Usopp Fabulous Vitality Unquestionably Execrable The Ending of One Piece – Notion Explained!

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Usop may have unwittingly revealed the ending of One Piece through his grandiose lies and stories which have a surprising tendency to come true with too many of usop's Lies having come true to be dismissed as a mere coincidence or simple foreshadowing on oldest part it is quite likely that usop's lies could very well hint at what's in store for.

The final Saga as well as the ending of one piece in fact it might be fair to assume that usop may not even be a liar at all but could be subconsciously looking into the future instead well today I'm going to talk about the theory that explains how uzok's incredible power actually spoils the ending of one piece but please make sure to hit a like.

Because it really does make a difference in that all important algorithm anyway on the mega Theory let's start by talking about what we already know about usop use of has been an Infamous liar since his introduction to the series despite aiming to become a brave Warrior of the sea his tendency to twist the truth especially when in.

Distress has never truly died down in fact the tendency for use Ops lies to come true has been a running gag in the series for quite some time many of usops lies to care as well as others he's told over the series have eventually come true in some form or the other that said perhaps there may be multiple reasonable explanations for uzop's ability to.

Unwittingly predict the future and maybe an examination of the handful of Lies still waiting to come true could reveal some crucial clues for the future of One Piece let's talk about how usop may possess future sight the most realistic explanation for use Ops lies repeatedly coming true is that he may possess future sight a highly advanced form of.

Observation hackie that has allowed him to unknowingly look years into the future rather than mere seconds as normal future site users such as Charlotte katakuri can do this could explain several of his predictions including his 30 million Bounty which he predicted when he claimed Luffy's bounty after Anis Lobby was actually for him a.

Power up like this could also help use of outclass other snipers on the sea like the Blackbeard Pirates van oga who has the power to teleport allowing him to truly live up to his Alias of sniper King another entertaining possibility is that Luffy's ability to alter reality obtained through the true power of His devil fruit may have spilled over to.

Uzop who through sheer force of will alone is bending reality to make his lies come true unlikely as it sounds usop is known to have a particularly strong will especially when it comes to keeping himself alive he's not one to hesitate from lying to ensure his well-being so perhaps it isn't all that far-fetched that his will would be.

Strong enough to affect reality now let's talk about how uzop's lies May hide clues about the ending of One Piece among usop's many lies left to come true one that stands out most is his bluff about being a descendant of Mont Blanc Noland in chapter number 713 while this was just a ploy to get the tontita tribe to trust and release him and Robin at.

The time if seen to fruition it could make for an interesting reveal considering the parallels between usop and Noland while Nolan was branded as a liar for telling the truth uzop could end up strangely fulfilling his ancestors will by having all of his lies come true another lie worth mentioning is usop's Claim about being the captain.

One popular theory is that the straw hats might disband at the end of one piece once Luffy has achieved his dream leaving use up to become the captain regardless of whether uzop's Lies coming true are a simple gag or an indication of some secret power to change reality the final Saga surely had lots of excitement in store moreover with the.

Straw hat crew finally headed to elbaf uzop could finally get his chance to shine and officially become a brave Warrior of the sea fans of the series will surely have a great time scrutinizing user's lies that are still waiting to come true hoping to find clues about the ending of One Piece and that's it for today I hope you all.

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  1. My theory :-I deem when Luffy is on programs to Chortle Fable, Buggy might perchance be the major antagonist. At that sequence, we are in a position to recognize the duel of Mihawk vs Zoro again, nonetheless the final result will seemingly be somewhat just a few

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