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Episode begins with we see she is a little girl she is angry at the king and asks why did you come here to the west side did you take what the old man told you to be true at the man 's place No, I didn't want to come here, that street was looking good, so I entered there, only then another guy would have come here and he was saying sir, tell me what kind of sleeves do you want, we have all kinds of slabs From which level did you want, does the level also matter here, that guy starts telling about himself that he is also a kind of slave but this one is special because he does cultivation and at the same time he also sends people. Means the way you want to slap, for big level you have to use more speed stone and for the one which is small, you know you have to use less stone. And.

Dear, we have not come here to buy slaves at all and you are doing all this business, what is the difference between human and you Like in a havan, but the person who does it, what is it for? If you do not want to buy, why don't you leave here ? Look, we don't want any trouble here, then that guy starts saying, if you didn't come here to buy anything, then what do you want to do here, gives him some high level stones, about 10 tons and what happens You keep them for the time being, we will see first , if we like someone, after that we will tell you what our decision is going to be, then those people go away, this is what happens, watch comfortably, there is no tension. But while leaving , the man also tells the girl that the one who is most powerful in this world.

Rules over everyone and those who are weak, nothing remains for them if we do not send them to the labs. They will never be able to become strong together and will always be slaves of these big people, so you are understanding my point, then these people go too far. Why is it that what he said was absolutely true, yes, it is absolutely true that those who are weak are always buried under the feet of the strong and if we are to save those people, we are also thinking that He is needlessly poor, if he has to be saved, then first of all he will have to be bought, after that those men will have to be made more powerful so that no powerful man can make him his servant again . There are no weak people here at all, there are many clever and strong people also, when they were going, they hear that two people have been talking that today the Golden Prison is going to come,.

The other says, “Haan, I have also heard, let's see.” There will be a lot of fun and while doing this we see that the whole crowd gathers in the street and everyone is talking about the same Golden Prison because it has a special kind of slap in the Golden Prison which is very Will be more powerful and everyone is very restless to see him and Puri also gathers here we see There comes a man who is bringing the Golden Prism to him in a horse cart but that man is bringing it very fast Twin's eyes fall on him and he immediately takes the girl to the side . That horse would have made chapatis out of it, and on top of that, the person who is the driver of the horse and cart, would have been saying that walk carefully and it is on the way ; It must have been that you are fine, that girl says yes, I am fine, by the way, I have.

Saved you again and again because there was a difference of just one centimeter, here we see that those people stop and what are they saying that today The weather is very good and the weather is so pleasant, then your mood will also be very pleasant and at the same time, not one but two golden keys have been brought here, only then a man interrupts in the middle and starts shouting like this. So he sends his man and it was the man with the purple one that you know whenever I am talking in the middle no one is allowed to He can speak in between me and it is jugaad he is taking this guy because now he has not got to see what is golden in front, it has been the guy that please forgive me, I will do something like th is from now on I won't even but still they throw the sundae out and now this guy with purple one would have been so let's start now without any further delay I want to tell you.

Yes, two gold should be made here today, it means that today the value is also going to increase a lot, where you would have got one million spirit stones, today you will have to put 30 million spirit stones, if you want to buy, then you know why, because of these two One is going to die, now he starts telling further that these two people who are inside this case, these people are very extra ordinary and their potential is also very high, as well as their real is very high and both of them are real. K is on the ninth level this is not a normal small-fat reality these two people are not golden Kejriwal's are very powerful who will stay alive who will go up it doesn't matter to us we just want to have fun first case opens and we have to do this A person is shown who looks like Baba Adam's era and at the same time he has put a bus and he looks very strong and powerful, the second one is very delicate and.

Looks like a royal family. It must have been because you can see that he is very thin and in front of him he looks like an ant. The girl is not liking this thing at all and she says that no, this thing is not good at all. Twinkle comes that she thinks that people are born in the world only then they are divided into high and low. Suddenly we see that there is an elder there and he asks these two, what are these two looking at, say, Elder, it is good that you have come here, we are shown that this fellow is an elder. If you stop with your powers, then the owner who is there is concerned that what are you doing here, don't interfere at all, then Elder says that I want that person, I do not want him to fight. When you fight someone , he starts saying that what are you talking about, he is our slave and he is in the middle of the war and you.

Cannot take him from the middle of the war like this, but those who are elders tell that I I want to get him out of here because he is my own nephew, remember a few episodes ago he had said that he has disappeared, after that this guy who is He is asking the man to go and bring instructions, now all the people who are on this side are not believing that he is really the elder's nephew and here the queen is also not believing. Looks like he belongs to royal family but he was looking very weak and elders are looking at him, he gets tears in the eyes of the person. You have yours and you are running here and there, the girl says, why haven't you kept brother, what is going wrong here, first of all, look at this goo, it represents the alchemist skill, something is going to go wrong here. Here and.

There one person keeps on saying side by side to all the people, it is a very important matter and then he goes to his master and whispers to him and then he must have come to know what was going on. That now some chilli masala is going to be used here and there will be a lot of fun, then this is what happens even if you are the vice president of Alchem East Union but you can't take such people just like that because right now they are in the middle of war and this thing doesn't suit you, they tell their nephew that you don't worry at all, you have nothing to fear from them It is not needed , but it is of Banda, see, you have two ways, the first way is that if he wins this match, then you can take it comfortably with you, the second way is that you will get 30 million spirit stones for it. You will have to pay, what do you think, but after hearing this, the elder gets angry.

And reads his collar, what do I think, my nephew, nephew Nikku is a toy thing , what if I do this, then I do this. do it but he says no you can't break the rules like this you are elder's rule you and yours have gone to hell this useless rule this is my nephew I am taking him you can't do anything if you understand Well if you do n't play right then I have no other way then let's see if there's more than 100 Most of the people have already followed that person and all these people remain the same person and it is the fate of the person that you are from the Alchemist Union, so what happens, it doesn't matter if you don't play according to Russia. If so, action will be taken against you and with this the episode also ends.

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