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Story begins with a young man named academicmitsu when he was five years old he listened to his father's advice his father wanted him toavoid living alone the boy does not understand the meaning of these words so his father startedexplaining this to him he said that many people are better than one person so he startedteaching his son the importance of having many loved ones the boy was looking at his fatherwith admiration suddenly a car came but before he got up his son asked him where he was goingto go but Al was smiling with a haughty face and said that he had decided to make all thewomen in this world happy and indeed the boy was listening to this speech with admirationthe problem is that he was encouraging him to continue on this wonderful path a few yearslater akmetsu became an adult he was sleeping.

At his desk but suddenly woke up after seeing aDream full of girls he was late for class so he quickly went to go to school by taking the trainbut there is something strange in this young man he always put the book in his face while readinghe looks like a person who has a mental illness he went to school like every day but he alwaysremembers his father's words then he came home but he found his friends looking at the girls duringSports class they asked him to join them but he can't because he has some business another friendasked him to come to an acquaintance party when he heard the invitation he became trembling fromstress he began to shout at the top of his voice saying that his life never needs women the girlsran away from Fear when they heard ikmetsu's words then he went to the store where he works part-timethis store is called Unity store the manager began.

To hint that young people at this time shouldbe on a date but the boy said that he would be single all his life the director does not give uphe reminded him of his father's actions when he was young but suddenly akmetsu became very angryand said that he was never like his father when on his way home he saw a car that brought back hismemories with his father he does not know how he admired his scum father when he was five yearsold he was subjected to a lot of embarrassment because of the reputation of his family the AKAgame family people despise this family because of his father's actions so he decided to stayaway from girls all his life in order to return his family's reputation he wants to erase all themistakes that his father made he wants to live a normal life by completing his studies and workingin a guest job at a fixed price all his life but.

He does not know what he will do after achievingthese goals but at that moment a big bag of rice was flying right towards him this bag hit akmetsuwhere it caused him to fall off the cliff then he crashed into the wall he doesn't know what'shappening then a girl comes and apologizes to him because she is the owner of that bag butthe boy does not speak he was shocked the girl is worried so she approached him in order to checkon his condition but to no avail akmetsu is not talking he was just staring at her she decided tocall an ambulance because she thinks he is injured but suddenly he ran away and said that he was fineand did not need to go to the hospital she wanted him to stop but he was very nervous he was upsetthat this girl had talked to him he really was was annoyed that he had broken the rules onwhich he relies in life no girls forever he.

Was screaming all night because of that incidentbut there is another thing going on in his mind and that is that the girl he met by chancein the evening was very taxing the next day when his friends were walking by the sportsfield they watched their lonely friend egg mitsu watching the match between the girls theyare shocked because this is never his nature so they invited him to go to the acquaintance partya second time it was a surprise he agreed to go he became not interested in his work and studiesas usual this is very strange when one girl changes the life of an isolated young man througha situation that happened by chance and this actually happened with the young akemetsu sincethat day his life has become completely different he goes to clubs with his friends every nightfor a few drinks he only thinks about girls also.

The manager fired him from his job because he wasabsent for many days studying was the last thing he thought about because he was so threatenedwith failing at school and suddenly while he is stuck in his thoughts a call comes to him from hisfriends in order to go to an acquaintance's party at first he said that he would come quicklybut suddenly he slammed the phone against the wall he believes that the curse of the akkagamfamily has infected him so he decides to quit and stop this negative thinking by reprogramminghis mind Anew and he actually went to his uncle who had been a monk for years he borrowed his ownclothes he believes that distancing oneself from the desires of life is the best way to train itand he acts actually went to one of the temples his determination was strong in order to quit allthe negative things that might cause him to fail.

In his working life he came to the door and beganto ask permission in order to enter but no one was there so he began to shout at the top of his voicefor anyone to come to open the door of the temple and actually a person came and opened the gatebut a big surprise it was the girl he met earlier on the street he does not know what this girl isdoing here especially since this place is a temple means there are no women she asked him why he camebut he closed the door in her face so she became angry and opened the door by force but she noticedthat this person is a priest so she quickly went in order to dress respectively he completelycollapsed he was crawling because of stress and yet despite all this he began to think that thisgirl is a fake copy that his mind has created but he was wrong because this girl came back to himagain she introduced herself to him her name is.

Ayaba izuki he made his escape again but thistime he tripped over rocks and crashed into a tree she became worried about him so she decided to goto him quickly but he saw something serious that led to his losing his mind he can't stand it sohe said he loves her and also asks her to marry she got crazy because of ikmetsu's actions afterthey entered the temple she served him some tea but he was surprised because this place doesn'tlook like a temple he should meet the high priest for his exam before being allowed to join butthis girl told him that the priest is not here at the moment also she thought that eggmetsu willarrive tomorrow so she is not ready to receive him the situation becomes more complicated when sheasks him about his interests because he thought that all this was a test in order to join thetemple he doesn't know what he would do if this.

Was a test because he ruined everything when heasked the Alba to get married inevitably he would definitely fail then he started bleeding so sheasked him what was happening but he said that he was trying to overcome worldly desires nothingmore and nothing less as a result he asked her to let him go to the bathroom she said that he wasoutside to the left of the gate when he was going to the bath house he was fascinated by the beautyof the garden belonging to the temple but suddenly he heard the sound of a cat inside the well sohe went there in order to save her but when he was helping her out she jumped on him as a resultof which he fell into the well but the cat managed to get out of there with ease meanwhile ayaba wasmaking a call with her friend at work she told her that the person who should come tomorrow had comethis day and also she did not want an arranged.

Marriage because the person who visited her hadasked her to get married she is shocked that the person who was going to visit her and marry heris still next to her friend she is nervous because she does not know this young man who came to hertoday then her sister tsukuro came so Ayala asked for help from her in order to get rid of theghost who came to visit her she means aikmatsu by ghost so tsukuo thought that her sister wasjoking with her no more and no less but meanwhile itmetsu comes to them he was asking for help in aterrifying way of course the girls began to scream with fear and horror tsukuo was so scared thatshe lost Consciousness and fell to the ground ayaba wanted her sister to immediately escape fromthe ghost but she was collapsed he kept following them saying he wants an ambulance now but thegirls think he is a really evil ghost he got.

More angry and said he is just a human asking forhelp but suddenly he meets another girl who was carrying the cat that fell into the well a littlewhile ago but she also lost Consciousness so he prevented her from falling to the ground meanwhilethere are some girls in one of the rooms talking about things related to religion and life butthis girl named Mia heard some noise outside so she went outside to make sure but suddenly igmetsucomes quickly and bumps into her she doesn't know what a man is doing in this place so she screamslouder but kaguro was laughing saying that this situation is very funny the girls hide becausethey are afraid of that ghost and after a few moments of a pen appearing in front of them sukuodoes not know why he is chasing Alba specifically ayaba said that she will beat him in orderto make sure whether he is really a ghost or.

Not then ignetsu started moving towards them soshe took a karate pose and actually punched him in the face the poor guy lost Consciousness fromthe force of the blow but at the same time he was saying that this girl is very taxing when he cameto his senses he found himself in front of all the girls this girl named Kiki was interested in thecharacter of this young man ayaba also found out that all these events were a misunderstandingbecause of his uncle she also apologized for her stupid actions then he found out the identityof this place this place is a school for training nuns so he became shocked because his uncle senthim to this place by mistake but Kiki calmed the situation and said that she would allow him totrain here in order to become a priest but for a short period of time the sisters are complainingabout this decision because this place is for.

Girls so a strange young man cannot be allowedin here but Kiki said that this is great because ikmetsu will do all the cleaning work for freebut the girls don't want to accept this thing Mia pulled out her sword in order to attack himbut kagura blocked her sukul also said that this man is not respected so hickey gave him a crazytest he became bleeding as a result but he decided to go and leave this temple in order to avoidproblems but before leaving he said that he would not forget the first meeting between him and ayabahe has already left the place but unfortunately it is too late at this time there is no publictransport he was desperate so he decided to sleep at the bus station he really does not know whathe will do now that he has left the temple but in those miserable moments the girl ayaba comes tohim she wants him to return to the temple because.

There are many empty rooms where he can spend thisnight then she apologized to him a second time and said that the topic of marriage was a heavyjoke but he became shy and said that his name was academic mitsu she also identified herselfagain after which they returned to the temple but surprisingly the girls find out that thisyoung man is from the AKA game family everyone started beating him because his father borroweda sum of 20 million from the temple after which he disappeared completely and now the girls wanta metsu to pay that money the girls are looking for a way and they have already found a solutionakmetsu will pay that money with his body he is shocked because he does not know the real meaningof this solution everyone returned to normal when they found out that AKA game would be workingall day at the temple for a very long time the.

Girls started making fun of her so she cut theRock in front of her in half in order to force everyone to keep quiet then she asked stackagain to take him on a tour around the temple in order to find out the places and of coursehe was okay because he felt so excited that his eyes were shining and she actually took him to theStatue of the temple but akkagame was complaining because this statue is made with adhesive tapeshe became sad and said that the temple is in bankruptcy so he began to feel guilty and saidthat he would work hard to pay off his father's debts as a result she began to look at him withadmiration thanked him and held his hand but meanwhile the rest of the girls are spying on themfrom behind the door they noticed that akagame and ayaba are too compatible with each other so theymet with all the girls for planning the plan is.

To get AKA game out of the Temple once and for allby setting a trap in order to get him into trouble as a result of which they will expel him from thetemple the way to do this is through Temptation the girls began to choose the girl who wouldperform that role and of course the choice was on ayawatsukuyo who is the sister of ayaba yuzukishe was initially reluctant because this would ruin her reputation but nevertheless she agreedto carry out the plan because everyone wanted her to and there is no other solution because sheis the only one who wants to expel akkagame badly everyone was motivating her for that the next dayat five o'clock in the morning akkagame woke up from sleep quickly because of his strong desire tobecome a priest he was so excited that he jumped out of bed like a superhero he cleaned up theplace very quickly then he went to the kitchen.

To prepare the food he really cut the vegetablesin a professional way like a professional cook but in the meantime izuki comes to him in order tosay morning greetings to him but she was wearing pajamas and as a result AKA game was shocked bythat the food had burned and because of her then she left but he became very disappointed anddesperate because he was looking at azuki with admiration meanwhile tsukuyo was monitoringall his actions she was thinking of a good way in order to trap him a few moments later hefinished cooking so he asked all the girls to come immediately to The Breakfast Table everyone camebut tsukuyo was happy because she thought that the food that akagame had prepared was very badand as a result she would criticize him and expel him from the temple but it was a surprise she wasshocked because this food is very tasty akagame.

Was a skilled cook she was devastated but shewished she could eat this food every day then she approached him and said that she had other ordersthat he should carry out now and she actually dressed him in special clothes for training infact these clothes are very durable as a result of which he will feel very hot as hell but hedidn't feel anything he was acting in a very normal way then she asked him to clean up but hehad done all these Works before she was surprised because he cleaned everything all the places wereclean even from the bathroom Graves and Roses all were shining from the abundance of freshnessshe doesn't know what's going on this man was a professional in everything so she took him tothe computer in order to see the private data on matters related to the financial managementof this Temple she thought he was stupid in.

Scientific matters but unfortunately for her hewas very professional in this matter because he discovered all the errors and the calculationsthese are errors that even the girls will not be able to detect and fix so he taught her about howto fix mistakes of this kind she was acting like crazy because she took him to one of the places infront of the temple she brought a giant pipe and poured water over his head hickey apologizedto him because this training should be under a waterfall but there is no waterfall so she didthis he was also excited that he was concentrating like a professional Kung Fu player in fact tsukuyowas doing this in order to annoy akagame no more and no less but akkagame believed everythingtsukuyo said so he was doing all the services in a very serious way you he was doing meditationunder the cold waterfall the water was really very.

Cold but still he was doing endurance there is nopain there is no cold meanwhile izuki comes from school she was shocked by this thing happeningin front of her but when akagame saw her in her school uniform he began to feel the strength andwarmth the cold and pain that he had been feeling a little while ago has completely disappearedthis is Enlightenment but even though he was raising his hand up out of a lot of happinessand enthusiasm sukuyo was feeling hopeless because there was nothing affecting this creaturecalled akogan and Kiki actually looked at her in a strange way and said that there is only one wayto expel akagame from the temple and now they will implement the plan that they had previouslyprepared at the meeting he went to take a shower in order to get rid of fatigue and exhaustion asa result of working all day but sukuyo comes he.

Doesn't understand what the hell is happeninghere after a few moments a situation and misunderstanding happened because there are somethings that fell on the girl's head but akagame comes and saved her but in the meantime yuzukicomes she has completely misunderstood the matter so she asked him to leave immediately becauseof the anger she was feeling at that moment and already he has left the temple the girls are happythat the plan was a success also they have come to praise sukuyo because she executed everything ina wonderful way but she was ashamed and remorseful that she had expelled an innocent young man fromthe temple for a trivial reason so she went to her sister to apologize to her but yuzuki wasignoring her sister so tsukuyo didn't want to give up because she chased her sister everywhereand finally yuzuki talked to her she doesn't want.

To see her sister because her face reminds herof AKA games so tsukuyo makes fun of her the girl yuzuki knew from the very beginning the planthat the girls had prepared because it was Kiki who told her tsukuyo later apologized and saidthat a man should not live in a temple for girls but yuzuki said that she let him join because hermother was going to do the same so they decided to go to akagame in order to explain the matter tohim meanwhile Kiki comes she said that AKA game has packed his things and has already left thetemple the sisters have become surprised by this information I don't know why the girls are shockedby this news even though they wanted to expel AKA game from the temple from the beginning exceptfor yuzuki she was the only one who wanted him to stay here oracagame was feeling guilty aboutthe incident that happened a few moments ago so.

He decided to go to the police station in orderto hand himself over to Justice it's very funny but he always thought that way when he checkedin he told the whole story to the officer but the officer kicked him out of the headquarters andasked him not to come here again he asks about the reason but the reason is obvious then he decidedto go to his house because there is no solution and he actually went to the owner but he founda new tenant had come to his house he is asking about his things but the owner said that he threwhis things into the river and now he has nowhere to go so he went to one of the abandoned placeshe began to think about his bad condition how he ended up homeless because of a frivolous situationhe also thought about the temple and the girls he thought the girls were fine because yuzukiwas there he said she was a strong woman and he.

Depended on her but then he started thinking aboutnegative things so he punched himself in order to stop it but he kept thinking so he punched himselfagain he doesn't know why he keeps thinking in a negative way even though he meditated underthe waterfall and also reached the stage of Enlightenment then he began to think about hisinability to achieve anything because he could not repay the money the value of which exceeds 20million yen but in the meantime he is surprised by the presence of ayaba yuzuki she asked him whyhe left the temple he said that she was the one who asked him to so she became angry and said thatshe meant to leave the bathroom and not the temple she also told him that this problem can be solvedby discussion nothing more nothing less her eyes were shining and she said that the first rule inorder to attain Enlightenment is that a person.

Does not have to live alone sukuyo also came sheapologized to him because she had entangled him in a worthless trap he also apologized to her for hisactions but she gave him a piece of paper in which he wrote the Bill that he must pay but the amountof money has risen because of that situation that happened earlier and so he came back to thetemple again but Mia didn't like this so she passed out the girls tsukuyo and yuzuki decidedto go in order to take a hot bath because of the rain that was falling over them a little earlierbut before that sukuya went to the refrigerator in order to get some juice then she went but sheleft AKA game and Keurig alone in the kitchen and this girl is the sister of yuzuki and tsukudo soakagame said that he would go in order to prepare dinner before the girls came out of the bathroombut Keurigs wanted to help him prepare the food.

And actually while preparing dinner she said thathe didn't know anything about yuzuki's life so he became very excited he wants to know everything sohe said out loud that he wants to know everything about yuzuki so Keurigs began to look at him ina strange way and indeed he had misunderstood but he said that it was impossible for him to do thisand that's because he's a priest and to do these negatives her punishment is very but she said thatfollowing negative things is not a bad thing he is shocked to hear this crazy sentence She also askedhim to go and see yuzuki and tsukuyo he began to feel the danger that this girl possesses so shesaid that she was joking with him no more and no less All the Things She Said are just a jokein order to annoy akagame then she said that her sisters have been acting stupidly since the momentakkagame came she said that she loves her sisters.

When they act stupidly so she thanked him for thatand also said that she is glad that akogame has finally returned to the temple then she went toopen the bathroom door but akkagame quickly went to stop her from doing that thing but she movedaway from the door and so he opened the door of course after he did this the girls punished himseverely and now we don't know what will happen because Mia was angry and said that the templehad become full of corruption because of akkagame she was very nervous so the girls started tryingto calm her down but she never gives up she made a very difficult challenge to AKA game if heloses this challenge she will turn AC a game and into a beautiful doll using scissors I thinkeveryone understands very well what is happening AKA game will enter a difficult challenge at theexpense of his manhood he became shocked because.

This matter concerns his future Keurig she doesnot understand what kind of punishment AKA game will face so everyone ignored her stupid questionyuzuki was also encouraging him not to give up in the fight that would happen between him and Miashe asked him to rely on his fist during the fight everyone wishes him good luck in the fightand he actually said goodbye to them and went to the venue of the match and actually a few momentslater ayemia comes but she was feeling very angry because of the dislike towards akkagame when hesaw her he started calling her by her first name but she didn't want to because she was introducingherself and her family and said that akogame should respect her she wanted him to tell herSenpai and actually he was listening well to this lecture really he was agreeing to fulfill all herselfish requests but she was like a monster that.

Is difficult to tame because of the much angerresulting from seeing the calm that akagame enjoys she began to tell her whole life story but hebegan to ignore her meanwhile this girl said that she was the maid of Mrs Mia he began to ask aboutthe kinship that unites them so she said that she is her big sister Mia screams loudly becauseshe is the eldest of this girl then he started asking her to cancel this fight because there isno point in this nonsense so she got angry and pulled out a samurai sword he doesn't understandwhat exactly is happening so she started telling the story of the old Samurai and she said thatthis fight will be a fight to the deaf he doesn't want this to happen so she cut off part of hishair very quickly this means the beginning of the fight he came to understand that this girlwas really serious about this fight because she.

Was looking at him in a scary way she also toldhim to prepare his sword because the next attack would be much stronger and she actually pouncedon him very quickly he threw his sword because he wants to stop this attack with his hands Idon't know what is the thing that AKA game has in mind he abandoned his weapon during the battle theproblem is that if he is defeated he will lose his manhood and this is something that should neverbe risked she was attacking hard and he also also had the courage to repel the attack but suddenlya situation occurs between them during the fight because of the May so akogame could not controlhimself and actually countered the attack with his hands but his hands countered to somethingelse poor Mia she became nervous because of the situation that happened in the fight a few momentsago her friend also called her a loser because she.

Had been exposed to losing in the challengethis means that AKA game has won and this is very annoying for her the maid wants to propose apunishment in order to punish Mia so she brought a book this book contains many severe punishmentsso MIA became shy because she didn't know what exactly was going on here she thought she wasgoing to win the fight and then she kicked akagame out of the temple but God was with akkagame andnow Mia has to give up but suddenly akagame said that he wanted something then he gestured towardsMia he meant that book but Mia had misunderstood so she said that it was impossible after whichshe immediately ran away but in the meantime kaguro was smiling in a strange way I think shewas planning for something else at night AKA game can't sleep because he has failed to reconcile Miathis day also he is sad because he also failed to.

Get the book of punishments he closed his eyesbut suddenly he found Mia in front of him she had come to settle the matter that happened in thefight the samurai competition she had suffered a loss so she had to execute the challenge penaltyhe doesn't know what's going on because it was all a misunderstanding at the time he wantedto make sure that this was a dream or not so he threw a knock on the door and actually foundakagira shooting a video so he finally understood everything he started explaining everything to herhe said he meant that book and now she understood it too so she became shy because she was stupidand then she quickly ran away at that moment kagira went to him she whispered in his ear noone knows what she said to him the poor thing was running fast she doesn't know why she's stupid shehad to figure everything out from the beginning.

So she decided to meditate and book herself andactually went to the store in order to hide but it was a surprise AKA game was waiting for herbecause it was the evil kagura who told him to go to the store she wanted to escape but the doorwas locked from the outside kagira was the one who locked it also could not get out of the window thegirl Mia does not want to stay here also he does not want to stay either so they are looking fora way to get out of here the problem is that they have forgotten their phones outside so it willbe impossible for them to get out now so they have to wait here until tomorrow in order to getout he started looking around and actually found a blanket so he went to Mia in order to give her theblanket but she was angry because she didn't want him to get any closer to her and she also didn'twant to touch a blanket that had been grabbed by.

A man so akagame put her on the floor and askedher to come and pick it up herself meanwhile he started asking her about this strange table sheasked him to stop these questions but then she answered him but he was surprised by the answerbecause this table is very serious and also it is about the Buddha the atmosphere became a littleturbulent between them but she told her story her story is similar to AKA games she belongs toa very famous and Wealthy family but this family had a bad reputation like the akmetsu family whenshe was little her mother used to tell her that she had to have 100 lovers she didn't know themeaning so she talked about this in front of her friends at school as a result she became lonelybecause all her friends abandoned her because of the thoughts she heard from her mother but oneday a girl came to her and sat down with her this.

Girl is kagira she started laughing when she heardthat Mia wants to have 100 lovers she introduced her to religion and also suggested that she go tothe temple in order to start a new life and fix everything and indeed she was going on the rightpath but from the moment akkagame came she began to behave strangely because those negativethoughts that she inherited from her family have returned to her mind again then when shecompleted the story akkagame was crying because he was affected by this story he said that he wasalso going through exactly the same problems as her he said that he joined this Temple for thesame reason they began to cry together she began to say to herself that she had finally met theperson who looked like her that's fate but she didn't want to he also began to think about thesame thing but he was punching himself in order.

To drive away negative thoughts the atmospherebecomes romantic in the end they decided that they would would help each other solve their problemsbut at the same moment kagura comes and opens the door she said she heard everything the next daykagura was filming AKA game and kaguro while they were doing some yoga exercises but yuzuki came shegot it wrong so she asked them to pray for God to forgive them their sins then yuzuki remembered animportant thing this is the means of marriage she is going to marry a priest in order to run thetemple Kiki is leaving soon and also the temple will be closed when yuzuki graduates from highschool but if she gets married the temple will continue to work and now they have to get tothe bus stop quickly and they did go quickly but to no avail they arrived late so akagamerented a motorcycle and she did and they set.

Off but unfortunately the fuel ran out so theymoved forward but they noticed the bus she went quickly and also he went with her but the problemthis is a truck and not a bus she collapsed and said that it was impossible to save the templebut he said that nothing is impossible he asked her to put on a kimono because they were goingto rent this truck while it was stopped at a red traffic light she was reluctant and becauseshe felt a little ashamed but nevertheless she carried out the plan and now there isonly half an hour left for the wedding date

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