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Earlier we saw how akagame decided to changehis negative way of thinking by joining the mikizuki temple but this Temple was dedicatedto girls he decided to leave but thanks to ayaba yuzuki he returned again but the girls foundout that this person belongs to the akmitsu family akagame's father had taken a large amount ofmoney from the temple but then he ran away the amount is 20 million yen so akagame must repaythis amount by working in the temple all his life ikmetsu will pay that money with his bodyhe is shocked because he does not know the real meaning of this solution everyone returned tonormal when they found out that akagame would be working all day at the temple for a very longtime the girls started making fun of her so she cut the Rock in front of her in half in order toforce everyone to keep quiet then she asked stack.

Again to take him on a tour around the temple inorder to find out the places and of course he was okay because he felt so excited that his eyeswere shining and she actually took him to the Statue of the temple but akagame was complainingbecause because this statue is made with adhesive tape she became sad and said that the templeis in bankruptcy so he began to feel guilty and said that he would work hard to pay off hisfather's debts as a result she began to look at him with admiration thanked him and held his handbut meanwhile the rest of the girls are spying on them from behind the door they noticed thatakagame and ayaba are too compatible with each other so they met with all the girls for planningthe plan is to get acagame out of the temple once and for all by setting a trap in order to get himinto trouble as a result of which they will expel.

Him from the temple the way to do this is throughTemptation the girls began to choose the girl who would perform that role and of course the choicewas on ayabatsukuyo who is the sister of ayaba yuzuki she was initially reluctant because thiswould ruin her reputation but nevertheless she agreed to carry out the plan because everyonewanted her to and there is no other solution because she is the only one who wants to expelAKA game badly everyone was motivating her for that the next day at five o'clock in the morningakkagame woke up from sleep quickly because of his strong desire to become a priest he wasso excited that he jumped out of bed like a superhero he cleaned up the place very quicklythen he went to the kitchen to prepare the food he really cut the vegetables in a professional waylike a professional cook but in the meantime izuki.

Comes to him in order to say morning greetings tohim but she was wearing pajamas and as a result akka game was shocked by that the food had burnedbecause of her then she left but he became very disappointed and desperate because he was lookingat azuki with admiration meanwhile sukuyo was monitoring all his actions she was thinking of agood way in order to trap him a few moments later he finished cooking so he asked all the girls tocome immediately to The Breakfast Table everyone came but tsukuyo was happy because she thoughtthat the food that akagame had prepared was very bad and as a result she would criticize him andexpel him from the temple but it was a surprise she was shocked because this food is very tastyakagame was a skilled cook she was devastating stated but she wished she could eat this foodevery day then she approached him and said that.

She had other orders that he should carry outnow and she actually dressed him in special clothes for training in fact these clothes arevery durable as a result of which he will feel very hot as hell but he didn't feel anythinghe was acting in a very normal way then she asked him to clean up but he had done all theseWorks before she was surprised because he cleaned everything all the places were clean even fromthe bathroom Graves and Roses all were shining from the abundance of freshness she doesn't knowwhat's going on this man was a professional in everything so she took him to the computer inorder to see the private data on matters related to the financial management of this Temple shethought he was stupid in scientific matters but unfortunately for her he was very professional inthis matter because he discovered all the errors.

And the calculations these are errors that eventhe girls will not be able to detect and fix so he taught her about how to fix mistakes ofthis kind she was acting like crazy because he took him to one of the places in front of thetemple she brought a giant pipe and poured water over his head hickey apologized to him becausethis training should be under a waterfall but there is no waterfall so she did this he wasalso excited that he was concentrating like a professional Kung Fu player in fact tsukuya wasdoing this in order to annoy akagame no more and no less but akkagame believed everything tsukuyosaid so he was doing all the services in a very serious way he was doing meditation under the coldwaterfall the water was really very cold but still he was doing endurance there is no pain there isno cold meanwhile izuki comes from school she was.

Shocked by this thing happening in front of herbut when akagame saw her in her school uniform he began to feel the strength and warmth the coal andpain that he had been feeling a little while ago has completely disappeared this is Enlightenmentbut even though he was raising his hand up out of a lot of happiness and enthusiasm sukuyo wasfeeling hopeless because there was nothing affecting this creature called akogan and Kikiactually looked at her in a strange way and said that there is only one way to expel AKA game fromthe temple and now they will implement the plan that they had previously prepared at the meetinghe went to take a shower in order to get rid of fatigue and exhaustion as a result of working allday but sukuyo comes he doesn't understand what the hell is happening here after a few moments asituation and misunderstanding happened because.

There are some things that fell on the girl'shead but akkagame comes and saved her but in the meantime yuzuki comes she has completelymisunderstood the matter so she asked him to leave immediately because of the anger she was feelingat that moment and already he has left the temple the girls are happy that the plan was a successalso they have come to praise tsukuyo because she executed everything in a wonderful way but she wasashamed and remorseful that she had expelled an innocent young man from the temple for a trivialreason so she went to her sister to apologize to her but yuzuki was ignoring her sister so tsukuyodidn't want to give up because she chased her sister everywhere and finally yuzuki talked to shedoesn't want to see her sister because her face reminds her of ACA games so tsukuyo makes fun ofher the girl yuzuki knew from the very beginning.

The plan that the girls had prepared because itwas Kiki who told her tsukuyo later apologized and said that a man should not live in a templefor girls but yuzuki said that she let him join because her mother was going to do the same sothey decided to go to akagame in order to explain the matter to him meanwhile Kiki comes she saidthat akagame has packed his things and has already left the temple the sisters have become surprisedby this information I don't know why the girls are shocked by this news even though they wanted toexpel AKA game from the temple from the beginning except for yuzuki she was the only one who wantedhim to stay here oracagame was feeling guilty about the incident that happened a few moments agoso he decided to go to the police station in order to hand himself over to Justice it's very funnybut he always thought that way when he checked in.

He told the whole story to the officer but theofficer kicked him out of the headquarters and asked him not to come here again he asks about thereason but the reason is obvious then he decided to go to his house because there is no solutionand he actually went to the owner but he found a new tenant had come to his house he is askingabout his things but the owner said that he threw his things into the river and now he has nowhereto go so he went to one of the abandoned places he began to think about his bad condition how heended up homeless because of a frivolous situation he also thought about the temple and the girlshe thought the girls were fine because yuzuki was there he said she was a strong woman and hedepended on her but then he started thinking about negative things so he punched himself in order tostop it but he kept thinking so he punched himself.

Again he doesn't know why he keeps thinking ina negative way even though he meditated under the waterfall and also reached the stage ofEnlightenment then he began to think about his inability to achieve anything because he couldnot repay the money the value of which exceeds 20 million yen but in the meantime he is surprisedby the presence of ayaba yuzuki she asked him why he left the temple he said that she was the onewho asked him to so she became angry and said that she meant to leave the bathroom and not thetemple she also told him that this problem can be solved by discussion nothing more nothing less hereyes were shining and she said that the first rule in order to attain Enlightenment is that a persondoes not have to live alone sukuyo also came she apologized to him because she had entangled him ina worthless trap he also apologized to her for his.

Actions but she gave him a piece of paper in whichhe wrote the Bill that he must pay but the amount of money has risen because of that situationthat happened earlier and so he came back to the temple again but Mia didn't like this so shepassed out the girls tsukuyo and yuzuki decided to go in order to take a hot bath because of therain that was falling over them a little earlier but before that sukuya went to the refrigeratorin order to get some juice then she went but she left AKA game and courage alone in the kitchen andthis girl is the sister of yuzuki and sukuyo so akagame said that he would go in order to preparedinner before the girls came out of the bathroom but Keurigs wanted to help him prepare the foodand actually while preparing dinner she said that he didn't know anything about yuzuki's life so hebecame very excited he wants to know everything so.

He said out loud that he wants to know everythingabout yuzuki so Keurigs began to look at him in a strange way and indeed he had misunderstoodbut he said that it was impossible for him to do this and that's because he's a priest and todo these negatives her punishment is very severe but she said that following negative things isnot a bad thing he is shocked to hear this crazy sentence She also asked him to go and see yuzukiand tsukuyo he began to feel the danger that this girl possesses so she said that she was jokingwith him no more and no less All the Things She Said are just a joke in order to annoy akagamethen she said that her sisters have been acting stupidly since the moment AKA game came she saidthat she loves her sisters when they act stupidly so she thanked him for that and also said thatshe is glad that akagame has finally returned.

To the temple then she went to open the bathroomdoor but game quickly went to stop her from doing that thing but she moved away from the door and sohe opened the door of course after he did this the girls punished him severely and now we don't knowwhat will happen because Mia was angry and said that the temple had become full of corruptionbecause of akkagame she was very nervous so the girls started trying to calm her down butshe never gives up she made a very difficult challenge to akkagame if he loses this challengeshe will turn akagame into a beautiful doll using scissors I think everyone understands very wellwhat is happening AKA game will enter a difficult challenge at the expense of his manhood he becameshocked because this matter concerns his future curates she does not understand what kind ofpunishment AKA game will face so everyone ignored.

Her stupid question yuzuki was also encouraginghim not to give up in the fight that would happen between him and Mia she asked him to rely on hisfists during the fight everyone wishes him good luck in the fight and he actually said goodbyeto them and went to the venue of the match and actually a few moments later ayemia comes but shewas was feeling very angry because of the dislike towards Zach again when he saw her he startedcalling her by her first name but she didn't want to because she was introducing herself and herfamily and said that AKA game should respect her she wanted him to tell her Senpai and actually hewas listening well to this lecture really he was agreeing to fulfill all her selfish requests butshe was like a monster that is difficult to tame because of the much anger resulting from seeingthe calm that akkagame enjoys she began to tell.

Her whole life story but he began to ignore hermeanwhile this girl said that she was the maid of Mrs Mia he began to ask about the kinshipthat unites them so she said that she is her big sister Mia screams loudly because she is theeldest of this girl then he started asking her to cancel this fight because there is no point inthis nonsense so she got angry and pulled out a samurai sword he doesn't understand what exactlyis happening so she started telling the story of the old Samurai and she said that this fightwill be a fight to the deaf he doesn't want this to happen so she cut off part of his hair veryquickly this means the beginning of the fight he came to understand and that this girl was reallyserious about this fight because she was looking at him in a scary way she also told him to preparehis sword because the next attack would be much.

Stronger and she actually pounced on him veryquickly he threw his sword because he wants to stop this attack with his hands I don't knowwhat is the thing that AKA game has in mind he abandoned his weapon during the battle the problemis that if he is defeated he will lose his manhood and this is something that should never be riskedshe was attacking hard and he also had the courage to repel the attack but suddenly a situationoccurs between them during the fight because of the May so akagame could not control himselfand actually countered the attack with his hands but his hands countered to something else poorMia she became nervous because of the situation that happened in the fight a few moments ago herfriend also called her a loser because she had been exposed to losing in the challenge this meansthat AKA game has won and this is very annoying.

For her the maid wants to propose a punishmentin order to punish Mia so she brought a book this book contains many severe punishments so MIAbecame shy because she didn't know what exactly was going on here she thought she was going towin the fight and then she kicked akkagame out of the temple but God was with akkagame and nowMia has to give up but suddenly akagame said that he wanted something then he gestured towards Miahe meant that book but Mia had misunderstood so she said that it was impossible after which sheimmediately ran away but in the meantime kagira was smiling in a strange way I think she wasplanning for something else at night akkagame can't sleep because he has failed to reconcile meof this day also he is sad because he also failed to get the book of punishments he closed his eyesbut suddenly he found Mia in front of him she had.

Come to settle the matter that happened in thefight the samurai competition she had suffered a loss so she had to execute the challenge penaltyhe doesn't know what's going on because it was all a misunderstanding at the time he wantedto make sure that this was a dream or not so he threw a knock on the door and actually foundakagira shooting a video so he finally understood everything he started explaining everything to herhe said he meant that book and now she understood it too so she became shy because she was stupidbit and then she quickly ran away at that moment kagira went to him she whispered in his ear noone knows what she said to him the poor thing was running fast she doesn't know why she's stupid shehad to figure everything out from the beginning so she decided to meditate and book herself andactually went to the store in order to hide but.

It was a surprise AKA game was waiting for herbecause it was the evil kegera who told him to go to the store she wanted to escape but the doorwas locked from the outside kagira was the one who locked it also could not get out of the window thegirl Mia does not want to stay here also he does not want to stay either so they are looking fora way to get out of here the problem is that they have forgotten their phones outside so it willbe impossible for them to get out now so they have to wait here until tomorrow in order to getout he started looking around and actually found a blanket so he went to Mia in order to give her theblanket but she was angry because she didn't want him to get any closer to her and she also didn'twant to touch a blanket that had been grabbed by a man so akagame put her on the floor and askedher to come and pick it up herself meanwhile he's.

Started asking her about this strange table sheasked him to stop these questions but then she answered him but he was surprised by the answerbecause this table is very serious and also it is about the Buddha the atmosphere became a littleturbulent between them but she told her story her story is similar to AKA games she belongs toa very famous and Wealthy family but this family had a bad reputation like the egmetsu family whenshe was little her mother used to tell her that she had to have a hundred lovers she didn't knowthe meaning so she talked about this in front of her friends at school as a result she becamelonely because all her friends abandoned her because of the thoughts she heard from her motherbut one day a girl came to her and sat down with her this girl is kagira she started laughing whenshe heard that Mia wants to have 100 lovers she.

Introduced her to religion and also suggested thatshe go to the temple in order to start a new life and fix everything and indeed she was going on theright path but from the moment AKA game came she began to behave strangely because those negativethoughts that she inherited from her family have returned to her mind again then when she completedthe story akagame was crying because he was affected by this story he said that he was alsogoing through exactly the same problems as her he said that he joined this Temple for the samereason they began to cry together she began to say to herself that she had finally met the person wholooked like her that's fate but she didn't want to he also began to think about the same thing buthe was punching himself in order to drive away negative thoughts the atmosphere becomes romanticin the end they decided that they would help each.

Other solve their problems but at the same momentkagura comes and opens the door she said she heard everything the next day kagura was filming AKAgame and kagura while they were doing some yoga exercises but yuzuki came she got it wrong so sheasked them to pray for God to forgive them their sins then yuzuki remembered an important thingthis is the means of marriage she is going to marry a priest in order to run the temple Kiki isleaving soon and also the temple will be closed when yuzuki graduates from high school but if shegets married the temple will continue to work and now they have to get to the bus stop quickly andthey did go quickly but to no avail they arrived late so akagame rented a motorcycle and she didand they set off but unfortunately the fuel ran out so they moved forward but they noticed abus she went quickly and also he went with her.

But the problem this is a truck and not a bus shecollapsed and said that it was impossible to save the temple but he said that nothing is impossiblehe asked her to put on a kimono because they were going to rent this truck while it was stoppedat a red traffic light she was reluctant because she felt a little ashamed but nevertheless shecarried out the plan and now there is only half an hour left for the wedding date and actuallyAKA game borrowed this truck then they went to the temple for The Wedding Date a few momentslater they entered the temple by truck but in a stupid way as they jumped the truck over the wallthen they hit the tree the priest came to take the girl to the master she was glad that she made itto the appointment on time so she thanked akagame for helping her solve this problem he said thatthis is normal because they are friends then he.

Asked her to go and said that there was no man inthe world who could not fall in love with her she started laughing now then she quickly drove offwith this priest but he got in the van in order to wait for her he wished her success in thistask but at the same time he was sad that he would not be able to live with her because she wasgoing to get married he was wishing her well in a good life but suddenly he finds a strange womansitting next to him he started asking her about her identity but she said that she should ask himnot him she noticed the clothes that AKA game is wearing it's a servant's clothes so she askedhim to clean the temple now and also said that he should stop wasting time he didn't want thatso she forcibly took him for cleaning meanwhile yuzuki was introducing herself to the high priestalso he was happy to meet yuzuki he introduced.

Himself to her and said that he is the third sonin the ryakoku temple and his name is kijuwon then he wanted to know why yuzuki had proposed herselfat such a young age and actually she was Frank in her answer she said that she loves mikizukiTemple and also she loves her friends who live in that Temple then she suggested to kijuto visit that Temple then she began to express how much she loves and is loyal to her friendsshe said that she is complete greatly confident that her friends are supporting her from afar atthis moment she looked out the window but noticed AKA game watching her from behind the window soshe became shocked and nervous because one of her friends is watching her and as a result she beganto guess is this person really at again or is he just a clone made by her brain he also startedsaying that he didn't want to look at yuzuki.

When she was meeting another man as a result ofthat he started thinking in a negative way but he started punching himself in order to stop it andalso in order to expel all negative thoughts about yuzuki she didn't know what the hell was goingon kid you found out that she was nervous so he asked her to imagine her family by her side nowshe can't because one of her friends is already watching her now but in the meantime AKA gamediscovers that yuzuki is nervous because of him he thinks that his presence at this moment causesa lot of stress so he decided to hide in places in order for the marriage date to succeed but at thatmoment that Priestess called out to him to hide in this place but unfortunately the marriage brokeris sick now and cannot attend this interview he is an important person in his job is to marrythe parties so this Priestess identified AKA.

Game as a Matchmaker the situation was so bad thatyuzuki was embarrassed and angry akagame also felt the same but he started apologizing to yuzuki forthis thing but then he started feeling energetic he has to marry yuzuki to this priest in order tosolve the problem of closing the temple so he was feeling excited and asked tazuki to get readythen he asked kiju a question the question is about where he will take his girlfriend on thefirst date between them so kiju said that he will take his girlfriend to the cinema in orderto watch a movie he said that he likes to watch movies alone but it will be more fun while yuzukigoes with him she became happy that the meeting was going well she looked at akkagame but shebecame shocked he was holding his heart because of the cinema Hall he began to imagine yuzukiinside the cinema Hall with kiju those negative.

Thoughts that he was trying to get rid of in orderto become a good person have returned but then he returned to normal so he asked the priest againabout the places he would go with yuzuki on days off so the priest said that the hot springs arethe best place to relax but akagame began to look at him with a terrifying freshness all because ofthe thoughts he was imagining he really felt very angry he was like a beast that was difficult totame he decided to forget all that so he asked him again what is the priest's plan after marriagethe priest said that he will have 10 children he loves a big family so akkagame fainted becauseof this interview so they took him away from this place yuzuki was embarrassed by akkagame's stupidactions so she apologized to kiju he said that the way she described her friends earlier was Frankhe also said that he wished akagame had not come.

Here in order to interfere in this meeting buthe said that akagame was worried about her no more and no less he is a Frank person because hedoes not lie in his feelings but suddenly when yuzuki heard this she remembered herself when shewas little her mother always told her that lying is a very bad thing so she apologized to kiju hedoesn't know exactly why so she said she didn't really want to marry him then she rememberedthe words of her friend Kiki she wants yuzuki to prolong the engagement for three years then shewill cancel the engagement because after three years she will graduate from school as a resultof which the temple will last longer and will not be closed after kiju understood everything heunderstands that yuzuki did all this in order not to close the temple she was apologizing tohim but then she knelt down in front of him and.

Begged him to do her sermon in order to givethe temple some time but the priest began to speak like a philosopher and said that mikazukiTemple is a very old Temple and needs a lot of Maintenance and as a result many people will beharmed because of it he said that the person who decided to close that Temple was thinking the sameway he began to make harsh words to her and said that mikizuki Temple is never worth protectingshe tried to change his mind but to no avail he asked her to wake up from the Illusion in orderto accept reality but at that moment akka game comes he also begs him for their help to run thetemple and also blames himself because he is the reason mikizuki Temple got into that state becauseof his father's debts but the priest began to look at akagame with Wonder and said that the closureof the temple is in his interests all the debts.

That he has on him will Disappear Completely andso AKA game will have freedom then kiju is going to leave because it's over the temple will beclosed forever but akkagame caught him he said that the temple saved his life and yuzuki'slife so he said that mikizuki Temple really deserves protection the priest has come to saythat running the temple will never be an easy task yuzuki will suffer and also everyone wholives in the temple will suffer it is not easy because yuzuki will not be able to do it allalone but akagame said he would support her in all circumstances but the matter turned quicklybecause the priests began to direct responsibility towards akagame he asked him to take care ofher and start a family with her akkagame must help yuzuki all his life and everything and ofcourse akkagames swore to give happiness to her.

She became shy because it became like a marriagecontract between akagame and yuzuki then kiju said to yuzuki that he agreed to the engagement buthe would only give her his name then he left so they thanked him for the help the priest wentto that Priestess she said she wanted him to convince yuzuki to close the temple but he said hefound that boy interesting so he changed his mind but the problem is that this girl she is the highpriest of this Temple and she has the title of ayaba it becomes really interesting meanwhileakkagame and yuzuki had arrived late at the bus station so they went to the train station but onthe way he began to think about that engagement he became happy that yuzuki would not marry thatpriest because the engagement was only in name and as a result he would not leave the temple shebecame shy so she closed his eyes in order for.

Him not to see her she began to thank him forher help but he saw her face so he thought she had a cold or some disease she started screamingand called him stupid because the reason her face was red was because she loved akagame then theyarrived at the train station but it was too late the last train had already left a few momentsago so he suggested that she returned home by taxi but there were never any taxis the city wascompletely empty like a ghost town but they looked around and indeed they found one of the hotelsbut the problem is that this is another kind of hotel but there is no solution he never wants togo there but she suggested he go because there is no solution in front of them and they really wentbut she was joking with him in such a stupid way that he started bleeding then she asked him to gofor a shower and he really went to the bathroom.

But he was thinking of a way to get out of thispredicament he doesn't want to get into trouble then when he went outside he found yuzuki actingin a strange way she went to the bathroom so he took the controller that she was holding then heturned on the TV but he found a shocking surprise she was watching bad things so he started thinkingabout what that girl said about her sister she was also nervous but when she remembered thatmoment when akagame said that he would support her in running the temple she wanted to staywith him forever but when she got out of the bathroom she found akagame in a strange State hehad tied himself up in order not to do something that he might regret in the future so sheclosed his eyes and went to sleep and so he started screaming for you to untie him becausehe can't stay up all night and he's in this state.

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