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The episode begins with the fact that okay I will give you the explanation, he goes to Mr. Gaon and says that he is my younger brother and after listening to this Mr. Gaon has tears in his eyes but here This guy is laughing and saying that I ca n't believe this dwarf, this dwarf is your brother, are you kidding and after saying this, this guy starts laughing loudly, after that the queen It's okay, I can still save your life, just tell me your name and also tell me who is behind you , that you have got the courage that if you do all this in the Chamber of Commerce Mr. Gaon doesn't like this thing that you are creating havoc , he gets very angry, he picks up his hammer and immediately.

Goes to the guy and what happens to him is that he insults you guys a lot. Ho he belongs to you you don't even count among humans you inferior race go somewhere but he would grab their throat then throw them hard K gives it but here someone has done it and he grabs Mr. Gaon . Queen is giving him healing flower because he is hurt very badly and here this guy is thinking what happened today star. But this one really surprised me and then what was the quick that the guy gets a little chidhara and what was going on, so you want to know what is my name, where do I come from and what are the powers behind me. Because of which I am here doing all this and hearing this he gets a bit surprised and asks them again then tell me where are you from after all someone says that I am from Ghost set and that Hearing that the guy's.

Air would have been tight and he would have been deep but I have never heard your name before you have n't seen you you must have never heard of us because we do secret operations and mostly our name is not out comes and it's no surprise that you have n't heard our name before, the Chamber of Commerce really has something to do with Ghost Check Here this guy would be apologizing to the queen with folded hands and asked her to please forgive me, the queen says do you want to know more about us, he says no, but here his intentions don't seem right. Yes, he was angry and was smiling, that's why these people have suspected that he is going to attack on walking, then they are saying, be careful, till then this person would have come to attack and what about you? What do you think ghost set is sector of such era is it never.

Going to meet you with other normal set and not at all like you he attacks quick someone pulls out his arm but he attack It is so powerful that the whole arm of the queen was broken in one go, here this guy was smiling and saying, “Hey Han, I have no choice but to tell you one thing, then King and all his companions start running away.” The guy uses his power and was saying what do you think you can run away so easily but till then we will be shown That's why that dog has come out from inside the queen's ring, because here he is thinking that why did you idiot come out at this time, after seeing the dog, he starts laughing loudly and why When you can't face me then you are sending your stomach here wait after you go we will make it Kim but he doggy doesn't like it.

So he bites it hard before he While doing something to Dogi, he is already in his spirit form and immediately enters the queen cutting from the back . Because there are a lot of mountains here, but they are all open mountains, then they are grandpa . The guys go inside one where the queen is in a bad condition yet still can't believe she's X amp Mr. Realme was at the ninth level and there are some realme below that , but still how is he still alive? They are hiding inside, then there is a sound of shouting that.

Where are you children, come out and accept your death, but here these people are still This guy keeps hiding, he has come here with his puri, what was he doing, so first of all it will be best that you give your head in our hands . Because right now the house has been taken from the thoughts side, but someone tells me that you should not take any tension, just do not increase your spiritual power too much, because of this he will find us easily and if we remain like this then he will not find us so easily. Will find someone heals and gives them both because those people are also weak and here we are shown two men who are going to find the other side because I want to tell you if anyone If the head is brought, 100 million heads are placed on his head, many names are kept that the annual income of the Chamber of Commerce is the income of.

100 million spirit stones and if anyone brings the queen's head, he will get 100 million spirit stones, that means you You can understand how much this guy hates the Queen and anyone here has been of exactly the same opinion . Ra sir is worth 100 million spirit stones that too not small spirit stones high grade spirit stones these people are still talking till then our dear doggy is out again queen says why are you out again We are shown that the doggy goes to the corner and the queen does not know anything and tries to pick up the queen and comes near because she tells me that you want to say that there is another way inside this cap and This is just a stone made like this , he starts shaking his tail, then what was it, the queen is sure of his words, then he hits him on the spot with a strong punch. We see that there is a secret passage on the spot and they Some Grandpa and Mr. village can.

Go to the other side, they say that now we should go from here because those people can come here anytime looking for us , but they will not get this secret so easily before they want. Till then these two people would have come here, the blue one would have been very happy, he would have drawn his sword on seeing them. What is it and what is it that now you guys have got us, you people are not going to escape from our hands, today you will be finished by my hands and I will get everything completely , what is the condition of the other one, I am definitely a genius because I was feeling that there is something wrong inside this hole and you have hit the jackpot here . Goes inside this guy doesn't like it at all and what is going on Wait now I will show you which of the two of us.

Is stupid What happened after that he took out his sword and attacked him very powerfully Passage does it inside and was very angry saying that now you will know which of us is stupid but he has got a crack in the game with the sword attack because he is very sensitive even the whole has fallen happens on top of those people and those people are buried there and here we are shown the rest two have come out of the queen's It is happening that I have not seen such a strange person in my whole life, that means who does not have any brain, but why can they go further before this, till then some other person has come there and this person is It doesn't look at all , it looks like a zombie, someone would have recognized who it is, it must have been from Grandpa and Mr. village, both of you leave here, have full faith in me. Its target is me, both of you.

Run away from here, Grandpa is doing exactly the same because Mr. Gaon has already been injured a lot and if the people going to his range reinforcement could not have survived here , he would have been from the zombie kingdom. hai ki come back with me kin-kin tells him to write his name zombie se ka raha hota hai that you told me earlier that you want to complete the shot with me today i give you that chance today we both will see what Which word has more power and just in the next scene, you will have to fight for it, the next episode is going to be very cool, then get Must watch her in Te Hain next episode

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