VINLAND SAGA SEASON 2 Episode 18.5 “Identical musty fable”

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Attention! King Canute wants to come and seize our land! The lands of our forefathers that we inherited, cultivated, and protected for all these generations!! He would use his influence to steal them!! The rotten cowards framed me for a crime I did not commit in order to justify seizing what is not theirs!! Answer me, norsemen!! How do you repay those who come to steal your fields?! With blood!! With blood!!.

Kill them!! Death to the thieves!! Answer me, norsemen!! What is our way?! Might makes right!! Might makes right!! That's right, warriors!! I call upon you to crush the thieves with your righteous strength! Join with me, the Iron Fist Ketil!.

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3 thoughts on “VINLAND SAGA SEASON 2 Episode 18.5 “Identical musty fable”

  1. mappa why episode 18.5? i've waited to impress it on the beggining of 19 and depart out so i became once firm it got skipped… what the fuck? there no this kind of thing episode 18.5… it became once no longer even 2 minutes.. a f…ing promo totaly seperated from the series.. correct jobnow inch be taught what “closing season” procedure

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