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Hello gas, all of you are welcome on my channel, if you have not answered the previous episode in yes or no, then definitely answer once, even if you give it in this comment, but definitely give it and if your previous episode is now If you haven't seen till now then what are you doing, first of all go and watch that episode, only after that this episode is going to be understood, so let's start the video without any delay, in the beginning of the episode, we are shown that now The first round is about to start the first round is between long hair and this guy this guy who is our solution festival the winner should be from our solution continents and you are an outsider to you Shouldn't have even been here, then everyone starts saying Han Han, this is absolutely right, he belongs to the Banda Link family and the Lin family is also a big family here, everyone belongs to.

Him, go enjoy it Eat but you know how arrogant he is, it does n't matter what he says, he says okay, that's all, then go Only then someone says from behind that let his hair go and he does not like hearing this, long hair is very dear to him and then what was it, he is thinking that what a strange man he is, everyone praises him so much. Why are you doing it, only then we are shown that person who is running towards him with great speed and what is happening, you do not come from any family background, why don't you have a big family background? That's why I don't know how many times this is the beginning of a big family background and a sword comes from behind which would have penetrated straight across this guy and it falls in front of his feet and has long hair You don't know me yet then we are shown that.

Something starts to happen to this because he has found out what happened to it then the tall one starts telling us listen I didn't kill it I just cultivated it forever has been abolished forever and I am sure that there is no punishment written for this in the rules . He says ok the game will be continued now we are shown the second match you must remember this guy he has won his round here we are shown this guy who was with the criminal The match is lost, here we vote and this guy is shown , he would have won this match, and this is Shango family's, he would have easily won this match, so which is the first round It is over and the one you will go to the second round is shangoutiyan is a total punch contestant who is going to go to the second round, the announcement of the second round.

Is about to happen, then he is the patrick of the joint family, he starts saying no I feel something is wrong here that some big accident is going to happen in the second round so our family is lagging behind in the second round we want to cut this game right here what are you doing but Those who say this, what was there after that, those people rebel, leave from there, then there is no normal in the family battery. If he has said something it means we should do investigation but the one who is conscious says that we cannot do investigation so easily so soon. Sold elders are there and they say let's start the game first and then the host would announce. The one who has the vote will fight against the long hair and the one who is our ku will fight against the shengu family member because now only four contestants have become in this second round, everyone is very happy that the member of the.

Family who has become the president He is going to play against and here there is tension going on between these two also, inside these people climb each other, etc. So what do you think President, how many tricks are they going to steal? Guess continuously says 10 but it says what do you think 10 will not be enough 10 will not be enough 10 to 20 may seem more or may seem less this is a very high level conversation if you guys don't listen to it It will be better for you guys, just understand that both the families There is a lot of tension in the middle that who is going to win because the king is on their side and he who is Ju hai Banda is on the side of the family . It is going to happen, both of them are in strong form, here we are shown a little fast of Shubh Bande, it is very best and it is.

No one else but this is the bond, he would have killed alone and would have come to his house alone, this is also not normal . Luck ends here, now I will show you what is called real power, but the queen is finding it all very boring, he is doing what he is doing, hurry up , whatever you want to do, then we see that he goes shirtless and What is happening wait now I will show you what my real power is here you will get to see cool thing so let us see that his spirit comes out and it is wolf spirit which is very dangerous this straight quinn was moving towards suddenly its face has changed its power increases and it is again another wolf it is going to be a lot of fun master now don't worry i will.

Teach him a lesson but because He is not listening because he doesn't stay here, he has become something else and his voice Even when we see such an avatar of him, we are very scared because we are shown that his power has increased a lot because we directly come towards him, hold his face, that person is not able to do anything. It seems to be that leave me leave me but queen drags him with a lot of speed and bangs his head on the ground even he was not going to leave like this yet he punches his statement hits hard Punch and you can see how much more dangerous face he has made like a demon and then he keeps on hitting, he keeps on hitting, he doesn't stop and he does n't even know how to do anything. He immediately moves to stop the match but battery which we stop elder.

Says what are you doing battery says don't stop me today let me go character he will kill him a lot I know he will kill him Will die very badly but by the time those people reach there, Quick 's hands are covered in blood and there he is somewhere Let's say that I know what it is but till then there is some issue behind and what is going on. Is this the genius of your Shangu family ? Saif came and then it's also tight fished out you can see how badly it has been hit so badly it seems that it is not even going to get up now it seems that all the people belong to it, how powerful it is, Saine's family K's genius is piled up and after seeing this power this long haired one also gets excited now the second round is going to start in the second round this long haired one will fight with boot i.e. now I.

Have started At the beginning of the match, Jo Hota moves forward to attack him with his full power, but Jo Hota saves him from his sword, then comes back with Kya Tha Ji and attacks him from behind. Tries but till then he is given then he goes back a little it is the long haired one that you know you can't live with me he says I won't fight until I don't know how to run I lost I won then what was it vootiyan stands up any way he doesn't hurt much yet what is this guy with long hair doing Yours and that person's arrival, his loss, why do you both feel that there is a different relationship, then you get ready, baby, because you are going to disappear forever, the more angry he is, the more he activates his power. He moves forward to attack directly towards him and.

Here the sword of this long haired guy also moves towards him. Oh looks like you have activated your blood power. taken and with that the episode ends

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