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As in the beginning of the episode, you guys know that he is a man, he is asking the Elder that why are you coming in our midst, then the Elder, who is there, answers him very clearly and in simple words. Look, if you want to fight, I know you must be angry , you can do it in a desolation festival, but today this banquet is happening and you cannot do anything like that here today, it is considered a crime. But he says that you do not know what he did, he killed my son, so what was that, he also wields his sword and tells him that look, I know that our President is here, he killed your son. which I don't think they should do but apart from that this banquet is happening today and the president is also the president of our alchemist union and all the people have elected him together that's why you can't say anything in front of.

Him Nor can you raise a weapon on him, placing a sword directly near his garden and saying, “You don't want to die, do you?” Ta hai no no I don't have anything like that then he says do exactly as the President has been saying now when the vegetable cools down then why are you doing okay okay now let's go without any delay or without time Let's start with this bank, let's spoil it, and here all the people belong to it, it is really very powerful, here we are shown this long haired guy , who tells his elders that let's go, he says okay. Ya Master and then he starts leaving from there, Queen says that you are leaving from here so soon, it has just started, it is going to be Banda's that by the time the festival comes, I know that you have come to know that How big is the power gap of both of us because he doesn't say anything more than me, he tells her ok, see you again.

And then that person leaves from there, with the person's departure, both of them also go to Sword Delta. Where are we going, okay, Elder, we also go, say Farewell Inter, okay, you guys can also go, but this good man, his name is sarcasm. Why are you saying that just stay for a few days because after a few days the festival is going to happen and I will hope to crush the world with these hands he also says very badly that you should not worry too much about it and then We are also shown this fellow Joint . Both of them leave, now the time passes, after a while the banker also ends, when all the people leave, then King Sword comes to the Elder and says that now all the.

People here have gone away. If I don't meet, then why don't we have a match between the two of us, and you can try a new generation like the older generation, and I will also teach you some tips and tricks on how to use the sword. is and how will it be done he says ok then you want to fight me come on no problem first 100 Deltar is agreeing but he forces a little then he goes to man for him he says ok after that both of them start coming out I know your cultivation is high anyway sword also has its own separate cultivation so I don't know What is your Cultivation when the Queen tells them her Cultivation means the one with the sword, which master is she in the Sort Technique, then they are shocked to hear this and are saying what are you doing, I know. Cultivation is very easy but these.

Sword techniques are very difficult to master. When Twinkle seems to be there, he cannot believe it, then he must have been in his super-information and is showing his power , seeing which They are completely surprised and keep saying that it means you are very powerful, they are surprised to see that how can a man who is less than 20 years old be so powerful , by the way, the queen knows this. Tha what is the power gap between these two because you know right there is a sword He is a leader and has mastered the sword, ok, now when you are at this level, I will also fight you by reducing my level a little so that it can be seen between us, but someone keeps his sword coming out. no elder you don't have any need to do that don't drop your level you can fight me with your full power i assure you don't let me.

Elders also become very happy after hearing this and they are able to release their power . When he comes out, he is very happy that today there will be a fight, here he also takes out his sword that today he will tear the President, but as soon as someone attacks him, he stops the attack and comfortably holds his sword for a long time. He does it comfortably and even the pinky sword does not stop, then he asks the name of his shot from the elder, he tells that the name of my sword is Ruthless Sword, now the elders are behind and It is said that this sword was made by his and sister, it is what it is and its name is Golden Dragon and as the generation progresses, the sword keeps on progressing and today the final one is an Indian.

, so he got his When he tells about his ancestors, he is surprised to hear that how did he come to know about his ancestors. The queen is also wondering whether it is really true that you are her descendants, after that the queen starts telling them that she had read about her and sister in a book when she was young and liked it very much. So he was trying to know a little bit more then he came to know that the name of the sword is Golden Dragon which is passed on to his next generation and then he keeps on telling them like this in full enthusiasm of the Queen. He goes and goes straight towards Elder and was saying let's fight Elder, here Elder is also fighting him very well, he thought that he can win, but where can Elder give so easily, his attacks are too much They are sharp and very accurate and on the other hand the Elder is also thinking that he will win but someone is fighting very well and.

The Elder is sweating and saying that the queen will have to die in front of which you are the President . Sword Master can easily save Ka in his generation and here it is shown that he is leveling up again and Ka is doing it. Senior is really enjoying this so I will become master of swords immediately and after seeing the queen he is thinking whether he will have to level up again and believe that he is leveling up very quickly because now his Quik didn't have any cultivation in front of his eyes, but he became powerful so quickly after being saved. In the next scene, we are shown that he is about to die. After training, a guy comes to him, taking the news, tell me what was the quiz, Han . What news have you brought, he starts telling about Banda Ruvo, that about 1 year ago a Banda Ruvo came to Queen, who is named Friend and he belongs to Phoenix, that is, belongs to the throw clan.

And a year ago Had taken it, wait, he gives all this information to the king, why is he thinking that I am a phoenix, it is very powerful and if someone wants to take the soul without his consent, then it will make him bhasmic but I think it was his choice, that's why he is a prisoner, wait, he went to Frankland with you to stop him. De se ka raha hota hai that after all this fenklang where is the clan then that guy says that we do not have any information about it, in the next scene we are shown this Utan is shown after many days and today is the festival season Today there is going to be a lot of fighting and a crowd of people gather here, the elder son of the Sangu family is here, and here we also show this person, it is easy to recognize because the girls Girl, today you look at me, how I.

Will finish all my people in one go, only then his eyes go away . If it is going to be, then friends, without delay, let's start the next episode, after a while, see you again in the next episode, till then like, comment, share, subscribe.

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