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At the beginning of the episode it is shown that the king who is king gives Dara to the girl because she has made her face like this and shouts loudly that tell me about her. The girl says that you have given me Dara. Diya says ok, forgive me, you have done something like this , which I am surprised to hear, then the girl starts telling that three families were together at that time, Sagun family, Bank family and Jin family, all three were together. And you know that man had fallen from the sky and here the queen is thinking whether these three families were together again, it means that something is definitely wrong and then the girl says, but wait, you are also the sky. se teke de what does it mean that and is thinking first of all i have to participate in a desolation festival and come first in it then i will come back in the holy line then at last the queen.

Asks her to the girl After all, where is this solution festival going to happen because I also want to participate in the festival, I made my man Liya she says come on this is a very good thing then we all will go to the festival together and it is going to be a lot of fun here we are told about add desolation photos yeh jo it desolation fortress hai ye it The desolation is in the continent and it is the closest to the lower goad reality, do you understand that means there is a continent, there is a desolation fortress inside it, there is a lot inside it, like an Asia continent and there are many countries inside it, we are shown the way in the next scene It is that those people have come to a small and lovely town and these people are roaming here with pleasure, that girl is looking here and there, then she collides with a fat man, this fat man is like this and Along with this there is a patlu too.

Patlu ka hota hota ki boss ki you are looking at this girl her cute little hands and tiny feet are looking so cute Motu says in voice n exactly like this you will feel me a little bit It was a bit bumped that's why he says I also felt that I was bumped with you This voice is perfect for Matka isn't it perfect He is sitting because he has something else in his mouth, he has been thinking that look, you have collided with me and you must be punished for this, and as a punishment you will have to sleep with me, then what about the thin one? It happens little girl , after all what are you waiting for, my master, do as you have been doing, accept it quickly, then she says that this master of yours is walking with your mind, is he a pet, says that you have so much courage . motku comes it seems you don't know who i am and what is my name this.

Is from sangu family and the one from sangu family is one of letter families of anita and from family here it belongs to girl No my mother has said that I can't sleep with someone like this at all and not at all with people like you because you are walking with mind and feeling with body and that hour is my Sangam family So what happened, it doesn't matter to me, he says that everyone in his family is born with a mind and this thing immediately within 10 seconds. Inside it spreads like a fire all over the place and everyone is talking about his Motu, will he really tolerate the family? Don't talk like this but cry people where to stop the talk starts spreading towards the fire and everyone starts saying bad things about Mode that look it is like this and what does he want all the girls to fall on him.

But This fat guy, he is very handsome, he is cute, it doesn't matter to me what anyone thinks about me, I just want to sleep with him, he belongs to the thin one , did you hear my boss? What are you doing ? First come wait, I'll teach you two flies a lesson, to the first one he kicks hard, it hits the palm, and to the second one, he hits it with a fan. So Sharif bursts a bit then that girl comes to save both of them and asks wait what are you doing, motku tells Patlu that I told you not to harm her girl at all. Patal says why do you worry.

, I am not harming her girl, I will kill whoever comes in the way, he says then. That sound is a good thing, now hurry up, get everyone out of the way and on the other hand, it would have been for the girl that you are doing all this wrong; There are so many good things we want to try tell me what is the story but comes and hits him hard on the face of patlu So he gets careful that who are you child and you are so courageous that I am his elder brother and with so much courage you care about all this, then that girl starts saying that no brother, you are the queen. Don't read in all matter, these are big people, they are from Sagwan family, we should not fart in their midst, let us leave quietly, this pet starts laughing and what is going on, look,.

You are his elder brother, yet your younger sister. Very few girls get this chance to bring themselves in a relationship with the master of the family and it should be an honor for you. Hi because you don't know what a big opportunity you are letting go of your hands, I am also worried that you are absolutely right Patlu, this child does not know which family I belong to and Our family is so big and powerful but the queen says that Han is a mercenary Shango family . Not only today, nothing like that, then he starts getting angry and says that you have so much courage, you can not speak to the master of the shengu family, to the young master in this way and he is.

Going to attack Ting directly. And says wait now, I will teach you a lesson . Catches it and gives it a strong twist, takes it straight to the ground, enters it and then swings his sword. Matakku you must have forced many girls before this too, he says yes, I did, you want to say this , are n't you right? Maybe then he attacks with his sword and cuts the weapon and then he starts taking it to the girl, there the whole tomato sauce is also spent on his pant and everyone starts watching what happened. What happened, someone 's weapon was cut, then this blue guy comes here and was crying, after all, why is there so much noise here,.

Move away, let me go and see, then he sees that he is fat, he asks that Motu , what happened, Motu, I don't know at all, he must have been lost somewhere and what would have happened, he killed my child, and then what was it, as soon as someone turns back, you told me, is this blue guy the one who killed Grandpa? Was killed means this tele postpotation gate to come inside the desolation fortress is the same what to comment then tell and what happened to it Well , when I met you for the first time, I knew that you are a swindler and you will definitely steal my things, but if you give that girl to my brother today, I will do you a favor and save your life. I will forgive , it is such a thing that if someone starts laughing out loud then it must have been of the person that what happened, why are you laughing like this, are you laughing at your mother, doesn't he say bad bill.

, I am laughing at you? This guy gets very angry after hearing this and he goes straight to attack Twin and makes his strong attack but by then some Elder A comes and he stops his attack very comfortably and with this the episode ends. Today's episode ends, tell me, how did you like it? Watch him too because his episode will come every day, then see you in the next episode, till then bye bye

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