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At the beginning of the episode we see ringtone ki tumhe kya lagta hai kya mister he has so much ability that he can absorb the film inside himself. Elder starts telling him that he has done this less before also but he absorbed half flame first. Did it and it didn't hurt him much, then Rich is asking this guy what happened, why is your mouth down like that, that guy is cute because this is the energy of the flames, it is very violent, the ordinary warriors He can also absorb half of the flame without being killed , but the film he is going to absorb is very dangerous because there is no chance that he will survive or not, only then elders make fun of the fellow . Why are you comparing yourself with Mr. Yeh, don't you know.

When you are so small then you don't even come near him and who are you comparing yourself with right now He says that enough is enough, only then the battery goes between the two and keeps saying the bus. Children stop quarreling here I am shown to the queen who reaches inside then there are all three frames first he goes to the blue one this movie is speaking and what is happening Tum toh Gu family ke nahi Looks like what are you doing here that I have come here to absorb you ? He goes to Flame Chowk and says are you going to absorb me ? These are Gufali's forefathers, they have left this film, that means when they are killing, then the energy that used to be inside them has come and converted into this film, and at the same time, their nature is also a little bit in it. Aa gaya hai and here this flame is.

Coming from a criminal with a scary mouth that you have kept me as a era deep n tu era film, no matter how many frames you have divorced before today, but I am a similar flame No , on top of that you don't belong to the Goo family, so how dare you say that you are going to revolve me What's more, he is also saying that I can see that you have absorbed a lot of flames inside you even before today, but don't consider me normal, I am very strong , that's why the red flame laughs. Looks like the blue one says why are you laughing like that it must have been from the red movie blue one you are trying to show him to the child that you are not the weakest of us but that is the difference Ting says that you are the weakest of us, just stop fighting, I don't care who is strong, who is weak, because I.

Am going to revolve all three of you. And what happens baby, you seem to be too proud of your strength, what if we wall you up, you know, if you want to, you can try, but I tell you, I am too easy to absorb. What was going to happen after that, both of them are growing very fast and keep saying that we will not leave you, but here Jo King It happens that once you open your mouth, you absorb the blue one inside you, now it remains the yellow one, now it is your turn, the red one says that you have really absorbed it, that too in one thing now. He seems to be afraid of the red one or he is also going to know that Babu is not yours, you are not going to escape, but only then we are shown from behind, all the people are shouting that someone is happy, someone has entered, we are shown from behind. Hai that a.

Guy is moving towards the queen with a lot of speed, but he passes from the queen like a jet plane , then we are shown telling him to stop, whenever he uses his power Tha I come to know ki wahi fire wala banda hota hai woh film mujhse ka rahi hoti ki who you are and what are you doing here because not everyone can enter this place only then we see that Elder and Pathri who all There they have been there and are saying that this is an intruder and then we are shown that the person who is there, he can easily break the yellow flame and the red flame. It starts absorbing inside itself and it is happening, I do both of these jobs well, it stops it, but suddenly something starts happening to it, it feels very strange from inside, so it does not know how to do anything. No, it is happening, then it is happening to the red guy that you have absorbed the strange flame inside yourself.

But you haven't refined it yet and see your courage, you are going to use its power, so your body will not be able to tolerate its power, and here these elders are coming directly to catch that person. But he would have completely turned into fire and the Elders could not catch him . Who are you and you have so much courage, you can't steal my assistant film like this, go and get hold of it, the batteries issue orders, you must be aware of which person it is, because of whom the person with the fire came to know about it. But this guy stops his father and what happens father, don't you find all this strange , he says what is strange in all these things.

The person here suddenly went forward and suddenly and he also knew that today Haveli Fire is going to open and more than that The strange thing is that he knew the exact time as well and it is also known that he and at the same time tells Khula a very strange thing that the person who just came here is not a human being, he is also a flame. But she is an alien, people say what a flame, but still what was Queen Han in human form, this is absolutely true and there are some secrets about her, which tell us, now only I am getting to know that she The person is not a human, it is an alien, that means it is a flame, that means like all of these are flames, they are not exactly the same type of flame, but they can come in human form and there can be only one reason for this that today they have come to know about this. That this pavilion is open and the thing is that there is a cheater in our family, they are not convinced after hearing this.

. People do less together and we don't have any proof, nor do you have any cheater among us, those who are elders are the ones who belong to us. T family members are all very powerful and I don't think we should listen to any child it may be made for us that you don't use your mind before speaking so that elder gets angry And it becomes deeper that you are talking too much, then only the king was talking to the person, so this person was talking to me, Mr. Queen, what do you want to say to me, I am not understanding anything. Says it's a very simple question, the guy who just came here and you have different boxes, yes, I know it's very difficult to feel it, but still I feel light-headed.

, and you are You have never met me before, that's why this young master comes and what happens, no sir, you must be getting into a wrong family, he is in our gufali for a long time and can never cheat us. He has always stood with us even in difficult condition, even the battery is convinced , then he tells the man that if he really feels it inside you. If there is anything else then leave my family immediately, that guy starts saying battery, don't you have faith in me, how can I deceive you guys, attacks him and as soon as he attacks, he suddenly shakes. It has happened, why is it happening, I said, I can feel it inside you and I, how did you move so quickly, just tell me, then what kind of batteries are you, you have betrayed our family, in my eyes Get out of the front immediately Characters What is going to happen after this I don't want to.

Do but it would have been of Banda that please Patrice I'm sorry I was too scared what happened to the battery I didn't even do many bad things to you Why are you doing this, only then this person gets angry and what is happening, have you never done bad to me, after all, how can you even do this, even though I am born in this group family, but respect like this I have never got it till today, it was always ahead of me and why should I give my power to others, I belong to this family. ssa and it's always ahead of me and you wanna tell me you never treated me bad you guys always treated me bad cause I was little it causes battery kick someone out I won't kill characters and then that Those who are swordsmen, what do they do, they give a strong sword and its game is over here and the episode is also over here, then see you in the next episode bye-bye.

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