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KOSHU ROADKOBOTOKE PASS SECRET NINJA ASSASSIN EDO I am Kofu clan's samurai chief , Tadaharu Toda! I request to speak to Mr. Izunokami Matsumae! Open the door! Open the door! Forgive me for the sudden disturbanceat this time of night, but… it is an urgent matter.

Don't worry. I understand that Lord Tsunatoyo, Lord of Kofu, and his entourage are on their way to Edo. Indeed. This morning they left the Yoshino mansion. By late afternoon,they were approaching the Kobotoke Pass… Young man, go downstairs for a moment. Then,.

Tell Yotsuya to come over immediately. Be quick. Yes. YOTSUYA, IGAMACHIIGA MANSION Well, I'm going to pour it in. Okay? Maybe a little more… Good. When you go to Tatebayashi, listen carefullyto what your grandfather says. Just because I'm very nicedoesn't mean I'm soft, right?.

– Yes. – Excellent With the passage of timeyou too will be an elder brother. Always listen to what your mother says. – Yes.- Very well. You're an attentive boy, aren't you? What happened, Sobei? Once again? No matter how much you lose,don't get discouraged. I won't. Shinnosuke,.

Shall we do it at my house? Last time it was fun to beat the enemy all night. Is my house not okay? I can't drink tea right at a bachelor's house. No, let's do it on mine. Besides… Dad, are you leaving again? I'll be back very soon.

I'll be there when you get backfrom Tatebayashi. Bring me a little drum as a gift. A little drum? Great. I understand. I may not be able to return for a while. I entrust Shinichiro to you. Yes. When you go to Tatebayashi,give my regards to your father. Yes.

Take care. And you be very careful. Remember you're pregnant. I will. I tried to say it in such a waythat the boy wouldn't notice… How I can help? Mr. Matsumae only told me, “Come!” Gather everyone. And the place is…? I know where it is.

Very well. It's an urgent matter. Today, late in the afternoon,the caravan of Mr. Tsunatoyo, Lord of Kofu, was attacked by a dozenarmed men at the Kobotoke pass. On July 13, Lord Tsunatoyowill succeed Lord Tsunayoshi, the fifth shogun, and will become the next shogun. This event occurred on his way back to Edo, five days before the succession date. Luckily, anticipating that this could happen, Mr. Toda ordered a double into the caravan bunk.

The caravan… stopped at the Komagino Post Office, and it was reported that Mr. Tsunatoyois in critical condition. This has caused a great commotion. However, there has already been an attempton the life of Lord Tsunatoyo, the next shogun. If they find out he is well, they will strike again. Then, the nine members of our group… We will immediately go to Mr. Tsunatoyoand take him safely to Edo.

We will do so within the five days leftfor the succession. Mr. Tsunatoyo pretendedto leave again this morning. But he is actually hidingin the mansion in Yoshino. He is only under the protection of a few men. It's dangerous. It's a challenge to move himand keep him safe and healthy for five days. However, as ninjas of the shogunate,we must do our duty. Therefore, today I receive everyone's life. And according to the rulesof our Iga ninja school,.

Follow my instructions anddie without saying anything. Furthermore… Those who seek to take the life of Lord Tsunatoyo… are also Iga like us. What? And the one who commands them is… someone who has been considered many timesas a possible successor to the shogun. Lord Tsunanori, son-in-law of the current shogun? No. Tsunanori declined to be shogundue to illness.

So, there is no other person left. Yes, there is. Just one more person. Someone who wants to kill Lord Tsunatoyo and be the next shogun. That person is… someone of the same blood as Lord Tsunatoyo. So it's the lord of Tatebayashi. Indeed. It's Mr. Kiyotake, Mr. Tsunatoyo's younger brother!.

Lord Kiyotake ordered the Iga,who served the Tatebayashi clan, to attack Mr. Tsunatoyo. This is what the covert operationof the Kofu clan has found out so far. If there was a deserter orsomeone on Lord Kiyotake's was captured, it wouldn't cause him trouble. If Mr. Kiyotake were to go through with hisplans to assassinate his older brother… surely he would become the next shogun, since it works in his favorthat the current shogun, Lord Tsunayoshi, was also lord of Tatebayashi.

If Mr. Kiyotake were to tryto kill his brother again, we too will have to fight against Igasof our own blood. Now we have no choice but to fight. Let's go, Yoshino! Once an undercover ninja receives an order,he disappears from the scene and infiltrates enemy territories. However, no matter where he meets his end, he won't have a place to be buried in. They are men chosen for their skillsand unwavering fighting spirit. ODE.


YOSHINO MANSION What are we doing, Tadaharu? How long will we be here? Matsumura! They still haven't arrived? Sorry, no one has arrived yet. My lord! You mustn't go out. Our enemies are the famous Iga.We don't know when they could strike. Let go! I, the next shogun, am not afraid of ninjas!.

Bring me my horse! Let's go to Edo! My lord! Please, be patient. If you play your luck,Mr. Toda's efforts will have been in vain. Have a little patience! Shut up! – My lord!- Sir! You tell me Kiyotake is a bad person. But he is my only brother!.

Why is my blood brother trying to kill me? Call Kiyotake! I want to speak directly to him! – Sir!, sir!- Excuse me, I'm going to talk. There are two people at the back doorwho claim to be messengers from Edo. What? Did they bring any letters? They bring nothing. They claim to be envoys undercoverby Lord Matsumae.

Sakamoto, just in case, make sure of it out from the shadows. The fact that we are here… There is no need for that. How did you get in? Lord Tsunatoyo, Lord of Kofu… I see you are here. You!.

We are the Iga, sent by our lord. Get out! Sir, sir! Don't go near the garden if it's not necessary! We will kill anyone who comes near. We are undercover ninjas! Today… it's the ninth day of the month. Four days to go…

So? When can we leave? Tomorrow? I do not know. You don't know? I have until the 13th at most to return. There are customs in the Edo mansionthat must be upheld. Whatever happens… I must be there on the 12th!.

Do you have any plans to leave? If we keep our arms crossed and the days go by… I agree. The enemy ninja knew our lord was here. We have to move quickly… How would we leave? What? If we stay, they will attack us just like before. If we get out even for a second,the enemy would be waiting for us. Our lord would lose his life in 30 minutes.

Then tell us what to do! Speak! Yes. About what you asked me… The safest place in this mansionis the warehouse. – The warehouse?- I see. I also went to look.That is certainly the best place. If the window is sealed from the insideand the door is fixed a little, no matter how many people there are,they won't be able to sneak in.

Wait! Are you asking me to hide in the warehouse? You'd do us a favor by going in there. I'm already having a bad time here, and on top of that you're asking meto stay in a warehouse! Sir. Times will be difficult from now on. Even if it is in the warehouse,we'll provide you food three times a day. If you'd like to, you would also have books to read.

Even your servers may be inside. We too? That's right. If the enemy ninjas attack us again, those easily frightened… would become a nuisance at crucial times. Please go inside with your lord. Don't say that! You talk too much for a simple ninja!.

How dare you lower class give orders! I am Tsunatoyo, lord of Kofu. I'll be the next shogun! Sir… We know that normally… we couldn't even see your face. But now we find ourselvesin a life or death situation. And whether we can or not,we will do everything we can to save your life. Here, the relationship between superiorand inferior doesn't matter.

Therefore, even if you are Lord Tsunatoyo, the next shogun, you must follow our instructions. Even if you don't agree, you should. Saito. Let Asakawa stay alone in the garden.You go to the store. Yes. I would like to order some thick boards, nailsand carpentry tools. Yes. – Sawano.- Yes.

I entrust this place to you. Don't be walking around unnecessarily. What? If you hear footsteps… Sometimes you don't hear the little noisesthe enemy makes. Please keep quiet and sit down. There is nothing out of place. – Keep an eye on the back door.- Yes.

This is a good place to store rice. The walls are thick. There are two windows on the second floor. To secure them, you have to hammer several timesfrom the inside. And the roof? The plaster under the tiles is hard. It takes a day to dig through them. The same goes for all four walls. No matter where they want to sneak in from,everything is covered.

Are you okay with this? Thank you very much. How many people work in this mansion? Fifteen. Two cooks and two servants. The others are not in the mansion… If you don't watch who goes in and out,they could infiltrate. Yes, I understand. – Then you watch the window.- Yes.

Then… Make a 30 square centimeter hole here. That's where we'll pass them food. Lock this door. We close the door and the lord will remain inside. Only one person will come to retrieve the food. We will check the food for poisonbefore giving it to you. Nevertheless, – How will they do their needs?- Huh?.

There must be a pot somewhere. Give them oneand they'll have to relieve themselves inside. The lord will complain about it. Still, what's more important? Life or the bathroom? Not even Mr. Tsunatoyo is that foolish. Then… we left Mr. Tsunatoyoin the warehouse.

If we hold out for a day or two, how are we going to get him to Edo? We don't have enough men. Even if I ask for help from other samurai… The Kobotoke Pass ambushwould probably be repeated. If I'm honest, I don't know what's best. All I have to think about now is… on how to protect Mr. Tsunatoyo's life. Our next problem is whether or not we can take himto Edo.

Now we have to keep him alive at all costs. That's all. Shinnosuke. When we left Edo you said… that our enemies are Tatebayashi ninjas. What are their names? No. Rather, who is their leader? I see, so it's Genshin Uno.

Shinnosuke, why? You knew that we would fight Lord Genshin,your father-in-law. Why didn't you tell Mr. Matsumae? The Iga are six groups. If Lord Matsumae had knownthe enemy is your father-in-law… He would not have given you this job. Sobei… Do you think we can choose the job we like? For example, even if the enemy was our own father…

We must assassinate him if we are ordered to. That's being an undercover ninja. At least I left home without telling Yumi, my wife… I will probably tell my son, Shinichiro,his grandfather died in Tatebayashi. That will happen if I survive. If Lord Genshin kills me,he'll probably tell him the same thing. Sobei, Lord Genshin left Tatebayashiwith his entire group. Of that group, three are already dead. Ten remain, includingLord Genshin.

Where will Mr. Genshin come from? How will he attack? And that will happen within the next four days. Perhaps Mr. Genshin… is watching somewhere in the dark. You have endured well, Shinnosuke Tsuge. – Let's attack now!- Wait!, we will do it at dawn. Wait for the dawn… – Saito!- Let's go!.

Don't leave your post. Don't be distracted by that sound! The enemy will take advantage of the turmoiland infiltrate! What's going on? Silence! Don't take another step. Sir! I am Tadaharu. Sir, are you alright? Sir, I brought men from the Edo mansion!.

Iwasa! Open the door! Don't open! You won't come in! Let me go! Why aren't they coming in? – Tadaharu!- Sir! Sir! Why not? There are only nine of us who protect you. We do not know his servants' faces. And his servants don't know our faces either.

If we let those people in,we won't be able to tell allies from enemies. They won't come in! Shinnosuke! Kill them! Don't get in the way! You won't open it! Wait! You… Sawano! Ode! Protect the lord!.

Sir! Let's go! What are you doing?They are my men! Tadaharu! Sir! Sir! Tadaharu! – Come on! Put out the fire!- Yes. The rest of us protect the Lord! Wait! Where are you taking the lord? Do not get in our way! No one should get in the way.

I'll kill whoever gets close! – Tadaharu! Tadaharu!- Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Stay away! Move! I'll kill anyone who interferes! Stay away! KEY Tadaharu! Calm down!.

Mr. Toda. The servants will also enter! Go Ahead. Mr. Toda… You've seen the enemy Iga attack, haven't you? There is no better way than this to protectthe lord from those formidable enemies. The lord must remain hereand not take a single step outside. But then… You still don't understand?.

If the Lord sets foot outside… he will undoubtedly lose his life.Is that what you want? So what do we have to do? There are only three days leftuntil the succession ceremony. If we don't arrive on time, our lord's honor… You… Are you saying that there is no planto take the lord there? That's not it. Of Takebayashi's thirteen Iga,we have already defeated six.

If we defeat the remaining seven in these three days… Defeat them? Furthermore, It should be done in just three days. They are aware of this… so we shouldn't risk too much. So they will wait. They'll wait for us to get out of here. No matter what plan we come out with,the lord would lose his life.

But, on the contrary, if theLord do not come out, he would not arrive on timefor the succession ceremony. That is what they intend. Toda! I'm going! By any means, I will go to Edo! – That's not possible.- Don't say anything! You will cause me the greatest embarrassmentin this world!.

We were ordered to protect your life. And to take you to Edo… there is only one way. Just one? And that is… That is… Mr. Kiyotake… Mr. Kiyotake, Lord of Takebayashi, must be… assassinated.

What? Assassinate Mr. Kiyotake Matsudaira? Yes. Of course, Mr. Kiyotake is the nephewof the current shogun. And he is the younger brother of Mr. Tsunatoyo, the next shogun. Assassinating Mr. Kiyotake… it's something that shouldn't happen. Nevertheless,.

Right now, that's our best plan… to move Mr. Tsunatoyo safely. We thought of sending messengersto the current shogun or to the elders to tell them about Kiyotake's betrayal. But the ones who tried to kill Mr. Tsunatoyo… do not officially belong to Tatebayashi, they do not have a proven link to Tatebayashi. Therefore, if Mr. Kiyotake denies everything,the matter would not be discussed further. No.

Rather, If we told the elders and it beca me public, It would be detrimental to the government. Therefore, the priority is to take the life of Lord Kiyotake, ensuring the succession ceremony runs smooth. I ask… I ask for Mr. Matsumae's decision… Lord Matsumae….

I understand. If we do that… Can you assure meMr. Tsunatoyo will reach Edo safely? Yes. Do you swear to me that youcan protect Mr. Tsunatoyo? Yes. If you approved of Mr. Kiyotake's murder. There's no choice. Then….

We will take Mr. Kiyotake's life. There is no other option, huh? Nevertheless, you will carry it out as Iga members. This will no longer be donein the name of the Tokugawa family. At this time, you are not part of the Tokugawa clan. For example, were you captured,the Tokugawa family wouldn't know about it. Lord Kiyotake will be assassinatedin the name of the Iga. Their leader is Shinnosuke Tsuge, right?.

Indeed. He has served me many times. If he dies, let it not be in vain. End Mr. Kiyotake's life. May even one of you come back alive. Whatever happens next, I'll take care of it. We appreciate it. Let's go! We will return after taking Mr. Kiyotake's life!.

I will report all this to my leader. It's a message from Sobei. Then, we have received permission from Mr. Matsumae. Are we going to Takebayashi? Mr. Toda. Only you have been toldwe are going to Takebayashi. I swear not to tell anyone… If we protect the warehousewith the people we have,.

They will not be able to enterwith only the seven men they have left. They only have to hold out three days. No… Only two days. In the meantime, we will take Lord Kiyotake's life. But, will you succeed? What happens if you fail? Mr. Toda. Do you really think that we undercover ninjas…

Will we let a person we have decided to killescape alive? Without a doubt we will take Mr. Kiyotake's life. Even if all of us lost our lives… By then, We would have killed Mr. Kiyotake. Does that sound good to you? If Mr. Kiyotake were to lose his lifein Takebayashi, it would no longer make senseto still want to assassinate Mr. Tsunatoyo. And the Iga would give up.

What matters is who gets killed first. Mr. Tsunatoyo or Mr. Kiyotake? That's the only thing that matters. That's all I have on my mind right now. Mr. Toda, the owner of this houseand his niece come to say hello. Yes. – Fine, let them come.- Yes. Mister, I come to give my regards.

I imagine… that we have caused you trouble by being here. Excuse us for the time we are here. Your name is Jihei, right? Yes… Thank you for your attentions. No. Rather, I have caused you a lot of trouble. And your name is Kinu, isn't it?.

Yes, sir. Open up. The tea you made for me was delicious. As I am in this situation, I feel that it isthe most delicious thing I have tasted so far. Sir… People fight and hate each other. How trivial is that? I'm starting to understand. How important is it to drink tea with a kind heart?.

With each thing that has happened in this place… you made the tea the best you could. I will keep that in my heart. Many thanks. Many people have lost their livesbecause of my lack of clarity Even you, who are not at fault, have suffered. Forgive me. Sir, thank you very much for your words. We don't understand what is happening.

But we are very sad that this is happening. No, this is due to my carelessness. I feel as if… I'm seeing the world for the first time. People die in front of my eyes. The person who wants to kill me is someoneof my own blood… Sir! I'm getting it now. It's very painful.

Also, there are many peoplewho sacrifice their lives for me… Jihei… Let's meet again another time. At that time, allow me to treat you with courtesy. I thank you very much. – Then…- I see. – Are you going?- Yes. Kinu, are you going somewhere nearby? No.

I have relatives in Tatebayashi. What? Tatebayashi? Well… Miss Kinu. When you return to Tatebayashi,do not mention anything that has happened here. That's all I ask of you, both for Mr. Tsunatoyo and for us. I know.

Despite it being your job, I was shocked… at how you have risked your lives. It's the first time that I have been ableto meet such brave samurai. In no way will I say a word about this. Will you keep it a secret? Yes. Take care. Oh! Does your relative from Tatebayashilive nearby or…? Near the castle.

Near the castle… TATEBAYASHI CASTLE What's going on! Close the door! Why all the fuss? My bodyguard! Is my bodyguard missing? Sir! Oh! Genshin!.

When did you come back? Did you succeed? I'm afraid I've come to tell you somethingabout the ceremony. What? Are the undercover ninjas coming for me? Yes. Last night they left from the mansion in Yoshino. They must be close to this castle by now. I see. That's why you came back, right?.

You came back hiding your shame for not killingmy brother and disguising it with false loyalty! Sir! The 13 ninjas, starting with me, risked our lives and cornered Lord Tsunatoyo. Lord Tsunatoyo can't take another step anymore. If he were to leave the warehouse he hides in, he would lose his life at the hands of our menwho have been waiting there. However, these covert ninjas have decidedto go on the offensive as a desperate measure. I will keep you informed.

Do not speak! You… Based on the information from Genshin,I reinforced all the places inside the castle. Hey! Those ninjas! Kill them! Kill them! Carry out my orders at all costs! The shogun is the ruler of this country.If I could hold that place, I would rectify the laws, no matter what. My older brother will be the next shogun,and he's only ten months older. Why should I settlefor Tatebayashi's 50 thousand square meters?.

Kill them! Kill anyone who enters the castle! Genshin… We should have complied… with the orders of the lord. The continuity of the Tatebayashi clan was doomedto end… when our lord had the ambitionto be the new shogun. I, who have been by his side as his guardiansince he was born, couldn't stop it…

Genshin… should the lord become the next shogun, whether that is right or wrong is secondary. The strongest is who should be the new shogun. That is what I have always thought. Now we just have to push things forward. We have to protect the lord at all costs. We must pretend that there was no conspiracyto assassinate Lord Tsunatoyo. Excuse me, Chief. Chief, Madame Yumi is at the castle's back gate.

– Yumi?- Yes. I see… She finally came – Father!- Grandfather! – Shinichiro.- Grandfather! Yumi! Arrest these people. – Chief…- Arrest them! What?.

They are family of the enemy ninja. Arrest them! – Father!- Grandfather! Grandfather! Grandfather! Grandfather! Pay attention. Don't lose sight of the castle. The castle has four gates: main,rear, southeast, and northwest. All are rigorously guarded by samurai. The castle is surroundedby a four kilometer wall, all guarded by men with guns and bows. Only merchants they already know are allowed in.

No matter how much it costs us,we must enter the castle. What do we do? Is there any plan? It won't be easy to cross that moat. Even if successfully traversed… No. Rather, even if we infiltrated the castle… We don't know where Mr. Kiyotake is. Sobei, even if you say that,it doesn't change the situation at all.

Now, the first thing is to infiltrate the castle. Then we'll see where Mr. Kiyotake is. But… how will we do it? How shall we enter? Leader! Shinnosuke. Lord Genshin… Are you telling me we will not be ableto enter the castle at all? No matter the obstacles, we will get inside there….

Look at that boat, where will it enter? It will certainly make it. Yes. Hey. Who's there? A dog? Hey, let's go! What happened? What could it be? It seemed like….

Let's go… Let's switch. You are our leader. If for some reason wecan't get into the castle… Trust me… I assure you that we will take Mr. Kiyotake's life.I swear. I understand. Take care of it. Bastards!.

Don't let him get away! Attack! Shinnosuke! Don't come here, Shinnosuke. Do not come! After what has happened,we have to move forward anyway. However, now we are fewer. We don't know the location of Mr. Kiyotake and we have to attack blindly. Once again, more will die in vain…

Die in vain? Are you saying that Mr. Sobei's death was in vain? No, it's not like that!What I was trying to say is… if we attack with no clear chance of winning,Mr. Kiyotake will escape us… Then what do we do? Even if there's only one of us left,we have to break into the castle and look for Mr. Kiyotake at any cost. And what do we do if we can't find him? We can't let him get away!.

There is no chance of winning in the final attack! What's wrong? We don't do this for our benefit! How can we cope with this situation? Die! You are a coward… Stop that already! Ishikura, I understand what you're saying, but… as Oda was saying, there is no better way…

To enter the castle than by force. You may think that I am a leaderwho is not trustworthy or has no plans, but… Mr. Tsuge! I understand. Are you okay with it? Until the last of us is still breathing, we will go after Mr. Kiyotake… and we will take his life. Yumi….

Shinichiro… We must take Mr. Kiyotake's life! Even if someone is crucified, don't forget your mission! – Leader!- Mr. Tsuge! Forgive me… Yumi and Shinichiro. I would like to save you, but… right now I can't do so. Forgive me, Shinichiro and Yumi.

Even if I do this, I must protect Mr. Kiyotake. Don't come, Shinnosuke… You guys go ahead. Understood. What did you come here to do? No, actually I just heard in thereabout the showdown last night. In there? Yes. In our family, we are traders who have been inand out of the castle for generations. Also, a childhood friend works there as a maid.

But more important than that,the people who are exposed there… Is it possible that…? They are my wife and my son. Yours? As the rumors said, you have come for the lord of Tatebayashi. Until that time comes, all of you… If this continues, your wife and son are going to… If the lord of Tatebayashiwere really assassinated,.

Lord Tsunatoyo… could return to Edo safely, right? Would he really get there safely? Mr. Tsunatoyo told me that the tea I made for him… was the most delicious he had ever had. It amazes me that, despite being a person raisedwith everything at his reach, he liked my tea. Even more than that… I feel the lord is feeling very lonely.

Furthermore, he suddenly became innocentlike a child. I heard that you have until the 13thto return to Edo. That's the day after tomorrow. I don't understand what the lord must feel. It's a fight between brothers to get a position,and seek their own benefit. Save him. There are brave people like youwho are thrown into this situation. Only suffering awaits such people… You have a small son and a wife.

You may not need to hear this from me, but… The lord of Tatebayashi is today… at the back of the castle. Really? Yes. My childhood friend, who is his maid,told me that she was invited to sleep with him, so there is no doubt about it. Besides, from the back door to where the lord is,there is a path. There's nothing else I can do to help you, but….

Take Mr. Tsunatoyo safely to Edo. And save your wife and child. It's not a trap, is it? No way! Even if it was a trap… Mom! Mom! Shinichiro! Hold on, Shinichiro! Shinichiro! Get up! Get up!Reinforce the gate as planned!.

– In formation!- Yes. Don't let your guard down! Due to the rain, the castle gates can be hitby our enemies. There's no doubt they will come tonight. Tonight is the last chance they'll have. Do you understand? This is the night. No matter what happens,we will protect the lord's life. Lord Genshin! The enemy climbed the door!- What?.

With this rain, they crossed the gapavoiding the rooftops… Idiots! I told you not to let your guard down! Don't drop your guard! Lord Genshin! The other one… what happened to the other one? There he is! There he is! Don't let him escape! Chase him! Don't let him escape! Chase him!.

He's climbing over the wall! Shinnosuke… He did it! Could he be headingto the master's back chambers? Lord Kiyotake Matsudaira,the shogun's right-hand man. You… Who are you? You are Mr. Kiyotake, right? Mister! Lord Genshin….

Sir! Sir! Scoundrel! Sir! Hey! Chase him! Sir! Mr. Tatewaki! – Sir!- Genshin! Yumi! Shinichiro! Wait!.

Put those people down. – Sir…- It's all over, Uozumi. Inform Kondo and his men, who are in Yoshino. Yes. We won't continue with unnecessary deaths. It's all over! Dad! Dear! Dad!.

Mr. Tsunatoyo, congratulations on your succession ceremony as the new shogun. LETTER OF CONDOLENCES You came back… Yes. You're the only one left? I am the only survivor. You all did a great job. Then….

Wait. There is something I want to give you. Come here… Yes. Come a little closer… Yes. Forgive me! Those who murdered Lord Kiyotake, the younger bother of Lord Tsunatoyo,the new shogun, cannot live! But….

I can finish off the last one of you. Shin… Then, Tatewaki Ina of the Tatebayashi clanwent to Edo Castle, and gave notice of the death, dueto illness, of Mr. Kiyotake Matsudaira. Later on, the sudden deathof Lord Izunokami Matsumae was also reported. No one asked about Shinnosuke Tsuge's death. The next year, in the second year of the Hoei era,Tsunatoyo changed his name to Ienobu. Four years later he assumed poweras the sixth shogun. Translation: Rodrigo Bahena.


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