen thisyou know exactly where this is going..

But here’s a quick recap in caseanyone watching is less familiar. One of the other students at Eden Academy isDamian Desmond: The son of Loid’s target. Since Anya knows about Loid’s secret double life, shetries to befriend Damian. Emphasis on tries. Damian is very elitist and doesn’t takekindly to Anya since she doesn’t come from a mega-rich family like he does.But Anya remembers her mom’s advice and just tries to play it cool. Leadingto the legendary Smug Anya face. She then remembers Yor’s other adviceand proceeds to punch Damian in the face. Part of the reason that this expression on Anya’sface is so amazing is because of how well it uses her character design. You see, Anya’s designuses a lot of round shapes in it. Everything.

From her face to her dress to even herhair is made up of round shapes. These shapes make Anya look extra soft whichmakes her cute and vulnerable. Lots of classical cute characters like Mickey Mouseor Doraemon are designed in a similar way. Now, you may have noticed that Anya’s smugface uses a sharp design for her eyes and mouth. The contrast between her round head andthe pointy eyes and mouth make this expression of hers instantly iconic. Not to mentionthat this scene as a whole is just amazing. This one image of Anya’s smug little facewill without a doubt go down in history. When we first saw this scene, Anya’s expressionreminded us of two other iconic smug anime girls who became instant memes. Those being Nononfrom Kill La Kill and Megumin from KonoSuba.

Of course if we’re in a smugness contest,I think Anya is definitely the winner here. Just look at her face. You really can’t evenbe mad at her. Damian kinda had it coming. The last two faces we want to talk abouther are Anya’s expression while punching Damian and the face she makes whiletrying to lie about what happens. We like to call that first face One Punch Anya. Not just because she knocksDamian down in one punch, but because the blank expression on her facereminds us of Saitama’s constantly empty face. The second one is kind of similar to Anya’shissing face. In that it sort of reminds us of some kind of animal. The shape ofher mouth looks a bit like a bird’s beak.

Here. It also looks like Anya’s trying to whistlecasually, like she’s pretending nothing happened. So yeah, these are just a few of the many,many hilarious expressions we see from Anya throughout Spy Family. She’s a large part ofwhat makes this series such a fun watch. And it’s not just her face either. Pretty mucheverything about Anya is fun and adorable. Of course, she’s just a small part of whatmakes this anime so much fun. Every member of the Forger family plays an important role andwe just couldn’t imagine the show being the same without Anya, Yor or Loid. Even side characterslike Franky and Yuri make this show what it is. So, which of Anya’s facialexpressions is your favorite?

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