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From the very beginning of classroom of the elite there were several questions about white room today I will try to answer those questions to the best of my abilities number one where is the site of white room from the very beginning it's a mysterious question that where the white room is located and volume zero it is mentioned that the white room.

Was established in satama the white room is originally a pharmaceutical company Factor deep in the mountains furthermore a few decades ago the company went bankrupt due to the dropping of sales the factory was not demolished and the site is neither too large or too small and the volume zero it is not mentioned that at what price it was bought but the.

Initial price for the sale of it was 2.4 million number two who are the instructors of white room the instructors of the white room are said to be some Geniuses banished from their paths due to some problems and the volume it is mentioned that they're hard to handle due to having many problems with their personalities but they are.

The best in economics psychology and other fields in Japan and the world having the right skills and the first initial start of the institution there were about 10 documents of them each one with a biography like a resume number three who are the investors of white room from what I have found from Reading volume zero and other spoilers of it.

There were mainly three investors the first one is ar isu's Dad second is ichika's Dad and the third one is kanzaki's Dad number four what is the real identity of whitram up till now it is not mentioned clearly who the white room children are but we are given a vague idea about it and volume it is mentioned that the white room children.

Are the children of celebrities who made them in secret or even children of normal people having Affairs however they can't provide proper education because they can't support them publicly so they can be sent to White Room to give the best education furthermore it is also mentioned that the mothers who sent their child will not be held.

Responsible for their children and in exchange they sign an agreement to have nothing to do with their babies number five how were the white room children taught or brought the day a child is born from the mother's womb counts as day Zero and under 28 days old are called newborns but behind the doors of white room taken up imagining them to be.

Three-month-old babies as a newborn baby doesn't know to talk the white room supervisors use baby signing baby signing are signs that are thought up to attempt communication with babies here's a quote by atsuomi I'm saying that babies have a lot more intelligence than adults think they do if you don't teach them thing but cry but if you teach them.

Baby signing then they can convey the reason why they are crying to adults this project will go beyond that

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