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In the beginning of the episode we are shown that the alchemist who is killed has issued a decree and everyone starts listening to his words very carefully . But if he reaches then he will be given fifth grade, hearing this all the people immediately go around him and some people are also you know that fifth grade is not so easy to get and you know that How many people in our continent can reach the Ninth Level of Empire Realm that would have been Banda's if you can't reach it doesn't mean that no one else can reach as well as the reward in the exit bill thodi na hai reward There is one more thing in me and then there is a whole crowd there, everyone is.

Talking about the same thing, here the queen's plan is completely reduced, the scene changes, we have a shot on this side, and it would have come here for them will we call people han 100 design call then here we are shown a guy Who has got the guts to come to our area, he looks exactly like Master Hiroshi, who is the master of Goku in Dragon Ball, and then there are dogs from there, the whole rock starts shaking. He is not a normal human being , he is much bigger than a normal human being, because these people are joints, do you understand ? They are much more happy than the sergeant and whom are they doing lap of war, you really came here for me, the queen says just calm down, no one to be so excited.

No need and han you call me what you call me don't reveal my identity in front of everyone but they are really very happy and they are asking Swarna where is sheikh ji then queen gently tells him that His mind gets blown after hearing where is Sheikh ji and he would have been the gents, he would have had so much courage that the family who had sent people to eliminate this 10 and people have arrested and kept him captive I will bring it all right but let's go first we have to get out of this jungle but they say wait a minute I can't go out of here someone asks me why why can't you go out of here They start telling that there is such a power at this place i.e. a kind of spell has been cast here that.

They cannot go out of the forest, after that we are shown who all they would bring to the center of the forest. where a strange power is shining and it is coming from this hour the queen has been there there is no doubt why you can't go out of this forest and as soon as I I had stepped inside the forest, I also felt the power that is coming from this vine, then 100 messengers start telling us that this place is their coming. They have not agreed because if they go near it, they will be annihilated, so what happens to them, no problem, I will take care of it, then they start telling the story that first this vine was used on their brother, now it is being used on them. It can't go anywhere from here and if it goes near it will end don't worry at all I go and finish this vine but as soon as the quiz goes near and above the river the vine.

Remains He starts stirring in the river and we see that this strange scent has come out and he is wondering who are you, little one, only then we can recognize him and say, my friend, you are here , but this guy hey it's so sad and i'm laughing it's like you're here again to shop i don't care who you are and what you're doing here with me just want to say that you get out of here asap and then what was it here we are shown cream who starts to spit out his ruthless word but this which There is a short joint , it needs water, it is laughing and it is happening, do you want to break the loss of the family? It doesn't seem that he does less of it and what is it, it was just a small spirit and.

It said, look how much he was saving, I do not like all this much, seeing this You would have been completely surprised because who had finished him in one go, then we see that another guy has just left and someone is with me, it seems that you have been promoted in these years. And you have also got a lot of opportunities, now you are Ramesh of second level, that guy starts laughing and what is he doing, yes, it didn't take any effort and I want you , he is the same guy who made this formation and this is because of this. It seems that the queen cannot break its formation because she is laughing above and saying that you cannot do anything but here it is shown that she draws her sword but not to die. Touches his sword on the water then he starts walking on the water this is the new ninja technique of walking on the water write down only then the guy sees that it.

Is not good at all because he has passed the belt comfortably now very much After taking a long reaction, this banda goes to stop the queen, but before that, the king subdues the bull, but still he The guy is always reaching and what is going on, you know what you have done, but here Quick is talking about nonsense, everything is nonsense, naturally, you are the ones who are breaking the formation, and then what was it? He releases his Devil Eye and that guy is also moving forward but he knows that he has passed his powers where his whole body is lying because it was known that now Deering is gone. And it's going to be short and that's exactly what happens, the queen cuts him to half of the man in one attack. Here we are shown the leader of the Gents as if it is known that someone has entered their city. By entering their territory, he has destroyed their.

Own territory and he is also the elder brother of Sword Joint, and then here we are shown whether Si had finished me, Han I have finished it, he immediately comes to the king. And they attack but someone stops their attack with only one hand and then they are also surprised to see this thing and are wondering that after all Who are you who stopped my single punch with your one hand and you didn't have any child marriage, after all who are you, you are not a normal person at all, someone answers him in a very dangerous style that I am the one who is yours. Will destroy the family, everyone will be killed, then this man would get very angry and he would have been like you, you have so much courage, you have so much courage that you want to kill my family, I will not leave you, after all, who are you? Says that not only your family, Shambhu family.

Will sleep like everyone's head today, if not today, tomorrow I will wipe out the name and trace of all these families, none of them will be saved, but Taklu starts making fun of it and what is happening As much as your cultivation level, I don't think you will be able to destroy any family, you can't kill me too It is done, then when the queen sees that the sold joint is about to say something , the queen tells her But he disappears then they come to know that he went to find his body because the belt is broken and suddenly the sequin feels a lot of force and pressure and it can't even stand on its feet. What happens when he looks up, he must have come to know that one of his competition has just arrived, he is no one else, he.

Is the head of the joint family and what happens, I thought that someone An extra ordinary person has come to my spiritual land who may be from a big family but from the looks it seems that you are just a normal child with Medicure Cultivation and what happens next is that children you know you 100 He is the first person in years to have tried to threaten my family that he will destroy my family and you know what the end result is I will teach you a lesson like this anytime anyone even looks at our family Will not see here anyone gets ready but till then we are shown that a hand comes from behind and this hand does not belong to anyone else. Swarna ka hota hai, now he has got his body back and his whole body has been reviewed again and what are you doing God of War, you leave it to me, yes, the episode is over, but.

Do tell by commenting that This is joint in this and if there will be a fight between who will win

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