Unusual Horimiya -Piece- Anime Launched!!

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Okay so there's a bunch of stuff going on rightnow if you guys don't know anime Japan 2023 is currently in progress right now so there's abunch of hype information there's a bunch of announcements coming out as we speak possibly abunch of stuff's already come out already and I'm super excited about it because there's just somany cool things that are going to be releasing in the near future or just I've been announcedin general and if you guys don't know what anime Japan is it is a big anime a focused event thathappens in Japan just kind of like what the name says but it's one of the biggest in the worldand it's like their Premiere event in regards to anime over there in Japan uh it's a big thingit usually comes with a bunch of announcements uh for different anime series in general so yeahthere's a bunch of stuff coming out right now.

And it's exciting but yeah one thing I wantedto focus on in this video was horimiya so if you guys don't know what hodomiya is it is ananime that came out rom-com or romance genre that came out a year or two ago that was reallycool and a lot of people really did enjoy it it is going to be getting a new anime series in thenext couple of months which is really crazy that the releasing is so soon you know it's probablybeen in the works behind the scenes and stuff for a while uh but yeah it's going to becoming out in the summer season of anime this year so in July which is crazy like I saidit's coming up fast uh but yeah it's going to be a new series that's going to be focusingon stories that weren't told from the manga that they didn't cover in the first seasonof the anime so it's not covering you know.

It's not stuff that happens after the anime Ibelieve it's stuff that happens in the middle that they cut out one of my biggest gripes withthe show even though I did enjoy it was that it was very very rushed it felt very fast-paced andthat things are moving really quickly especially towards the tail end of the series or at leastof that first season uh because there's a lot of stuff that they really move through quick andthey just ended up graduating in a Flash there was at one point I believe like in one episode theywere like episode nine or ten or something like that they were like oh yeah we're at the end ofour second year or something like that and then like next episode they were like oh well we'reat the end of our third year we're graduating already which was I was like what the hell happenlike we just skipped through like a whole year of.

Content or something like that and it was crazybecause I believe the series was only like 12 episodes long or something like that for itsfirst season and the manga has like 14 volumes so they speed ran through you know 14 volumes ofthe manga and skipped over a ton of stuff to be able to just get to the end of the series and thegraduating stuff which was crazy like I said they skipped over a bunch of things which uh I wouldhave very much so liked to see because I wanted to see more of the characters I enjoyed themand everything but like I said we're getting this new anime series which is going to be able tohopefully fulfill us people who wanted to see more of the series and get more of it which is [__]hype I'm super grateful that they're doing this but yeah it's going to be coming out like I saidin the summer I hope you all are excited about.

It and I will make sure to post the trailer downbelow I believe there was a trailer I know there was at least a key visual that was put out forit if there was a trailer for it I'm pretty sure there was then I will make sure to link that downin the description below and in the comments too so you guys can check that out out but I'm superhyped for it it's freaking crazy there's a bunch of other stuff going on right now too like I saidI will make sure to try to make some other videos and stuff about some of those other cool thingsthat are coming out too uh but yeah let me know what you guys think down in the comments belowgive the video a like if you guys can I'd greatly appreciate it make sure to subscribe to thechannel if you guys haven't already to get more cool information updates and other fun things andmake sure to hit that notification Bell as well to.

Make sure you get updated for when I do upload avideo or go live or anything like that and yeah I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day andyou all have a great one catch you later bye-bye thank you

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