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As we see that the soldiers are there and what happens to the person that before attacking think 100 times, don't you know what is going to happen and here it also prepares the dessert king and his people. Why are you worried about what happened, why aren't you attacking the President? Do this too quickly and attack . and to whom he would have been apologizing with folded hands , what is happening, please forgive me sir, forgive all my mistakes, if the queen is good, then what was he doing, okay go, today I have forgiven and without Time's brother immediately starts running away from there, but he gets angry inside and thinks why today you have insulted me , you will definitely have to make up for it in the future, see that too, he is a Bhagat from there and everyone makes fun of him.

. If you are, then you are shouting very loudly that you know that you cannot befriend a high grade L chemist. And the other guy says that even if you break your arm and leg , do n't mess with the alchemist and do n't forget that he is the president of the alchemist union, he is very embarrassed, master run away from there When the dessert is done then those who are king of desserts come to the king and they are doing it . I know the technique but today when I have seen it with my own eyes then I have come to believe in reality because I can't help but all these people have spread rumors but you have also reached level 9. Hai realme it is surprising to hear this because no one can see realme.

Except unam explain because we have divine vision which we get from our subscribers who subscribe what are you doing subscribe like like haan But how do you know that you know all of the moments you've given me? Yes, it can be a matter, it depends on a little bit of love too, but dessert king, I want to tell you one thing that poison is spreading in your body slowly, he will be very surprised to hear this. After that the dessert king who is there seems to have to change the topic and why is it happening to us that you must be tired why don't you take rest till then I will see all the less that is here Let's go somewhere and there we will eat and drink by bus and then we will talk about it, after that we are shown in the next scene that those people are in the house where the desserts are king.

. They start telling the whole truth that the poison has not been given to them just now, this poison is inside their body for the last 10 years and it is called send poison, it is not a normal poison at all , but till date it has affected their cultivation. I have not put any hindrance in my life, but it just happened once that they had done too much fighting in a very dangerous way, so the time was spent with them. Reer 's poison had spread too much and it took him a few days to recover . No, you have dessert poison inside and I feel like your life is already lost, they get a little disappointed after hearing this, but after listening back, there is a smile on the face and this ball happens to these people. They are talking about juice and this, when the president has said that.

My life will not last long, so why don't we both, the king is talking about both, no, because wait, take it easy, they say, why what? Happened, then we are shown that the pregnant also raises a voice, then went, both of them do chairs and after drinking juice, they kill so much juice alone, the kingdom is saying that you are bigger than me Don't call me president yeh and after drinking han yeh we can't see anyone around us so from today onwards you call me brother yeh ka President don't bulaiyega he says this is very good thing I will always support you brother if you ever need me then he will call me further king dessert king this is from king dessert king this is sent poison it is very rare And I am sure that you must have gone to many alchemists before this but in the end it did not yield any result.

So he says you can do it because tells him that there is no one in this world who can send poison why but I can press his head for few years with my power but he They start saying can you head press it for a few years this is very good for me I can do a lot in these years even one or two years will be enough for me but you said but then why did they It seems to tell that there is a way by which their poison can be eliminated forever and that is the desert flower . To find it, a lot of papad will have to be rolled because it is not so easy and then the king starts telling which desert lake and it is very difficult to find it but it is very difficult to find them and.

Very few of those thousand desert lakes If there is such a desert lake, if it is a sand flower, then it is even more difficult to find it. Hearing this, it gets very furious because it found a desert lake and saw this sand flower inside it, but it made the same mistake that it thought it was normal, so it did not break it and after thinking about it He is hitting his forehead, he is hitting it many times, what a big fool I am, how can I be the dessert king, then there is a sound of shouting from outside that no sir, you cannot go inside this room. Because there is already a guest inside this room and from outside again we hear the sound of mara point and where we see this long haired guy chanting loudly in the outer bastion and he is being stupid Somewhere those cut villains get out of here and that guy with long hair is going from there only after that something has happened inside you.

We are here too are you following me here the long haired one turns back What is it and what happens to you again you have found me here, I will not leave. He takes out his elder and this elder is like a ghost to me. It is felt and here this elder is looking at the king and is saying that today I am not going to leave you child, today I will throw you away because I am worried that you are the same, wait, wait, increase now. I break your bones my friend my friend is enough for you he will blow you with his sword but this time he was in anger and what is going on when I saw you for the first time you are talking very rudely to my young master And now you have so much courage that you are using the sword against us, I want to tell you that today the sword is not going to work from your side, the salwar is going to work from our side and.

I should also see that today both of us Who knows by surviving, similarly, the dessert king takes out his childhood and puts it on the right side, says if you try to take even one step, you see what I will do to you, seeing this attitude, he elders They get scared and wonder who you are , the elders stop suddenly, they don't attack. If you are doing this then this long haired one asks his elders what are you doing and should attack him but they say no master this one who is holding the sword is not weak and at the same time his Friends are also not weak, both of them are very strong, they are completely shocked to hear about someone who is more powerful than me, because never before today, scalene had never said this, only then those who are dessert kings, they belong to them. It's good that you know who I am and what I can do. He.

Starts leaving. It's good that you got out and you two are here so I'm going to announce something and This will be a very good thing, you both will also be witnesses that I have announced this thing, then we are shown that he goes out, happens on the terrace, now in a way, and all the people are full crowd , it says all the people, my words. Listen carefully now what I am going to announce I will do in the next episode but before that I want to ask one thing how will it be I will celebrate Jhete ho na chinese comic to kya korean comic bhi kariye but not on this channel but on another channel and that will be a summary video of one type means such long episode will not come like 30 40 minutes will be finished in one episode but 30 40 Minute is big, so will give 5 minutes, what do you say, comment about it

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