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[thunder rumbling] Every hundred years,The Chosen One will be born possessing remarkable strength, that of the power of lightning. In time, The Chosen Onewill use that power to fight evil. The Chosen One's time will come after undergoing trialsand being struck not once… twice…

But thrice by lightning! [upbeat music playing] Is it okay now? Is the receptionany clearer now? I still can't see a thing. Be careful.It's slippery up there. -Huh!- You better get down. Can't you people keepyour voices down? I can't focuson what I'm studying here!.

[gasps] Good Lord, I thoughtwe're through with this. [screams] Wait! Hold it! What is it this time?Aren't you through with me yet? You've struck me twice before. Please don't! You see,whenever you strike me… my family and I fallinto hard times. I don't want thatto happen again. [screams].

My daughter! Perla! -[screams]-Mom! If only your mom'sspirit wouldn't haunt me… I couldn't care lessabout all of you! You better boil some rice! Sis, we're starving. – Help me, sis!-[indistinct murmuring] -[crying]-This is all your fault, Perla. I'll provide you foodand shelter. That's all.

And you're all stayingdownstairs. Got that? Yes, ma'am. -[crowd mutters]-[lightning crashes] Why didn't you tell meabout your secret? Because if I did… then it wouldn'tbe a secret anymore. Get out of here!You bring me bad luck! [crowd clamoring] [screaming].

– Perla!-[murmurs] – Perla!- What happened? Perla! What's happening? Perla! [upbeat music playing] -[Denden crying] Perla!-[wailing] -Perla!-Perla! -[groaning]-[man] Just relax. This is because of you, Perla!.

Perla! [both wailing] Perla! [lightning crashes] Let's open the coffin. Don't!We've paid for this already. -Let's put the cover ourselves.-Penny. [all scream] Run! Hurry up!.

[both panting] Look! Behind you! [pants] We're safe now. Let's stop for now. Behind you! Behind you! [cries] Have pity on us, Perla.Please don't eat us alive. -We've been good to you.-Perla… I'm alive.

-Nancy? Denden?-She's alive. For God's sake, Perla.What really happened to you? Your coffin got struckby lightning then you're alive again? [gasps] Uh… [stammers] [crowd] Perla! Help us! Huh? What's happening? What's with those people?.

What is it? -What?-What is this, Perla? [woman]You're heaven-sent, Perla. Huh? Can you all please wait?You're too loud! -[shouting continues]- Oh, there! And what brings you all here? You all ran scaredout of the cemetery earlier… and now you're all here?.

When we heardthat Perla is alive, we thought this could bea miracle. -Right?-She could be the new Messiah. Hold it! Hold it! Stop! There! Here comes Perla! Have mercy on us, Perla. There's nothing for you here. – Close the gate!- Give it a try. Nancy, what do I knowabout healing?.

We can't turn them down now.Just do it. I'll take care of the rest.Excuse me. Your attention, please. Perla is here… to heal everyoneof their sickness. Nancy, what do you thinkyou're doing? Let us all kneel. -You better stop this.-Come on, do it. Perla…

Perla… Perla… [Perla grunts] Perla is praying! [grunts] This positionis making me dizzy. [woman] Perla! Perla is turninginto a saint now. Saint Perla! [man] She's doing a miracle now. She is now Saint Perla.

[moans] [sobbing] -[electricity whirring]-[screaming] [groaning] THERE ARE NO MIRACLES!!! A FEW DAYS LATER… There's no water here. -What is taking you so long?-Yes, for a moment. Here it is.

Please move faster. [blows] Percy, here's your shirt. Since when did I weara short-sleeved shirt to the office, huh? Oh, I forgot.I'll be right back. I want some eggs. -Cooked sunny side up.-Got it. -Thanks.-[gasps].

How do I do that? Penny, you better eat some rice. Dieting is not really goodfor your body. Percy, have you washed your car? No, I haven't.But Lloyd is picking me up. Penny, you better move fastor we'll be late. -Yes, I'm on it.-Hurry! Penny, you forgot your lunch. Penny… Penny…

-Penny, here's your lunch.-Thanks. Hi, Perla. [in high-pitched voice]Hi, attorney. -“Hi, attorney.”-“Hi, attorney.” Shut up. Would you want Penny to turn out to be another spinsterjust like Perla? Lloyd, you don't knowwhat we've been through. I'm just taking good careof my sister.

You might just becomea bachelor for life. [Percy scoffs]Not if I can help it. [Kelly gasps] Hey, hey! Why are you carryingall those stuff? What are these for, anyway? These arefor my presentation later. These documentscontain the solutions to allour telecommunication problems. I call it “Telstra.”.

-It's a combination of—You know… you better reserve your energy for our presentation later,okay? Ah, okay. All right.Help me out later, okay? Sure. Ah, Kelly, good luck. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen… Telstra is the ultimate.

In mobile communicationnetwork system which will spellthe future for Startel. Signal transmissionis possible with Telstra anywhere in the countryeven in an area enclosed in a six-inch thick concreteor steel. I don't thinkwe have the facilities to support that system. The transmission equipmentit requires is of enormous scale.

-And how about its…-I'm sorry. …power supply requirement? Unless we haveour own power generation plant, the only viable source of electrical power for thatis lightning. Would that mean we can only usethat communication system whenever there's lightning? [laughter] I'm sorry. Please let me finish.I'm not through yet.

Rather than offer our customerswith a fictitious system, we might as well sellStartel to Globart. After all, their merger termsare very good. So that some of uscan retire already while we can still enjoyour millions, right? Um, sir, let me proceed. -Kindly click the next slide.-Ms. Tanjuakio… better make that presentationnext time when you already foundthe lightning source.

That would power upthat network system. [laughter] [Mr. Benavidez]I'm sorry, Ms. Tanjuakio. But we can't possibly allow youto make that presentation to our clients and stockholders. You need to work moreon your ideas. I'm sorry, Father. I may not have convinced themabout Telstra this time… but I will not fail youin your unfulfilled dreams.

[man] The Telstra networksystem is possible. There is a power source for it. A young girlwas born in the province. She is The Chosen One. She is the keyto all my inventions. I was able to invent robots like Oh-Vlading and Oh-Blah-Blah. They may not be perfectly made but they have the power to wreakhavoc on ordinary humans.

Then, there is 9 Volts.She will be your assistant. She will be loyal to you. SUCCESS WILL BE OURS!!! [indistinct chatter] Hey, you junkies! What are you doingin Mrs. Petra's lot? I see. You're tryingto steal her laundry, huh? You better stop thator I'll call law enforcers. -Help! Somebody!-You do that.

By the time they arrive,we've sold these in a second-hand store. -We're not scared of you.-Uh, is that so? -[men groaning]-[electricity whirs] Look at her! Hey! Stop that, will you? Perla, what's wrong? You better hide your long face. Or else, we might not attractany customers.

Lloyd might not pay youany attention, either. Hmm! He never does anyway. [squeals]So that's your problem. My goodness. No, it's not that.It's something bigger. -Then, what is it?-What is it? I'm going to tell you something but promise me you won't tellanyone else, okay? -Okay, fine.-Sure. What is it?.

I have this “curse.” -Huh?-Huh? -Then?-Take a look. See? Hey, that's cool. I've seen that trick before.That bulb is battery-powered. Well, she has a point there. -[light bulb explodes]-[both gasp] See? Does a battery-poweredbulb explode? Hmm?.

[grunts] [whimpers] There's no battery-poweredTV yet, right? [gasps] Here's one more. Another one? Here. What do you planto do with those ice cubes? Watch.

-[gasps]-See? [screams] It's hot! [cries] Now, do you believe me? We do now, Perla. And I think, you can become richusing your powers. She's right. [scoffs] You can replace thosegenerators in motels, or even supply electricityin remote areas.

-Or maybe—Will you stop that? -You…-I can't do that. I've promised Percy and Penny that I'm never gonna usemy powers. But I was forced to use them this morning on those junkies. See? Then use it for good reason whenever and whereverit's needed. [sighs] No. I can't.

Will you stop walking around?You're making me dizzy. [sighs] [menacing music playing] [grunts] [indistinct chatter] -[evil laughter]-[children screaming] [girl] Ma'am, help me! Ma'am, help me! -Ma'am, what could that be?-That's Batman.

No, it looks like a vampireto me. Is there no “Lightning Woman”around here to save this child from danger? Please! Spare the child.She's innocent. -Let her go.-[girl crying] So there's none, huh? She could be hiding somewhere. Where could her hideout be? -[grunts]-[crowd screams].

Oh, boy,Oh-Vlading messes up big time. [screaming] -[party music playing]-[indistinct chatter] Stop! -[music stops][all] Huh? -[woman 1] Who's he?-[woman 2] Probably a crazy guy. Has anyone seenthe “Lightning Woman”? [laughter] [party music resumes].

[people cheering] So you won't pay meany attention, huh? [exhales] -[gun fires]-[crowd shouting] Now, you can't pay meany attention for real. My goodness. There is no way… There is no way you can't findthat Lightning Woman. And there is no way.

I won't fulfillmy father's ambition. But what are we to do, ma'am? We've scared peoplein schools and markets. But the Lightning Womanhasn't shown up. I've already killed a childand she still hasn't shown up. I've been to allthe hangout places. I've used up all my bullets. But I have yet to seethe Lightning Woman. Where could she be hiding?.

If I knew the answer, then I'd be the one to find herinstead of you two fools! Just the same… don't stop doing those crimes until that Lightning Womanappears. I'm pretty sureshe can't help it for long. She would start savingthose helpless people. You're right about that. Yes! I'm now a certified lawyer!.

I've passed the exams.I'm a lawyer now! I made it! I've passed the bar exams.I'm now a lawyer. There! Percival Magtoto. Yes! Congratulations,Attorney Percy Magtoto. Congratulations. I know. We should have a party. You can invite your colleaguesfrom Startel,.

-and we can celebrate.-Don't mind it. Don't bother. -How about it, huh?-It'll just be a waste of money. Don't worry.I'll take care of the expenses. -Come on.-Huh? -Come on.-Well, then… Since you're the onewho wants to celebrate, then you can havethat party by yourself, because I don't reallywant one, you got that? Let's go, Penny. I'm in a hurry.

-We'll go now. Bye.-Mm-hmm. Look, Perla,if Percy doesn't want a party, then don't bother throwingone for him. There's nothing wrong with that. Nancy, it's no mean featto pass the exams. Besides, it's an honorto have a lawyer in our family. And where do you intend to getthe money for that party? Your dress shopisn't exactly doing well. [host on TV] Our daily winnerwill receive 5,000 pesos.

It's going to be contestantnumber two. No, contestant number onewas much better. It's going to becontestant number one. This is the answerto my problem. [laughs] I didn't knowyou can dance, Perla. Why, Nancy, don't you remember? I was the Dancing Queenduring my prom. [cheering] Would you look at that…

-[upbeat music playing]-[crowd cheering] [phone ringing] -Bro, what are you watching?-It's “Flying Sexy Girl.” [people shouting] [cheers] Hey! What are you doing? [audience cheering] Yeah! Did you see that, Randy?.

[Denden cheers] Yes! Whoa! [man] A young girlwas born in the province. She is The Chosen One. She is the keyto all my inventions. Friends, let us introduce again our contestants,Flying Sexy Girl number one, Petrifying Pearlie. And Flying Sexy Girl number two,Enchanting Cindy.

There! [people cheering] Of course,today's winner will receive 5,000 pesos in cash. While our consolation prizeis 2,500 pesos. Yes! Garnering a score of… [both] 100 percent! -This is great!-Amazing!.

-[audience murmuring]-Flying Sexy Girl number… -One!-One! Petrifying Pearlie! [people cheering] Congratulations! [gasps] Hello? Percy?I just won a contest. What kind of nonsensedid you get into this time? Did you really thinkI wouldn't find out, huh? If something awful happensto anyone because of you,.

Rest assured I won't forgive youfor it. Got that? Finally, I foundthe Lightning Woman. Thank goodness! That'll save usa lot of trouble. So where is she? Idiot! You would still haveto look for her. But now,we know how to find her. [squeaks] How? A woman wonthe “Flying Sexy Girl” contest.

In this afternoon TV show. She looks likethe Lightning Woman. When is she appearingon the show again? We can get to her then. [laughs] Don't get so excited,Oh-Blah-Blah. My father told me before, the Lightning Woman would assume a superhero persona if crimes and chaoscontinue to loom.

So we just have to go on doingour thing, right? What if these twoare still useless? Well, you go onand do your thing, while I prepare for my meetingwith that Lightning Woman. Are you sure Percyis coming to the party? -Our efforts might go to waste.-He will come. -Are you sure?-Lloyd called me earlier. He did?What else do we need to get? -We don't have fruits yet.-Fruits?.

The fruit stands are over there. Let's go.We've got to hurry back home. I'll just lookat some bracelets. -Hurry up, okay?-Yes. Ah, hey… There's no phone signal here. Over there. -Ow! My cell phone!-[grunts] Give me that! -It's 35 pesos per kilo.-Thirty-five?.

Can we have it for 20?We'll buy a lot of these. Let go of it! Let go of it! – Hey, that's my phone!-Penny… -Penny!- Help me! They're going to getmy phone! They're thieves! Penny! – Let go of my sister!-[man grunts] [electricity whirs] We had to make her sleep.

Because she's stillin too much shock. Better to let herstay here tonight, so we can monitor her condition. -Thank you, doctor.-I'll be back later. Perla, Percy's here. Huh? Penny… Penny… What happened to her? I'm asking you.What happened to Penny?.

Ah, we were in the marketearlier and… Um… You better talk to him. I'll look after Penny for you. -[crickets chirping]-[dogs barking] Where are you going? It's really noneof your business, because I intend to stayas far away from you. Why? I had no intentionof harming Penny. [gasps].

Say whatever you want. Whenever you use your “powers”, someone gets harmedin this family. [inhales] Mom got killed.Our house got burned. I got this.Now, it's Penny who is harmed. I never wantedthose things to happen. Then why do they keephappening to us? Ever since we were kids, we've had misfortunescome our way.

We were driven awayfrom our hometown. We've had chaotic lives.People hated us. People got hurt because of us! We've led abnormal lives becauseyou're not a normal person! [sad music playing] [sobs] [sobs] [dramatic music playing].

If I am really cursed for life, why do my loved ones haveto be harmed because of it? What is it that you want meto do? -What?- You are not cursed. [heavenly music playing] Who was that? Who are you? Hm, why don't you answer me now? I was trying to cryby myself here.

[screams] You are not cursed.Don't be scared. Why shouldn't I get scared?Your huge face sprang up on me. Who are you, sir?What do you need from me? I am the God of Lightning.You can call me “Ama” for short. Ama? I was the onewho gave you your power. Powers? But I don't have any power.

Here. [grunts] [screams] Excuse me, Ama. I don't thinkI'm the right person for this. You see, I don't… Will you shut up firstand listen? Whatever you do, you can never preventyour destiny from happening.

You are The Chosen Oneto possess that power. I don't want any of it.You don't understand– Don't be stubborn. I told you to shut upand listen. -Now, watch.-Eh… -Which channel on the TV, sir?-Not on the TV. Here. Can you standwatching them suffer? No, sir. Don't waste your time.

Seek those who need your help. How do I get to them? Your power comesfrom lightning, right? Then move like lightning. Oh, that's it? My apologies. You can be such a pain. Bear with me.It's my first time. [chuckles] How does it go? [thunder rumbles].

Oh, my! That is… That's Claudine and Piolo.Oh, Claudine and Piolo! I think they're shootingfor the film, Milan. [squeals] Hey, what are you doing there? Ama, I think I went pastmy destination. -You better come back.-Oh, yes, sir. Bye, Papa P. [squeaks] [teller] Next, please.Good afternoon. -[groans]-[all screaming, murmuring].

This is a holdup!Everybody, down! -Hey, let go of my kid!-[groans] [thunder rumbling] Hey! Let go of that kid! You better stop this nonsenseif you don't want to get hurt. Hmm… The Lightning Woman. [grunts] You better come with me.

What makes you thinkI'd go with you? This is what you deserve. Hmph! [grunts, groans] [crowd cheering] Wow! You're so awesome! -Thank you.-[woman] You're so great! -May we know your name?- Your name is Volta. -My name is…-Volta. My name is Volta and I have cometo save your day.

♪ They said that I am lucky ♪ [cries] My pet…My pet is stuck on the tree. Hey, kid! What's your problem? My pet is stuck on the tree. Volta will fly now.And you will pay later. Where's the cat? [cries] [screams].

My God, it's not a cat!It's a huge snake! [cries] [rattling] -Hey, Volta.-What's your problem? -The engine won't start.-Is that so? Well… -[chuckles]-[group cheering] [bell rings] I'd like to buy some ice cream. -[growls]-[whimpers] ♪ My worldHas drastically changed ♪.

-[girl crying]-[shushes] Don't be too loud! Isn't she a littletoo young for you? This is my girlfriend.Don't mind us! Creep! ♪ Is this even realOr just an imagination ♪ There… -Look. Over there.-[chuckles] Hurry up!They might go somewhere else. -We're not moving.-Huh? How come?.

-Why?-There! I don't know. [groaning] ♪ Electricity flows ♪ Are you lonely? Do you want someone to talk to? Do you want to havea mobile phone? Then let's goto the police station. -You better follow my rules.-Ouch! What are you up to? Unless you want theseto fly all over the place. [scoffs].

What if I have you flyingall over this place? -Oh! Volta!-[audience cheering] The one and only! [grunts] [crowd] Eddie Gil! Eddie Gil! Eddie Gil! Eddie Gil! Eddie Gil! Eddie Gil! Eddie Gil! [cheers] [man] Eddie Gil! [people cheering].

After a long and hard battle, we are finally in Malacañangand we have you to thank for it. From now on,we have to show our people what makes a true leaderof the nation. I would like to sing a song, to show gratitudeto our loyal followers– [indistinct chatter] -[man] Who's that?-[grunting] [man] Volta's here!.

-[grunting]-[groaning] [breathes sharply] Ha! Is the President still alive? -I'm still alive.-Yes, he is very much alive. It's a good thingthe arrow didn't hit your brain. It's nothing, really. You know, saving me is like savingthe country from poverty.

Don't mention it, Mr. President.Just pay our national debt. -[crowd cheers]-No problem. [indistinct chattering] Don't pick on them!They're just kids! Pick on someoneyour own size like me! I am Volta. Volta, you're in! [crowd cheering] You look sexy in person.

Aren't you the winnerof that talent search? Are you really gladhe won over you, guys? We're winners, too– ♪ Volta ♪ Always remember thatyou have the power of lightning, and electricity, too. You possess their qualities. -And never forget that—Ama… How would I know if thereare people who need my help.

And if problems arise? How do I transform to Volta? How would I locate the crimes? Is there a crystal ball for meto use, and a young boyfriend as welljust like that famous psychic? You've got everything you need. You just need a small electricalspark to transform to Volta. Oh, wouldn't my familyhate me more if they find out that I'm Volta?.

You've had the power ever since. Your fate is sealedwhen you were born. You should really feel lucky. You are the only onewith that power. Others, like politicians, try so hard to have powerjust like you do… so you better use yours wisely. Hmm, use it wisely? Ama? [gasps] Ama?.

-[truck horn honking]-[screams] Why are these people in a hurry? Hey, lady!Hey! Why are you in a hurry? [clamoring] Don't they look silly? Hey, lady! Hey, hey, hey!What's happening? -[man] Come over here.-What's the fuss about? Where have you been lately, huh? Haven't you heardof the new superhero?.

Her name is Volta. -Huh?-Who? -Volta?-Someone named Volta. This must be it.Come on. Let's watch. What's in there? Crimes have been happeningin Manila in the past few months. [woman] A superhero appeared. -What is it about?-It's Volta.

– What's her name again?- Where is she? It's a good thing Voltais always around. This beautiful and bravesuperhero has the unique power of both lightningand electricity. She's great! She can beateven the creepiest villain. Let's go home. -Let's go. Let's go.-Wait, for a while. She's really great. Times might have changed,.

But I still don't believethose superhero stuff. For all we know,it could be an ad campaign for some new brandof crackers or nuts. Or maybe some new batterybrand, right? But how about that gaybat-like creature… And that murderous robotin that club? Were those ad campaigns as well? [scoffs] I don't wantto think about it anymore. What's your takeon all these, Perla?.

What do you think of that Volta? [stammers] Ah… Well, would you believeif I tell you I'm Volta? -[laughs]-What did you just say? -What? You're Volta?-You're Volta? You want proof? -Go ahead.-Show us.

-Um…-[Denden coughs] Hm? Move back. -What are you doing?- Just watch. Will you stopthat nonsense? Hey! Watch me. [groans] [chuckles] -Now, do you believe me?-Huh? -Hey!-[both gasp].

-Volta?-Yes. -That's Volta.-She's Volta! -I really am.-Oh, my God! [stammers] Can we touch you? -Volta!-Nancy! -Are you for real?-Well, what can I say? I knew it was you all along. You know,we can make money from this. We can call people,.

And they can have their phototaken with you. We'll charge them50 pesos each. Hey, everyone– -Oh…-Will you stop it? Control yourself, Nancy. I know.They can ride on your back. -You can fly off for 100 pesos.-I can't do that. Game! I have to keep this a secret, if I am to help people,.

And fulfill my missionto mankind. Wow! Wonderful!You look great, really. -Of course!-Can I borrow this? You see, there's thisbeauty contest nearby. I'd really love to join. I'd win it for surewith this costume. You're always joking, Denden.Come on, Nancy. You better rethink my offer…

Some are willing to payjust to fly off. Wait a minute… Perla transformedinto a superhero and became Volta, because she's a good person.Hmm… But I'm a good person as well. Then I can be a superhero, too. I wonder how she did it?I think she went like this… Hmm…She pulled out like this…

Then also like this… then she shouted “Volta!”[groans] [cars honking] Why is it that youalways get caught in a traffic jamwhen you're in a hurry? Tsk. Why did you pass this wayin the first place? The shorter routeis even more jammed. How would I knowit would be the same here? We better call Mr. Custodio.

He might leavebefore we get there. This is all his fault, really. I told him to meet usin the office. But he insistedto meet in his house. And now we're stuckin this traffic jam. Look, we're doing thisas a favor to him. Besides, we're not that busyin the office. Wait, I'll check how badthis traffic jam is. I wonder what's causingall this?.

[laughing] There's a cute guy! [gasps] [groans] Let me go! Let me go! [indistinct dialogue] [screams] Let go of me!Let go of me! Do you really want meto let go of you? Don't! Please!.

Who are you?Why did you capture me? You'll find out soon enough. What did I do to you? Let go– Hey, what do you thinkyou're doing? It's that Lightning Woman again. Let him go! -[grunts]-[groans] -[screaming]-Oops. He really did let go. Oops.

You're safe now. Nice! [sighs, chuckles] Thanks. Don't mention it. -[grunts]-[stammers] Wait. -I can't do this. I have to go.-Huh? [pants] -Volta.-[upbeat music playing] That's her name.

She's the one. She's the one who rescued mefrom that traffic incident. How can you be so sure? I'm pretty sure. Whether you believe me or not,it was her who rescued me. It was Volta. You've just hada drink too many. You don't knowwhat you're saying anymore. I'm not drunk.

[sighs] Volta… I wish I could meet you again so that I can tell youwhat I feel about you. I have somethingto tell you, Penny. But promisenot to tell anyone, okay? Especially Percy. He might get mad at meagain if he finds out. But for sure… you won't believewhat I'm about to tell you.

I've got superpowers. I've fought some crooks already. Of course, I won over them. I've helped some people, too. Luckily, no one has gotten hurt. [exhales] Aren't you proudof your big sister? [door opens] [door closes] Ah, I came to check on Penny.

I can take care of Penny…all by myself. [sobs] Yes… I have to leave now, Penny. Percy is here to look after you. From now on, you don't haveto check on Penny. [door opens] [door closes] You morons!You good-for-nothing fools!.

Where are those stuffyou've been bragging about? Where? -Where?-Don't piss me off, 9 Volts. I'll turn you to somethinglike this, and I might crush you. I'm pissed offthat Volta defeated us. How can we winagainst Volta, anyway? I almost got roasted by her. You would really get roasted,.

Once Ms. Kelly finds outabout this. [Kelly laughing] My transformation is a success! It's time that I comeface-to-face with Volta. [gasps] Perla, forgetabout Percy for a while, okay? He's right. It's been a whilesince we've been here. Working in the dress shopevery day can be pretty tiring.

You're right. We should treat ourselvesonce in a while rather than worryabout unimportant– -Let's go there.-Unimportant things in life. -Let's have our picture there.-Come on. -[crowd screaming]-What's happening? My God,what's all this commotion? [people screaming] Huh? What's happening?.

They could be shootinga movie here right now. -I don't know.-What? Oh, my! -Huh?- Why are they running? -Nancy…-My God! Perla? Perla? Where's Perla?My God! What's happening? [Nancy and Denden shrieking] Boo! [screams] Hey, you!.

You better deal with me first. Volta? Yes, it's me. Who are you and why are youcausing all this trouble? Are you behind the gay bat-like and robot-like creatures? Wait. I'll get off my invisible jetplane first. What invisible jet planeare you talking about?.

I don't see a thing. You idiot. That's why it's “invisible”because you can't see it. [scoffs] She's got beautifulstraight hair. She must have had it treated. No, she married a rich guyand goes to the salon every day. No, I just had it shampooed. Really now?.

Volta, I am Celphora. -The queen of all mobile phones.-Huh? I havea business proposal for you. I would stop making trouble here if you'll come with me. Volta, don't! It's a trap! Of course, I know that.Why should I be fooled by her? You better fight me first. [grunts].

-Ouch!-Hey! That hurts! You better stay back. -We'll cheer you on, Volta.-Go, Volta! Ouch! Boo! [grunts] Ow! Ouch. That hurts. -Hey!- Tired already?.

Stop playing games with me. Hold on. [electricity crackles] [grunting] [Volta groaning] [Celphora screams] [both panting] Let's see you get awaythis time. Let me go! If you don't,I'll blast this mall to pieces.

What do you mean? I placed three bombsin this mall. If you don't let me go and you don't find thosebombs in time, everyone here will die. [bomb alarm ticking] [grunting] We'll meet again, Celphora. [clock ticking].

Oops! Wrong store. [kid] There's a bomb over here! [alarm blaring] Whoa! This bomb is huge. [whimpering] Oh, no, it's about to explode. [people screaming] [grunts] [gulps].

-[bomb exploding]-[grunts] [people cheering, applauding] You're amazing! -[Volta farts]- You're so amazing! That wasn't so bad. Wonderful. Thank you. Yes! She's really great! Come, let's go after her. She might leave againwithout telling us.

You're right. Let's go. Hmm… [screams] That Volta is more difficultthan I thought. If she can't be persuadedin a gentle manner, I might have to useforce on her. Faster, 9 Volts. [beeps] Why do you wantto get Volta so badly, boss?.

Why don't we just buya power plant? Slower. Or maybe build our own? You underestimate Volta,9 Volts. Her power is inexhaustible. And if we get her, we won't have anypower problems ever. What is Telstra anyway, boss? Where do you plan to use it?.

Better listen carefully. With Telstra technology, mobile phoneswill have more use. You can channel surfon your television. You can use it to pay as cashor credit card while shopping. [can thuds] Or paying toll fees and fareson public transportation. If all these happen, I'd be the most powerful personin the country.

[laughs maniacally] Once we're in Malacañang, I can be in show business just like Kris Aquinoand Mikey Arroyo. Wait, what happened to my hair? We switched hairdos, boss. -[9 Volts laughing]-Stop this trampoline right now! I think the switchgot broken, boss. -9 Volts!-How does this work?.

-Ouch!-It's not stopping, boss. I think it's broken. -[Celphora yells]-Boss! -[thuds]-Wait till I get down from here! Uh-oh. I'm in big trouble. There goes your long face again,Perla. You keep doing that and you might end up lookinglike Denden here. I hope not.

Having one curse is bad enough.I don't need another one. -Oh, come on.-[Nancy laughs] There you go talking as if you're two beautifuland perfect women. Let's face it.We all look like the moon. Perla's a half moon.Nancy's a full moon. And you're a close upof the moon. Astronauts even landedon your face. Really? Let me take a look.

Hello? Are you doing fine? They said they're doing okay. I'll electrocute youif you don't stop. [9 Volts] Really? Is there someone herewho knows how to electrocute? -Did you hear that?-Who said that? -Who was that, huh?-Did you hear that? Perla, could it be oneof your weirdo friends? -Admit it.-I don't have weirdo friends.

Denden, it could be oneof your relatives from the netherworldcalling you for a reunion. Are you trying to insult me? [all screaming, clamoring] [9 Volts] Ouch! Get off me! Ouch! -Who is that?-What is that? -It's a monster!-You're the monster. Oh, my goodness.

Were you hurt? What were you talkingabout earlier? Huh? It's nothing. [whispers] Pretty nosy, huh? You better leave now. -We don't give alms to beggars.-Sorry. You better not block the doorwayor you might get trampled on. You can't make me leave.I'm a customer. And as they say,”Customer is always right.”.

Oh, so you want a dress made? Okay then. We apologize. We didn't realizeyou're a customer. Customer, huh? I want a dress for a weddingI'm attending. -Oh?-Is that so? I have the fabric just for you.We use it to make pillow cases. Stop that. I have a fabrichere perfect for you. I'll just get it.

-Sorry again.-Found it. This might just suit you. Let me help you. Let's see. Better hold this, too. -Look! It suits you.-Beautiful! No, I don't think it suits me. I don't want it. It makes me looklike the Holy Child.

Hold on. Weren't you talkingabout electrocution earlier? Care to share some storieswith me? It's been making headlineslately. Can you give in to my requestjust this once? Turn this midgetinto roast chicken, please. Stop it, will you? She's our customer. How wide?.

-Thirteen.-Thirteen. Perla, why don't you dopress interviews? It can give this dressshop some boost. You know I can't do that. Percy wouldn't like it. He doesn't even want meto visit Penny. [in Japanese]Without the power of lightning, we cannot put Telstrato the test. Please give mea little more time.

[in English] We have pouredmillions of dollars into this project and we have yet to seeany results. As I said, I need you to give mea little more time. Our group has decidedto be out of this project. Then, let me show youthe way out. -[buzzes]-[man screams] MEANWHILE, IN THE HOSPITAL [woman speaking over PA].

Uh, miss, where's the patient? She has been discharged, ma'am. Ah. [gasps] Percy. Percy. Percy, wait. From now on,I'll take care of Penny alone. Penny…

We can manage on our own. [elevator dings] Better give Percy some spacefor a while. I really can't blame my brother if he hates me so much. Ever since we were kids, he thinks I causedour family's misfortunes. I've started to believe that he may be right.

You know… I've noticed the wayPercy treats you. It's as if you're nothis big sister. He treats Penny differently. But why should he hate you? You've been a good sisterto him, right? Perhaps I can tell youthe reason someday. I just hope you'd beopen-minded enough to understand.

[sighs] If it's too personal,I really don't mind. [sighs] Don't worry. I'll help you patch thingsup with Percy. You can count on me. [cell phone ringing] Uh… Excuse me. Hello? -[man] Lloyd?-Ah, Mr. Benavidez.

Lloyd, can you pass bythe office tonight? I just want to go oversome legal documents with you. Uh, yes, sir. I'll be there in 30 minutes. Thank you. [Mr. Benavidez gagging] [groaning] I'm really sorry, Perla. But I have a meetingwith Startel's chairman tonight.

Ah. I'll go homeon my own, then. Let me take you home.It wouldn't take long, really. All right. Wait for me in the car, okay? The meeting shouldn't take long. I'll be back soon. Okay. Take care. [chuckles] [suspenseful music playing] [grunts].

[gasps, panting] [gasps, grunts] [gasps] Something's not right.I can feel it. I wonder how this thing works. This should do it. [electricity whirs] [grunts] [guard] Wait! Stop!.

Where do you think you're going? Don't you recognize me? I'm Volta. Volta? In that silly costume? You must be out of your mind. What do you mean? Oh, no. That lighterdidn't have enough spark. Sir, do you havean AC socket there?.

-Yes, we do, ma'am.-Thanks. Okay. You're in big trouble. He could be dead, you know. Let me help you carry him. You're going to get itfrom Ms. Kelly this time. -[lightning crashes]-[Oh-Vlading screams] Surprised? Huh? It's you again!.

And it's you again as well! You really haven't learnedyour lesson. If you try to get any nearer,I'll kill this man. Go ahead and kill him. I don't care. But if you do kill him,I'd kill you both as well. I'd take care of her. Get ready to be killed. I'm not scared of you.

-[gun firing]-[giggles] You're tickling me. [breaths heavily, grunts] [grunts] Have a piece of this! What? Idiot. -[grunts]-Hey, faggot! We still havesome unfinished business. Wait. Wait, ma'am.

I think you needto cool down a little bit. Let me help you. [tornado whirring] [grunts] [Oh-Vlading laughing maniacally] Ouch! Damn! [grunts] Here's some more! [gasps] Huh? What now?.

Hey. Are you ready to talk now? [stammers] Please, mother. Stop calling me that. I'm not even your mother. And there's no wayI'd have a faggot child. Who is Celphora?Where can I find her? I really can't talk to youabout her. My lips are sealed.

Is that right? So you want to keepyour mouth shut, huh? Why don't you keep itshut forever? May you rest in peace. [Oh-Vlading screaming] [giggles] I'm so good! I came as soon as I couldwhen I saw the news on the Startel break-in on TV.

How's Lloyd doing? He's okay. By the way, I'm Kelly.Kelly Tanjuakio. I used to be in Startelwith Lloyd. -[door opens]-I'm Perla. I'm his friend. How's Lloyd? He's safe now. The doctor said it's a goodthing Volta arrived in time to save him.

[woman speaking over P.A.]Paging Dr. Dela Merced. Please proceedto the Intensive Care Unit. I've got nothing to dowith Lloyd's accident. You said the same thingwith Penny. Now, it's Lloyd. [sighs] Aren't you going to stop? And who's your next victim? Is it me, huh? Is it me?.

-I said I've got nothing—Nothing? I don't believe you. What I know is people around youget harmed. Do you know why? Huh? Because you bring themmisfortune. You are nothing but bad luck! [grunts, sobs] Do I bring bad luck? A curse? A misfortune?.

[Perla crying] When we were driven awayfrom our hometown and we eventually lived herein the city, what kind of life did you have? You went to school, right? You finished college. You became a lawyer. And now, you have a decent job. And who made all that possible?.

Me. Me, whom you call “cursed” and “bad luck.” I'm not asking you to repay mefor what I did. It's just that I promisedour mother that I'll take care of youand Penny no matter what. I just hope you'd be moreappreciative. Huh? [sobbing].

-Perla.-[sniffles] You better let Percycool off first. I'll take care of him for you. Do you want someone to talk to? I'm a good listener. Well, this is my dress shop. Our house is upstairs. We've talked for only 30 minutes but it's as if we've knowneach other a long time.

Perhaps because we havesimilar experiences, that's why I can relate to yousomehow. Huh? Uh, what I mean is… I empathize with you, Perla. Just like you, I live on my own. I shouldn't be alonein this house, really. If only Percy understands me… Perla, I'm about to tell yousomething but…

I hope you don't take this as my way of ingratiatingmyself to you. You see, sooner or later, we might end upas sisters-in-law. Are you Percy's fiancée? Uh, well, not yet but… I wouldn't want to keep ita secret from you. You see, Perla, I've gotten to like your brotherso much.

So if you can tell mewhere he stays now, perhaps I can help patchthings up between you two. Ama, if this is the kind of lifeI'd get… in exchange for the poweryou gave me, I'm returning it to you. This is not the lifeI dreamt for my family. I'd rather not haveany power at all than lose my family altogether. Are you certain of whatyou're asking for?.

You can never have your powerback once I take it. Yes. I'm quite certain, sir. Well then, here it goes… [grunting] [exhales] Thanks, Ama. [growling] Ama, are you still there?.

Can you turn me backto Volta for a while? But you saidyou don't want it anymore. Even for just a while. Please. -[snarls]-[Perla screams] The bloodsuckeris about to get me. Ama, please give meback my power. Do you promise not to return it? I promise.I won't return it. Hurry! What do you think you're doing?.

You wanted to suckmy blood, huh? No, I wasn't going to do that. Then what is this long,red thing? That's just the telephone wire. -Ah, telephone wire…-Yes. Why would I wantto suck your blood? I'm a huge fan of yours. -No, you wanted my blood.-No. -You were trying to scare me.-No, I wasn't.

Why don't you tryand suck my blood now? No. May I get down now? You want to get down now?All right. -You're a fan.-I am. -Yes, I adore you so much.-You adore me? But before you do that,I want you to dance for me. -But I don't know how to dance.-You don't follow the rhythm? -I don't have a sense of rhythm.-No, look, you're a good dancer. I know, right?.

You may get down now. -Thank you so much.-It's nothing. -May I have your autograph?-Just a second. -With picture, please?-Okay. -Okay, bye, thank you.-All right. -Hey.-Yeah? Here's something for you. -Really?-Have this! [grunting].

Mm! Thanks, Ama. I never thought I had fans.[chuckles] How did you find me here? Percy, if you're interestedin someone, you would want to knoweverything about them. Even their problems. I'm sorry. You had to find outabout my problem with my sister.

That's okay. Perla really took it to heart when you and Pennyleft your house. But perhaps it's a blessingin disguise. Both of you can thinkthings more clearly and maybe realizeyour shortcomings. Would you like to havesome juice or soda? Would you like anythingto drink? Yeah.

So, who looks after Pennywhen you're out? Uh, it's– Would you like meto look after her? Or better yet… why don't stay with mein my house? I'm the only onewho stays there, anyway. You can save on your rent until you chooseto go back home. Um…

Thank you. You're so kind. It's nothing. By the way, where's Penny? She's upstairs. -May I see her?-Uh… Sure. Okay. This is great news! -Why?-Listen.

A new mobile phonehas been invented which transmits signal even in a steelor concrete-enclosed area. That powerful, huh? That's right. Yes! -Give it to me.-Hey! There. It's called… It's called… what?.

It's called Telstra technology and a certain Kelly Tanjuakioinvented it. Hm? -Let me see that.-Kelly Tanjuakio? I've met her. She visited Lloyd one timein the hospital. She used to workat Startel with Percy. I think she's his girlfriend. She's quite a catch, huh?.

Too bad for you, Denden.Percy's got a girl already. Hmph! I must admit, she's pretty. But if you lookat her carefully, had she bleachedher straight hair platinum, she has a semblanceto Celphora, right? -Really? Let me see.-Let me see that. -You ripped it apart.-Let's put it back together. There you go.

Am I right? Denden's right. They have a resemblance. Look. [door opens] Good, you're awake now. I thought if you're still asleepin five minutes, I'd call on Voltato electrocute you. Just kidding. [giggles] I really hope you can find herfor me.

I'd really like to thank her. Of course,I'd like to thank you too. Me? Why? Volta might be the onewho saved me but you're the onewho looked after me. Perla, I'd like to ask yousomething if you don't mind. What is it? -It's about having a boyfriend—I don't have a boyfriend yet. In fact, no one's courting me.

I mean Volta, not you. You see,I have a crush on her. No, I think I'm in lovewith her already. But who am I comparedto her, right? You don't needto have superpowers to have a superhero girlfriend. Besides, I don't thinkVolta has a boyfriend. Just like you,men would not have the guts to court someone like her.

But I bet she would be readyto give up her superpowers just to have someone to loveand make her happy. I don't thinkshe should do that. Huh? Why not? As Volta,she makes a lot of people happy. Being a superhero, she's able to helpa lot of people, right? I'm sure her family,even her boyfriend… would be so proud of her.

I hope so. I may not be related to her but I'm really proud of her. Given a chanceto meet her again, I'd profess my love for her. Are you serious? I've never felt this wayfor someone before. Really? Would you like to watch TV?.

A good program is on right now. [TV reporter] We're herein the Alabang business district where we located a giantmobile phone Yes, a giant mobile phoneis found here in the Madrigal Business Center. According to the security… -I think we're on TV.-[cell phone ringing] -You're right.-This man is… I know this man!.

Denden, we're on TV. I know this man! Hello? Perla? Denden? Where are you? Turn on your TV. Nancy and I are on TV right now. -Aren't those Nancy and Denden?-Yes, it's them. [TV reporter continues] -Perla!-Hi!.

Did you see us?What are you waiting for? Come and check outthis huge cell phone! It's so fun here. Better get out of there. That mobile phonemight be dangerous. Don't be such a killjoy. Come and join us.There's a party out here. I'll try. Okay. I'll go to the washroom first.

Uh, there's one over here. The one outside is much nicer.It's got a bathtub. I'll be back. -Clear!-[women crying] Father! [gasps] -Clear!-Father! [gasps] May I borrow it for a while,doctor? -You?-I can do it.

Move aside if you don't wantto be electrocuted. [electricity crackles] Okay. Thanks, Doc. All right. [all crying] Father! Uh… [shushes] Excuse me. Let me do it. [gasps, exhales].

I'm alive! Wow! What a sexy woman! You old man… Wait. Where can I make an exit? This AC socket will do.See you around. -Bye.-Bye. [mimics robotic sounds] [people screaming] [man] Over there!.

Here, shoot photos from here. [“Voltes V” theme playing] [“Bulaklak” playing] [robot] Do you want meto take your photo? [screams] Sure. Go ahead. [people cheering] [laser swooshes] [woman] Where did they go? [people screaming, clamoring].

[robot whirring] [people cheering] Hmm… Who are you? Why are you here?Who sent you here? Who are you talking to?Is it me? Is there anyone else around?Hello? I'm Textor. Trying to be cute, huh?.

Are you looking for trouble?You better face me. I'm ready. Really? Then take this! [grunts] Ugh. The electrical energyrecharged its battery. Hmm. Ah! Wait. The best thingto do now is… run! [Volta screams] Oh, God!.

You're testing my patience, huh?[grunts] Take this! [grunting] You fool! [Volta yells] [Textor yells] -[Volta grunts]-[indistinct chatter] Oh, Volta! Volta!.

Volta! [cries] [people cheering] If you think you've won,then you're mistaken. I've had it with you. So would you want meto kill these two? -Perla! Perla! Perla!-[9 Volts laughing] -That's Percy and Penny.-Percy! Perla! Perla! Where are you?.

-Perla! Perla!-Perla! Perla! – Perla!-Please forgive me. You had to be draggedin all this. Volta! You better let them go or I'll turn youinto a giant roast! You might turn outto be the giant roast! [swords whizzing] [both grunting].

Perla, be careful! [grunts] [groaning] Yikes! Isn't this chicken a littletoo big for that TV ad? Perla! [grunts] Perla! – Perla!-[grunts].

Be careful, Perla! [both grunting] Perla! [Volta groans] Ouch! That hurts! [Celphora screams] Perla! Perla! [device powers on] [smoke hissing].

Let them go! Stop that, Celphora. It's me you want, right? [Percy coughs] If you know what's goodfor all of you, you better do as I say. You will give me all your power. You will enter that chamber and you will transferall your power to me.

Don't give in to her! -Don't give in!-[Celphora chuckles] What will it be?Your power or your family? [Penny coughs] You are far more precious to me. I love you both. [laughs] How sad. Just like a soap opera. But I don't havethe time right now.

To watch your family'smelodrama. I have more important thingsto do. Better hurry, Volta. I will do what you want. Just let my family go. Deal. [Percy & Penny] Perla! Perla! Perla, don't do it!Don't go in there! [both continue shouting].

[groaning] Get out! -Perla!-Perla! Success! Now I can do what they sayis impossible with Telstra. You may have my power now but it isn't going to last youfor long. It's artificial and not pure. You will lose itsooner or later.

Really now? [chuckles] -Why don't I try it on you?-Don't! Percy! -[grunts]-Perla! Percy, help Perla! -[Celphora laughing]-[Penny groans] Perla! [grunts] [Celphora screams].

I only have one thingleft to tell you: You're no better thana piece of scrap metal. [scoffs] Perla! Percy! [Nancy shouting]Perla? Perla! Perla! Perla! Come here. What is it? Percy and Penny have come home.

-They're back?-They're here. Look! Penny… Percy… -Oh, my!-Join them. Hurry! They're here… [screams] -Ouch! Ouch!-Perla! Ouch! Ow! Be careful next time, Perla. Are you all right?.

You made us nervous. Who threw that banana peelon the stairs?! Oh, it's my fault. Sorry. You're ruiningour dramatic moment. I'm really sorry. Thank you, Percy. Thank you too, Perla. You took care of ustill the end. Thank you.

-Are we staying here again?-Of course. -We're staying here again.-Yes! [Penny giggles] What's the matter, Lloyd? Ah. Nothing.Volta just crossed my mind. I keep thinkingabout her lately. I wonderif I'll ever meet her again. Perhaps I should be contented.

With just admiring herfrom afar, right? You know, Lloyd,the truth of the matter is… I personally know Volta. You do? Really? -I do.-Really? You do? I do. Can you set me upon a date with her? Uh… I can't promise you anythingbut I'll try.

You see,Volta's a busy person herself. Go ahead.Go out on a date with him. Even God rested on Sabbath day. Why wouldn't you?You're only superhuman. [Perla chuckles] Come. Let's eat. I prepared lots of food. Let's go. – Let's go.- I'm starving. [laughs].

Don't forgetto tell Volta, okay? [“Volta” playing] I FEEL SO BEAUTIFUL!!!THE END. ♪ They said that I am lucky ♪ ♪ With this gift that I have ♪ [director] Action! That's okay. I want youto be his Prince Charming. Oops, that's wrong. You should beher Prince Charming.

Sorry, director. Why are you carryingall these stuff? What are these for, anyway? These arefor my presentation later. These documents contain all–Oh, crap! [all laughing] [director] Action! ♪ I am Volta ♪ [director] Cut.

♪ Electricity overflowing ♪ [director] Action! Hey, you junkies! What are you doingin Mrs. Perla's lot? -Sorry. What's the name again?-[director] Cut! I don't know! Maybe because… [stammers] If only… ♪ I will help you ♪.

-Where are you going?- None of your business. I'm leavingand go far away from you. Why? There's no– [stammers] [director] Action! I'm going to tell you somethingbut promise me you won't tell– [laughs] [grunts] …even in an area enclosed in a six-inch thick concreteor steel.

-Now…-[staff talking indistinctly] It will only be possible… -I'm sorry.-[director] Cut. [director] Action! I may not be related to herbut I'm really proud of her. Given a chanceto meet her again… [laughs] [motor engine revs] ♪ My unique powersAre given by lightning ♪.

[shrieking] This is all his fault, really. I told him to meet usin the office. But he insisted to meetin his house. And now, look… We're not that busyin the office. We're doing thisas a favor to him. I'll check how badthis traffic jam is. [door handle rattles] Would you mind unlocking it?.

[director] Cut. [laughs] [director] Action! You're in big trouble. He could be dead, you know. Let me see. Let me help you… [director] Cut. “I'm kidding.” “Let's play tag, okay?”.

-[director] Okay.-[assistant] Okay. -[assistant] It went out!-[director] It's a snake! [Ai-Ai] Oops! My wig is falling! -[assistant laughs]-[director] Cut! ♪ I am Volta ♪ [director] Avoid it.It's coming to you. Move away. -[Ai-Ai] It's falling again.-[director laughs] Cut! Hey! Don't pick on them! They're just kids!.

Pick on someone your own sizelike me! I am Volta! -[director] Action!-Let me go! [crowd cheering] Ouch. Hold on, director.I choked on something. [muted screaming] -[director] Cut!-Ouch. -♪ I am Volta ♪-[director] Action. [Celphora grunting].

[both laughing] ♪ My unique powersAre given by the lightning ♪ ♪ I am Volta ♪ ♪ I am Volta ♪ ♪ I am Volta ♪

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