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One day in a possible future, every single malevirgin over the age of 18 started dying rapidly. Kurumi Eiri is one of them who will be turning 18very soon. Now he must try and save himself and keep his moral intact. But the government of Japanand the world have other ideas. This is pandemic manga series “Virgin Extinction Island”.On thatparticular, alternate future day, a sudden and unprecedented crisis gripped Japan as every malevirgin over the age of 18 began dying rapidly, leading to widespread panic across the country.The overnight surge in sex industry prices and the formation of angry mobs of terrified virgins onlyadded to the chaos. The government found itself ill-equipped to handle the situation, giventhe sheer scale and complexity of the crisis. Our story follows the journey of KurumiEiri, a 17-year-old virgin who is faced.

With a life-threatening challenge. He must losehis virginity before his 18th birthday or face certain death. Despite his desperate attempts toconfess his feelings to the girl he likes, Kurumi is repeatedly rejected and left without any hope.As the clock ticks closer to his deadline, the pressure mounts, and Kurumi is forced to confrontthe daunting question of whether he will ever be able to graduate from his virginity. Meanwhile,other male virgins faced with the same dilemma are left to grapple with the terrifying realityof imminent death. As Kurumi Eiri approaches his 18th birthday, he becomes acutely aware of themortal danger he faces and is determined to find a way to survive while maintaining his moralsand integrity. However, the Japanese government, like other nations around the world, has its ownideas about how to handle the crisis, leading.

To a series of events that will test Kurumi'sresolve and force him to make difficult choices. Virgin Extinction Island started before the latestpandemic, but the author was lucky that it was almost in tune with the news and the response ofthe people to it. Other manga series like Tensei Pandemic(gender swap pandemic) also hit on thiswhere ae something like 'The New Normal' took ques from an active pandemic for its story. asthe story of Virgin Extinction Island goes on, it goes from trying to cure the virgin deathdisease to trying to isolate them (hence the tile) to cults and VR invasions. The seriesseems to get way off tract but have a backdrop of the original story. Hopefully as they getdeeper in they will get it back on the rails Virgin Extinction Island or Doutei Zetsume-tsuRettou started in Feb 2019, just before the.

Worldwide pandemic and there are 9 volumes inJapanese. They have just started the translations into English of volume 9 with a total of 41 longchapter being translated. The first few books would make a good anime adaption but as the storygoes on, it would lose a lot of people the way it goes off tract. Virgin Extinction Island takes usto a weird, alternate history and takes the absurd premise and runs with it, sometimes almost intothe ground. Another pandemic series that I talked about before is the complete series is “The genderswap pandemic” and you can find out more about that…here. That's all again for a topicalecchi manga series. Hit that 'like' button, subscribe and come back for more off the wall,lesser-known manga series. Thanks’ again…bye.

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