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At the beginning of the episode, it is shown that the queen is moving forward to attack him with her full power, but on this side, this crow wala banda bhi ready ho toh aur ki aa jao, here we are shown that the queen goes. It makes a very fast attack on its own, from which this man cannot escape and it has come to know that 10 demand is with the queen, so now it starts burning slowly and it is saying that I I know you are not normal, you are a war lap, but before that gap comes ahead, it starts melting and completely melts and flies in the air, Twinkle as I said I can only attack one. I will do all your work, all the people are looking at him and then as if someone destroys him, the black clouds in the sky are over and all the people are happy but here we are shown that Queen's condition has worsened.

And he is giving her power back inside the same alien and then recovers after a while, so what is he doing with the alien? Would you like to follow me, he says yes, I would definitely like to follow you. In the next scene, we are shown a beautiful room, which is full of glitter , someone is telling from an alien that from today this is your room and you are here. Will you stay? After seeing the room , that alien is very happy and then we see that the queen has left from there, then that ninja comes from behind and says that my friend, I will leave here tomorrow , you have India. I told you that you are not going to follow me, then he says no, then I just like that, Grandpa would have brought you there . By the way let me tell you that I will always be on your side.

He starts missing his old life and then he says to Grandpa, Grandpa, you are of some use to me. Now let's go here a very important conversation is going to happen between these two Grandpa is turning and saying Kin-kin Do you know if this family sister of ours can see this scene then he really jumps with joy Grandpa is having a lot of fun This family of ours has been brought back to Bhang Fortress and that too within just 2 years and even our status is as high as before and no one has the guts to come and mess with us like this Grandpa why worry Let 's say you have full faith in me, now you will see whatever our family had before, all that program will slowly come back to us.

Because Grandpa used to say that Grandpa now don't worry at all, whatever our They have tried to destroy the family, I will wipe out their family, no one will be able to stand in front of us, you just have faith in me, the sim changes, now we are shown the next day, where all the people are in their respective places. On the other side of this mountain there is a place where these people Anna keeps on going ahead that yellow guy is telling the king that we have to go this way and this way, we have to go this way, it may take us so long, all the people are there as long as these people are talking Till then there is chaos there, we are shown that something was going wrong, here we are shown a man who is running away to save his life and some men are following him, only then that girl UTN Utan.

Immediately goes to him to save the man. The man looks at Utan and says you Then he thinks that you don't worry at all, I am on the side of your princess, you go back safely, I will save you from all the people and he has already become very powerful, he is inside his only one time. He has killed three people, that guy looks at the girl, she has been with the girl, Little Six, here he starts telling that you have to leave soon. Will have to come but she is not understanding, that man is telling the girl that you will have to run away from here immediately because such a family is over, there is no one left, so tears come to her and she carries It happens but what happened to the mother, he says that she was also killed , she also did not survive because the whole family is finished, no one is left, this man should realize this.

It happens that an arrow is coming from behind it with great speed, then it immediately pushes the girl, she is saying what are you doing, but as soon as that arrow falls in its place There is acid and we are shown that he has been hit a little and he is also very badly injured, till then before he can tell anything further, it starts raining here Eros inside the forest and from all over It happens that you go save the girl and all the other people, I will take care of all these people, and then our paw comes in a very stylish way and stands in front of this girl and is saving her from arrows here. Someone is shown who throws his ruthless word directly towards the flying disc and he goes cutting all the arrows and some people are also there, giving an example to all those people that there is someone in me who can give orders to all these people. The queen was just trying to hear the voice of the same.

Man, where he lives, then he would have come to know that he is there, then someone throws his sword again loudly. That guy tries to run away but he is already killed . It means that a lot of people have lost their lives here, but Grandpa starts telling him that how do you know about all these things, what happened that we have come face to face with each other before. A has been done and then he is telling that I have also heard that the force of lower godrelum is also more powerful, next this ghost set has very few members in it, but all the members are very many. are more powerful and what you can see behind this guy is called the Ghost Set Door which is also called Death Door and a.

Martial artist can use it only one turn in his whole life and when he use it When he does it, then his power suddenly increases 100 times because the power of all the people he has killed till date is either All the souls that can be used are inside him, so whatever is the soul and power inside the gate, all of them have already come to their owner and it can be used only once in the whole life. And when that person of Ghost Set becomes completely powerful, then he just has to cut once on the garden of other people and once he has cut, then the person who has been cut becomes his slave, that too with complete loyalty. If he is with Grandpa, then why is he killing the guys with big members, the answer is very simple, maybe he is trying to build his own new army, like many people, this is also true for Ninja. I do not understand whether an army.

Can be made like myself, but then someone understands once again that to open the death kit, he has to collect the souls of many people with him, then these people are Ghost set people divide their team in two pairs so that together they can kill a lot of people and collect their souls and when a lot of souls are collected they can After that these people can open the gate back and then after that the queen has left immediately what should we do now I think those people will still be there and on this we will wipe them out He gets very angry and worries that if these people remain alive, they will pose a threat to the whole world and with this our episode also ends here, then see you in the next episode, till then bye- Bye

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