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Hi Welcome to another Movie Plot Spoilers ahead In the year 1899 in an alternate reality a terrorist group has created the first ever tank and uses it to break into the Bank of England. The death machine rolls up to the vaultdoor and blows it from the hinges, opening to reveal soldiers possessingthe first automatic weapons, and being led by The phantom,.

A criminal who has come to steal blueprintsto the city of Venice's foundations. The Fantom pulls the same crap in Germany, kidnapping scientists andblowing up their Zeppelins in order to cause turmoilbetween Germany and England, leading all of Europe to the brink of war. An emissary of the British government is sentto a Colony in Africa to recruit a famous hero. Sanderson Reed gains a meeting withthe adventurer All an Quartermain, who tries to regale the messenger of his venturesin king Soloman's mines but gets cut off. Reed tells him that the empire needs his help,.

So Alan reveals his actual self, having used his friend tokeep the story tellers at bay. Reed claims to be trying toprevent the first world war, and has heard stories of the great AllanQuartermain throughout his whole childhood. But Alan refuses the offer, since England is always on the brink ofwar and he is not the same man he once was. Some strangers come in askingfor Alan as per the usual, but assassinate his friendwhen he claims to be him. “Wrong Quatermaine”.

Alan headshots the shooter and a fight kicks off, but the assassins have the same modernguns and armour and begin to fight back. Some of the weapons begin to jam, and with help from the locals thegrizzled vet eventually defeats them. The last one tries to runaway and gets pretty far, but not far enough as Alan pullsMatilda out and leg shots him. But before he can interrogate the assassinhe consumes some poison killing himself, and Alan's favourite drinkingspot is blown to smithereens. With the war in Europe having now reached Africa,.

Allan accepts the offer to join the team. Alan travels to England and meets up with Reed, who takes him to meet a mysteriousman going by the name of “M”. The stranger reveals that he is reforming a team called the “League of ExtraordinaryGentlemen” to combat The Fantom. Alan is introduced to the firstmember of the team Captain Nemo, who is in charge of getting them to ameeting of world leaders in Venice in 4 days, as they suspect that is where theterrorists plan to attack next. They tell Alan that The Fantomsaim of starting a world war is to.

Sell his advanced weapons to the highest bidder, having used his kidnapped scientists to make them. M introduces some other members of the League to Alan including an invisiblegentleman theif named Skinner, who created a serum to help hisstealing but hasn't found a cure. And a widow named Mina Harker, who M introduces as just awell-regarded chemical scientist, saying that she was given abilities aftera run in with a former member of the team. After the meeting the League takeNemo’s newly created automobile.

Driven by first mate Ishmaelto the East London Docks, while being stalked by a stranger. Tension rises as Alan doesn’tfeel this the place for a woman, having buried 2 wives and countless lovers. Arriving at the docks theLeague meet with a Dorian Gray, who initially refuses the offer but acceptswhen seeing his former lover with the group. Quatermain tells them that a witch doctor declared that Africa will never let himdie after he saved his village, though he ain't in Africa.

Alan says he remembers Gray fromwhen he was just a little boy, but Gray hasn’t aged. Out of nowhere the Fantom andhis men ambush the League, trapping them from all angles exept for one man, who has been replace withthe stalker from earlier. The American secret service agent kicksthe room off into a blazing gunfight They all arm up and fightback showcasing their skills, with Dorian walking through the gunfire carelesslybefore getting lit up by one of the men, revealing him to be immortal.

The Fantom runs in terrorfrom the more powerful enemy and loses both Quatermain and the American, escaping into the river. The League all gather in the hall after the fightbut a surviving terrorist takes Mina hostage, causing the team to back down. With no fear at all though Minaspins around and bites into his neck, draining him dry while theleague watch on impressed. After dinner the Americanintroduces himself as Tom Sawyer, showing that the whole world isnow aware of the impeding doom.

Dorian and Mina bicker about letting Tom jointhe League as they are completely full with 6, but Alan liking the look of his gun says he’s in. They head out to the dock whereMina tells them that her husband hunted dracula with Van Helsingwhen she was bitten and turned. Nemo announces the arrival of their vehicle, a massive submarine called the Nautilusthat comes bursting from the water. “Sword of the Ocean” The League head to Paris to huntdown their final recruit Dr Jekyll, who is currently in his Mr Hyde staterunning around rooftops terrorising the city.

Quatermain lures him onto a specificroof and shoots out the guttering, sending the beast crashing down onto a net below. Trapping Hyde inside anddragging him through the streets, all the way back to the Nautilus. Hyde begins to tare the sub apart from theinside being felt by everyone else on-board. A chained up Hyde throws Nemo's men aroundthe place but is offered a deal by Alan, his pardon to return to England ifhe helps them deal with the Fantom. In response Hyde accepts, and returns to his original personality Dr Jekyll,.

In a very slow and painful transformation. With the League now complete, Nemo sets course for Venice to stop the Fantomfrom attacking the world leader's meeting. Quatermain reveals to Sawyer that heaccepted a mission from England a while back and brought his son along for the ride. His son died warm in his arms while hewashed his hands of England forever. Alan then teaches Sawyer how to accurately shoot, none of this spray and pray crap, advising Sawyerto take his time before pulling the trigger. The crew begin to all suspect Skinner isa spy since he has been AWOL for a while,.

And Dr Jekyll listens in on Graytelling Mina his origin story, how all his ageing and damagetransfers to a self portrait, and that he can never look upon it himself. Dr. Jekyll wrestles with himself trying notto take the serum having become addicted, giving worry to the captain of the vessel. But he returns back to his cabin to find avial of the transformation juice is missing. Suspecting that Skinner stole his potion like all the other problems going on healerts the rest of the League. The Nautilus arrives at Venice wherethe explosives have already been laid,.

And sails up the narrow canalsuntil it can go no further. Nemo’s army and divers disembarkto search for the explosives, but the bombs beneath a festival begin to explode. The buildings begin tumbling down like dominoes, so Nemo suggests firing a rocket at one aheadof the others to stop the domino effect, but without eyes on a targetthey have nowhere to fire. Sawyer takes Nemos automobile and Alan, Gray, and Mina all jump in. As they are speeding along, the Fantoms menbegin shooting at them from the rooftops.

So Dorian bails. When Sawyer and Alan's bullets continue todo nothing to the sheer number of enemies, “These men are mine” Mina turns into a bunch of bats to cover the car, swarming the soldiers asthe vampire drinks her fill. Quartermain spots the Fantom as they drive pastand leaves Sawyer to set the flare off himself. Tom eventually comes up on the right buildingand shoots the flare off before crashing into it, allowing Nemo to fire the rocketat the correct Co-ordinates Which drops down directly onto Sawyers locationand the domino effect reaches an empty patch.

Successfully saving the Venetian people, Alan corners the Fantom in a locked graveyardand reveals that they know about his spy Skinner. Though the real traitor is revealed to be Gray,when he shoots poor Ishmael with the golden gun. The cornered Fantom leaps atAlan and stabs him in the chest, but is whacked in the face, causing his mask to fall offrevealing the Fantom to be M, the very man recruiting theleague in the first place. He immediately runs away from the better fighterbut not before Alan gives him his knife back. As the League meet back up at the Nautilus,.

Ishmael with his last dying breathtells them of Grays treachery, before they spot him escaping inone of their exploration pods. The League plan to track the pod andcatch up to Gray but find a recording, explaining his true intentions, having united the League in order to get a sampleof each one of them to recreate their powers. Combining them to make an army of themost powerful human weapons ever made. Quatermain was hired to hunt downHyde since no one could catch him, while Nemo had his science stolen, Skinner's skin,.

Dr. Jekyll's serum, and Mina's blood. M’s final declaration is that the Nautilus isset to explode at the end of the recording, which it does, causing water to flood the lower levels. The Nautilus must return to the surfacebut is taking on too much water, so Dr Jekyll volunteers to send mrHyde in to open a release valve. He jumps into the raging waterand drinks one of his potions, turning himself into Hyde in anequally painful looking transformation.

He swims down to the bottom anduses his strength to switch levers, opening the valves to drainthe Nautilus’s compartment, allowing Nemo to resurface As everything settles they receive amessage from Skinner in Morse code, having managed to sneakinside the exploration pod. They follow his directionsleading them to M's secret lair, eventually arriving to find a massivefactory working tirelessly night and day to recreate Nemo’s inventions. Skinner shows up and gropes Mina,.

Before telling them that the kidnapped scientists are forced to work on creatinga new version of the league. Invisible spies, an army of Hydes, vampire assassins, all with the plan on sellingthem to warring countries. The League all decide on theirroles before taking out some guards and silently entering the factory. Nemo’s army joins them and they split up,.

With Allan and Tom searching for M and seeing thatthe shipments of weapons are ready to move out. Skinner places explosives aroundthe furnaces of the factory unseen. While Nemo frees the families of thescientists but is spotted by a guard. Nemo’s army is then ambushed bysoldiers with full body armour, requiring Hyde to use a massivemetal door to shield them, deflecting the bullets backat them long enough for Nemo, “That all you got” using just his sword, to defeat all the soldiersguarding the scientists.

Mina confronts her treacherous former loverGray, where the two slash at each other's faces, but since they are immortaltheir wounds instantly heal. “We'll be at this all day” They exchange blows backand forth until eventually Gray's cursed painting catches her attention, distracting her enough forDorian to run her through. But missing her heart Minarises up and stabs him back, nailing him to the wall and trapping him. She takes out his paintingand lets him face himself,.

Causing him to age rapidly and dissolve away. Quatermain and Sawyer sneak into M’s office and witness a man hand over a carepackage of all the extraordinary samples, before another warns him of the intruders. When he’s alone Alan and Tommake their move on the Fantom, but a soldier comes up behind themgiving M time to escape with the samples. While chasing after him aninvisible man bumps into Sawyer, assuming it’s Skinner Alan continues after M but the invisible soldier pulls outa knife and begins attacking Tom.

He uses his gun to defend against the attackerbut another soldier with metal armour shows up, throwing flames at Sawyerwhile he flees for his life. Just before Sawyer gets burned alive Skinnershows up and stabs the soldiers tank, getting himself set on fire butallowing Tom time to kill the pyro. Sawyer finds him suffering in pain in the corner,but gets taken hostage by the other invisible man. Quartermain catches up toM and they begin to fight, with Alan eventually knockingM to the ground with a punch and picking up and axe to finish him off. Back downstairs one of the terrorists picks up aflask and drinks a massive dose of Hyde’s potion,.

Causing him to hulk out into a giantmuscle monster thrice his size. The mass-of-a-man greatly overpowersthe now puny Hyde as Nemo watches on, and when he gets the chance Nemo attemptsto help by rigorously slashing at it, but is just knocked away. When all hope seams lost the two run awayinto a narrow passage as the serum wears off. Smashing his way through the tiny gap themonster is about to kill them in sync with Alan, when Skinners dynamite explodes, blowing a hole for the two to escape while thestructure comes down on top of the super Hyde. Now with his gun on theFantom and about to kill him,.

Alan sees the invisible man with Sawyeras a hostage and chooses to shoot him, allowing M to stab him in the back andonce again escape with his box of DNA. Unable to follow him andwith Alan's glasses broken, Sawyer is force to take up a rifleand make a long distance shot. As M approaches the explorationpod expecting to be home free, Sawyer takes the shot. Hitting M in the back and killing him instantly, with the box of the League'sDNA falling into the ocean. “Got him”.

Sawyer celebrates the shot butsees Quatermain bleeding out, declaring that the new century belongs to Tom, and dies. Back in Africa Sawyer and the rest of the league of extraordinary gentlemenattend Quatermain's burial, where Nemo invites them allto join him on his adventures. Sawyer puts his rifle on Quatermain'sgrave and leaves with the rest, when a witch doctor approaches the grave. He begins chanting and doing a ritualsince Africa will never let Allan die.

And the movie ends. “Cheers” Thank you for watching “I've been waiting all week to do that” “Get a grip man” “Well I thought I just did”

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