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As we are shown in the beginning of the episode, he moves forward, his sword also moves forward, but vootiyan his shot escapes from the camera because his sword is too powerful, the guy is also behind because he knows Tha ki votiyan means bloodline is not normal again his sword stops vootiyan he votes but his sword keeps blocking his way and it is long haired guy who seems to be very stubbern That you are not going to leave me so easily. Here I am shown that the boot has been shot a lot around here, all the shots together make a case and the boot is stuck inside it, but you know right? Who can stop the going, where does he stop, he goes straight, comes out from inside and then moves forward to settle, till then we see that his avatar has suddenly changed, he.

Is his mutant. A gaya in the form and it is said that enough is enough, you have made me very angry, now baby Che now I am not going to leave you as it comes near it hits the boot man the whole internal internal is done and he hits the ground so badly don't even ask again we are shown that tall Bal uses all his shots and he puts it all around the body like a catch and it reaches the final spot, it is powerful and it was because you know there is a mountain on top of a mountain and every mountain is another The one is very powerful than the mountain and after saying this he throws his last sword directly on the boots, trying to stand up to the vote, then next time we are shown or suddenly surprised because It was something like that Vootiyan would have stopped his attack with his sword, that too with only.

These two hands and here it is shown that the power is continuously increasing and here But N is also very angry. I happen he uses his full power and in one go his sword smashes this thing into pieces It is also surprising to see that for the first time someone has broken his sword attack that now you stop being dead, I will show what is my real power , he must have been very tired because he had used a lot of his power That long haired guy is very angry and is saying that children slow down your voice a bit because now you are not going to be saved to speak, he comes directly attacks him, that too we do not know anything There is a very bright light, but when the voter opens his eyes, he sees that he is absolutely fine and someone has been there that he has taken every man, he will come out here, we see that he.

Is none other than someone who We have stopped him, someone has been with me, what happened, do you want to kill him like the rest of the people, and as for you, vootiyan, you have fought a very good fight, you have made very good progress in these few years. Very nice , he is very happy to hear such things about his elder brother , that is, his matter, and tears also come from his eyes. starts to fall then there comes the master of his set the queen begs the master of her set to take her away from here the master of her set does exactly the same what can be done to you that he was a scum who got scared and ran away from here he retreated he shouldn't do that then we see that guy comes to attack again and what is going on that you are also a scum and you too No one has the right to be alive I am not.

Going to leave you but till then we see that the queen is also in her form and she stops her attack as soon as she stops her attack there is a blast between these two Both of them go back and see this form of queen, he was surprised that how it has become so powerful, everyone starts shouting in the audience what is happening, the finals have not even started yet, how can all this happen? This should not have happened against the rules, why are you wondering what you are doing, now both of them are left, so start the competition as soon as possible. Two posts say yes sir, now as you say, after that we are shown that the host is announcing that you are the only two contestants left and without delaying us for the finals, now we have the finals Everyone becomes very happy after hearing this and starts jumping.

Because you are going to be finals in between two powerful powerful guns but here we are shown It has become more powerful than before King you know that it is not only you who can transform yourself, there are many people here and you don't think that whatever you have done now He has said all this, it is just such nonsense, you are innocent, nothing else, but he comes here to America to attack, he is coming and what is going on, it is not me, it is nonsense, you are talking. And stop doing all these things, the outcome will decide who goes to Katwar , what was it then, then a scuffle starts between the two, both are fighting each other, punching each other all around. The stadium is falling apart Cultivation level was not much lower than yours yet he gave you a very good fight and you are almost.

Lost What would have happened if you just keep your mouth open, ok, he tries his best to get kicked, but someone is defending comfortably, then this guy He would have been behind and takes his many swords to the home, now the king has come to know that this is not going to be a normal attack, that is why he also prepares his ruthless sword, which would have been many shorts. And then here we see that in just one attack of the Ruthless Sword, all those swords are shattered into pieces and then a very powerful sword comes out and turns it and hits it straight towards it, this sword is sharp. It doesn't know escape and goes around it. The sword is looking at him all the way. His elders who are there immediately come to their little lord and ask him about his thoughts and.

After seeing this attack, the sword which Being elders, they would have been surprised that the batteries are small, what is the big deal in this, it was just a word, you are not even above your battery, how do you know this and anyway you know No, Cultivation is different and all these short techniques are different because who all did this attack in the future . It is almost impossible because they have never seen anything like this, they would have sat back calmly, whatever attack they have done now, nor can they do this attack even at this age, that means you can understand how powerful this guy is. And it is just a matter of years to stay with you, here the Young Master of the Elder has been killed, then the Elder would have been very angry and he says that you have so much courage, you have killed my Young Master, how will I not leave you, you also know that you have killed How to bring back the dead people, they.

Use their full power, if they are not seen, then they pick them up and say, stop them, they can prove to be very helpful in the future, because they are Budhau, but what are the elders here? talking nonsense let me go from there but those from battery hold elder's hand they are not letting him go in any way and saying look this is better for him future I will come less for him but they are saying that the one who is the Elder who is fighting there is above in the real and some who People understand this but I am sure that whatever happened to the President, one day he comes, then he will see what will happen to your Sangu family. On this side, we are shown that the elder who is a ghost elder is very angry. happens and I.

Want to tell you that the queen has also used too much of her power, which means that she is very weak in front of the tender and the elders are also not going to come to help her . What do you think, will the queen survive if she fights with this, you will know in the next episode itself, but before that you will have to do 500 likes, ok see you in the next episode, till then bye bye

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