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At the beginning of the episode we are shown that Banda attacks King then Grandpa comes and saves Queen . Grandpa starts praising that this straight method is normal and Grandpa is being shown to us, it is actually not so straight and good, when it descends on someone's death, they kill him very badly. Would have fallen down and would have been old man, you also know to which family I belong and you have so much courage, he is my victim and you are trying to save him, then go to the grand and pick him up by the collar. Young man you and this attitude of yours is very bad you should not talk like this to anyone Han your father is Sagun so what if he also stays here instead of you then he.

Also does not have that much courage Was that he could talk to me like that now get out of my sight I do n't want to see you anymore but This guy starts laughing and how is it okay if you want like this then I will go out of your sight but he should because the last time he met me he stole my stuff and Brother Queen, is it true that you are a thief ? I don't believe, I can't believe that you can be a thief and you can steal someone's goods too, but that yellow guy has some khichdi going on in his mind and immediately he steals other guy's. Brother, you said that this queen is a thief, I don't know how to describe it, so the person who is the thief, the.

Other one, has he also stolen something of yours? So Puri is already sour and everyone starts talking about him now because this kid who seemed so simple and nice was actually A thief came out and he slaps a big family, I can't believe it and because that guy was from a big family, everyone immediately believes his words, the old mythology does this and this is a marshal Talks about the art book and has got it from the guy, you have lost the local level book you had, right? after all how do you know the money I lost a martial arts book the same little book join gave him to the girl in the beginning when the girl helped him he was Banda's Han as I knew then sure this.

Queen No, he must have stolen your book, the yellow one is becoming very sharp and has been telling Grandpa that now I will take care of it, I will tell you the whole truth, this life has come here with us and Acting with us to steal all the martial arts books we have, someone says you have no shame, do you? The children then come to his grandfather and hit him on the neck, he turns red, what is he doing ? You are making such false accusations on him and here we are shown this guy who has been saying that you have stolen the martial arts book from my family, hurry up and give the torch art book to me, okay if I If I have stolen from your family then tell him what is the name of the book and if I have not stolen.

It then what will you do. By the way I want to tell you that all the eight big families in this desolination fortress are all shameless. It is not that it belongs to Banda Look how do I know which book you have stolen because my family has many books there are countless books I can't even you give me the letters you know I What will I do if it gets pierced? ay it's yours pack your stuff and get out of here i know you are acting and i wo n't let you take it and he says come on someone now we should leave here but says just a minute Wait here we are shown that the queen was using her mental power and the pressure is so high that Grandpa realizes that the queen's mental power switch is too strong and.

Then when Pin opens his eyes, he is saying to the man that I am trying to say that the 50 golden cards that you stole from me are in your pocket, why am I right after listening to this? This guy gets shocked and wonders what are you trying to say and he is thinking in Mani Man that how did he come to know that I have 50 golden cards in my pocket, what is all this? He has been and starts saying that man, you are boiling from your mouth, understand that this is not true at all, but he was saying okay, if this is not true, then why don't you check your pocket, see 50 gold cards are definitely going to come out of it, but somehow, mostly, but where was King stopping? And how many spirit.

Stones can I get in 50 gold cards, so you stole them from me and now you're calling me a liar, then all these people who would have been What are they from? Is the Shagun family really so poor that she is stealing the golden cards of others and then there is a whole lot of debate. There is a way to come from the side, these people are in the middle and not public from all sides, they had taken the house, it was a girl's brother, criminal, you are so rich, you have 50 golden cards , even I do not have so many cards. You belong to Kamal and here on Grand you are thinking that I did not expect that this kid would play so intelligently and then what were you asking the POS guy that from whom have you stolen now? Will you try to give it back to me ? The.

One who has golden cards and throws them straight and is concerned that go to hell, catches them and is concerned that my Well done grandpa now I should leave here he says why not Han now before going who is king throws a golden card directly towards him and says Han I know your shangoon The family is very poor which steals other people's card but no problem you always remember my point and listen to these lines very good line is written that even though a person may be poor but his dreams are never small He would have definitely done everything and when that card is lying in front of him, he would not have been able to do anything in front of this man, he would have killed the big family completely. I am getting angry, my eyes.

Turn red, I don't know what to do, but I want to provoke and the people who are there, they are trying to provoke me, they are laughing. Why doesn't he fly because the golden card was thrown in front of him and he is laughing as if he is such a big beggar and he is laughing that he is really The Gawan family is no less, today one is cut off and the other 's leaf is cut off. In the next scene, we are shown that they are going on their way, then Quick gives him 10 golden cards to the girl. And that girl is very happy but this yellow one is also very angry, then his grandfather is asking him that why are you so angry, now they are passing so they find the alchemist there. If something happens then the house says you guys come I will come after some time and they find out.

The girl says this is alchemist house brother kingdom are you also an alchemist he says yes I am also you Come on guys I will go after a while and then what was the king starts going to the alchemist's house and this yellow guy is from Han is a big alchemist I think he will be a level van kal alchemist so His sister is getting angry, why don't you always offer and then here his Grandpa is also asking the man that It is not a good thing to be more jealous than C and with this we are shown that when Queen enters inside, a beautiful girl tells her to take the head, the next episode will come after a while, okay sir bye.

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