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Please note this episode is not single boys first at all so don't watch this episode at all in front of your man father because there is big hingulu talk in it so please watch alone and weak hearted single boys don't watch at all The girl goes to uncle and asks about the strength of the clothes. Uncle says Guddu Guddu Guddu Guddu, see son, Guddu Guddu Guddu . Guddu Guddu Guddu then that girl gets very surprised and goes deep Won't you do bargaining, for the first time you will see such a software which is saying this, did you not like that dress, some girl.

Says no, that dress is actually very expensive, so I did not buy, well you all know a girl . And there is so much debate between the shopkeeper that's why gudgudhu jya Looks great, you must have understood that there has been a conversation between you guys, so what happened, do you like that dress, no matter how expensive that dress is, your brother is here, I will dilvaunga to you and then What was the king giving money to uncle ? Cheap salman khan jo ki raha hota hai dekho dost my haseena has liked that dress so i want my haseena to wear that dress please you go and like some other dress and this too queen is from a big family The shopkeeper says that I have already given you 100 spiritual stones.

, that too of a high level, so you give me that dress, then the shopkeeper who is there , we don't worry at all, sir, this dress So I'll give it to you right now here we see that everybody takes a look at that guy and we're told that this guy is the biggest playboy in town Every girl is kept with fancy and is a little powerful, a little bit of mind, so people make fun of it too, but it comes from a big family, so no one has so much courage and every girl is because it is very rich . It happens that handsome is not known but the rich is very much and here Quinn is asking from the shop that what decision have you taken, he is asking the shopkeeper that now don't worry at all, my shop may be small but We run our shop according to the rules and regulations, first come first serve, not that whoever gives more will get more,.

But here these people are talking in their Babu Sona Wale style, see what is written above I do n't understand , it's not my fault, then that person says okay, don't worry, this person says, I will give you two times less than this, you give me the dress, now the name has gone from Soch Spiritual Stones to 200 Spiritual Stones and See your boyfriend spending so much money, the girl would have been very happy and carried are you really my friend? What is the use of spending 200 Spirit Stones to buy my life, whatever you want, I can buy it for you, it doesn't matter how expensive something is Why not, this girl starts saying you are buying me such an expensive gift, won't other sister get angry that you are buying such an expensive thing for me, he says oh no no why worry.

Why others will get angry She starts saying that you are very dear , I don't know what can I give you in return, I am not understanding anything, so what is he saying, I don't want anything in return, you are just happy. Wait, nothing else is needed He starts changing his mind at the shop, what's up, you follow the rules of trading, but he says they are paying a little too much, what can I do? He starts saying shopkeeper. I give them first and see the rest of the clothes, you will like any one, I will give you a d iscount on it and The girl is talking to the twin, leave it, I don't like it, let it go, let's see someone else, leave it now, I don't want it, the queen has already got angry because it has already lost self-respect and it's about her What do you think from the top of the shop, I don't have money, does he say no,.

Sir, when did I say that you don't have money, but he is thinking of me as a man. You will not have any money Queen says its ok he is giving you 200 I will give you 300 spiritual stone then the guy says what happened do you want to bet with me which of us can give more money He starts saying oh no no why are you two fighting so much for a cloth this friend is enough and don't do much but inside it is very happy that you keep putting as much as you can, what's wrong with this? Everything is going for you people, I am going to enjoy it, and then what was it that he is a servant who puts 400 spiritual stones, but where is the queen here? It is said that there is no need to invest so much money because if we plant three spiritual stones.

, then it is not known how much land we will buy, that means how many cars of land will be bought for those who are engaged in farming. Why are you worried if you will buy it? On hearing this, both of them start laughing loudly and what are you doing? It is said that you people are farmers, that means you have become really very poor and you have come from us to calculate who is going to win and that girl who is elder, she would have been wearing that dress anyway, so I am my sister . If she has one, then you will not look good in her, reduce it, let me take the dress, she says, keep yours to a minimum, I will manage, and then what was the difference , the thing of ₹ 100 has now changed to ₹ 1000. It happens that the guy looks like a thousand, he says a thousand words, it belongs to a girl . Hey, I love you very much.

And you are measuring my love with these useless spiritual stones. The Congressman starts saying that you are the young master of 8 Desolation Chamber of Commerce. I am absolutely right, isn't he ? You are absolutely right and you also know who I am, still you are trying to compare with me, who is more It is better that he does not say that I am not comparing with you a little bit, someone is talking to a girl that let's do less, you should wear a similar dress , it should be exactly the same, but just the color should be a little different, then that girl immediately She chooses any other dress she likes but the color is different Queen says ok for this only 20 high grade spiritual stone will be required take this spiritual stone tell me 20 bought in high grade then seeing this the shopkeeper also It is surprising that where now the bid of thousand has been made and where now it is 20, but if.

This bandhan has made a bid of thousand, then it will be perfect to buy from now because it has to be accepted that you have put 1000 spiritual stones, that too With high grade it means you will be really very rich. Queen and that girl are happily leaving from there but that guy is really very angry. is also very beautiful and see its fabric is also much better than her dress Ok , you didn't make that dress for me, I don't get it and here this guy is getting very angry, then he gives the girl's dirty dhaba and he is saying that look, now I am very angry with me. If you don't talk then that girl is talking to him Hey you do n't get too angry let me take you to a place where your mood will be fresh and.

Here he is awake and going cool By the way, ₹ 1000 is very much there , do not think that some people understand this episode, by the way, this episode was nothing special, it was told in the beginning that lonely boys with weak hearts should not watch this episode and if seen So see at your own risk and let's see it's good, there's a funny episode in between, because every episode will have a fight, it doesn't look good anyway, there's already a lot of action in this comic.

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