Unique Rascal Does Now not Dream of a Sister Venturing Out Trailer! | Addressing Confusion On The Film

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Hey everybody hope you all are doing great and Iwanted to touch base on the new sister venturing out trailer that just came out yesterday um anda couple of other cool little neat things that have been going on in regards to the seriesas of recent uh before I jump into the whole trailer stuff I wanted to touch base on oneof those cool little neat things one of them being the uh bunny girl Senpai radio programbroadcast that has been going on as of recent they announced that there's going to be a radioprogram uh going on on the date of the premiere of the actual movie so on June 23rd it is hostedby Asami Seto who voices my soccerojima and then yurika Kubo who voices kaire as well so thatis pretty cool you got them being like the tandem Duo there hosting a uh program for radiobroadcast and stuff like that too talking about.

The series in celebration of the upcoming movie Ipersonally haven't listened to it yet and even if I did I probably wouldn't understand it anywaysbecause it's solely in Japanese and there are no subtitles most likely for a radio broadcastedkind of program thing so uh yeah that's just a cool little thing that's been going on like Isaid they're releasing it every other Tuesday um I believe there's only one that has comeout so far that was released on May 2nd um and there was like a cool little bonus one thatcame out as well I checked up the website and saw that those two were there so that's pretty coolnew thing that they're doing they're having my soccer Vegeta and kaide's voice actors host thatradio program broadcasting that's been going on and then as well as they've been rebroadcastingthe actual season one episodes in Japan in.

Preparation for the movie that's gonna be comingout next month on June 23rd they just recently released I Believe episode 6 during The Logicalwitch Arc uh so Futaba Rio's Arc uh so they're moving along through it I'm assuming they're gonnayou know rebroadcast all of them up until the end of it like I said and then as well hopefully mayberebroadcast the dreaming girl movie in Japan as well leading up until the new sister venturingout movie which will be nice to see as well uh yeah and now we can touch base on the new trailerthat came out it was more so of like an expanded trailer based off of the last one that we got alot of it was containing that trailer and those scenes and stuff that we got in the last one butit was like I said expanded there were some new scenes amongst everything else a little bit morecontext as to what was going on a little bit more.

So of seeing kaide and the situations that she'sgoing through and stuff and seeing sakatha being present in different scenarios trying to help herand things like that and then seeing more of my sakojima looking gorgeous some more scenes withher having the nice little braid and stuff too so we got some more of kaide some cute little momentsand stuff with her and then Mai and then Sakura as well we got some nice little scenes with uh thesweet bullet group too with uzuki and then Nautica as well but yeah that's pretty much all we got outof the trailer it wasn't a ton of new content from it it wasn't a brand brand new trailer like I saidit was more of like an expansion on the last one that we got but still nonetheless it was stillnice to see a lot of the new scenes that we got out of it in animated form it's getting me moreand more hype for the movie you know we're in.

Upcoming mid-may right now uh and the movie comesout like I said on June 23rd so we're almost a month away from the release from it uh at least inJapanese theaters they haven't announced anything on a global release or anything like that justyet hopefully U.S release I'm assuming that's going to happen in the near future but uh yeahlike I said nothing has been announced just yet on that there is one other thing that I did wantto touch on that has been bugging me as a recent because I'm not entirely sure what the status ofit is and they haven't really made it 100 clear how it's going to be and that is the status of themovies or possible move e uh so with the initial announcement when it came out that they were goingto be adapting Volume 8 and volume 9 the sister venturing out and the Rascal does not dream ofa knapsack kid uh light novels into movie form.

Um they kind of made it seem like at least in theinitial tweet that it was going to be adapted in into two different movies one movie for each lightnovel which I thought was a pretty cool thing that they would do possibly but other people werekind of skeptical thinking that it was going to be one movie adapting both of those lightnovels into that movie which of course makes sense because they adapted two light novels intothe dreaming girl movie as well so why not do it for this one but there was you know like I saidthey announced it kind of making it seem like there's going to be separate movies for each storybut of course there might be some Google translate interpretation mishaps right there or errors orwhatever or misinterpretation are my part because you know when I heard the information I made thevideo about it and everything and I was super.

Excited and stuff but it like I said it might notbe the case with that situation there because of the Crunchyroll article that came out with thetrailer and new uh key Visual and stuff that came out not this recent trailer that just cameout recently yesterday but the original trailer from this one that came out a couple months agowhen that Crunchyroll article came out it says in the Crunchyroll article that this movie that'ssupposed to be coming out on the 23rd the sister venturing out one it's supposed to be adaptingboth of those light novels into that movie and like I said like it makes sense because of thedreaming girl situation where they adapted two light novels into that movie you know they'regonna possibly adapt both those light novels into this movie because maybe I misinterpret itand misinterpreted it and that was my mistake.

That's my bad if that's the case but there'sstill some gray area there's still some like uncertainty there because of the fact that we'vegotten multiple trailers I think this is like the third one now we got the initial one when we gotthe actual announcement for this and then we got the the second one that came out before and thenwe got this third kind of expanded one that we got here in all of those trailers none of themhave shown anything of the knapsack kid content all of them have been rasco does not dream of asister out Volume 8 content within those trailers we're a month away from when the movie's supposedto release and they have not put out any new key visuals for the knapsack kit portion they havenot put out any new trailers that have covered anything or had any scenes for the knapsackkit content either which is rarely really.

Weird because they have put out three differenttrailers all of them focusing on just Volume 8 of the sister venturing out stuff and none ofit showing anything of the knapsack kid stuff like I said initially I was like I'm running withwhat Google translate told me on the initial tweet one because I was super excited and you knowI'm usually reliant on that and then as well as you know it usually translates well into whatCrunchyroll puts out in their articles and stuff but on that last one that they put out it saidsomething different so I was like okay then that might you know that most likely is the truthyou know what Crunchyroll put out and I'm sure that they have better translators than what Googletranslate can kind of provide or whatever but then now I'm seeing all of this other stuff where youknow they're putting out trailers and stuff and.

It's all just Volume 8 content and there's no newkey visuals or no new trailers that are showing anything to do with the Rascal does not dream of aknapsack kid stuff so I'm like is this movie going to be adapting the knapsack kid content or isit not maybe there will be in the future because we're still like I said maybe a little bit over amonth away from the release date of the movie and stuff in Japanese theaters so maybe in that timespan they do release a knapsack kid portion of the trailer and stuff like that too you know showingcontent in animated form for this upcoming movie that's supposed to be coming out on the 23rd butyou know we'll see if that ends up happening or not but we're pretty close to it and nothing hascome out for it just yet so I am skeptical on that if it is only going to be one movie adaptingboth light novels then that's definitely my Miss.

There and I misinterpreted things and you knowit's going to be one movie and not two movies like I said it was I just wanted to make sure Ithrew that out there and throughout possibilities of what it is if there's anybody that's you knowlike fluent in Japanese and knows how to read and translate that stuff and kind of clear it up orwhatever 100 then I greatly appreciate it because it's still kind of like I said up in the air atleast based on my interpretation of it but yeah that's what I kind of wanted to put out there letme know what you guys think about it if you guys have more information than I do on the situationor a little bit more context on the matter that that would be great because I'm still kind of likeI said up in the air on what exactly is happening with these uh two line novels that are supposed tobe adapted when I find out more clear information.

I will make sure to relay that all to you guys Ijust wanted to make sure that I am providing you guys with some transparency there that I mighthave you know jumped the gun and put out some information there saying that there's going tobe two different movies when it might actually be one but that's what I wanted to talk aboutin today's video hope you all saw the trailer if you haven't already I will make sure to link itdown in the description below or in the comments as well so you guys can check that out some coolother the little information pieces that I dropped in there too the cool little broadcasted radioprogram that's going to be going on too hosted by my soccerojima's voice actor and kaida's voiceactor the rebroadcasted episodes happening in Japan right now two is a cool little thing that'sgoing on um and yeah drop your comments Down Below.

On your thoughts and stuff with the series ingeneral the movie upcoming uh like I said we're about a little over a month away from it which isnot that far away coming up on it pretty quick and then yeah give the video a like if you guys canI greatly appreciate it hit that subscribe button down below if you have not already and makesure to hit that notification Bell as well to get notified for whenever I do upload a videogo live or do anything like that hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day and weekendand I will catch you all later see ya bye-bye thank you

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  1. So I've ideal watched the series, however I loved it so well-known that I supplied Volume 1 of the sunshine unusual and quantity 1 and a pair of of the manga, is the dreaming lady a recap film or what is it primarily based fully fully on one other LN?

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