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Friends, as you saw in the last episode, people leave, but this zombie would have been in their midst, then the queen says to leave everyone from there, now there will be another fight in this, what about the zombie queen? come with me come with me but here we are shown the queen takes out her sword and is doing it seems you still don't understand the power of her shot is very high on this and a powerful attack does this attack but he does not attack it on the zombie because that zombie was standing on the side, he attacks someone on the other side and that attack is very fast, after seeing the attack, tears start coming in the eyes of this zombie And here we are shown that he is back in his human form, but suddenly something starts happening to him, suddenly there is a huge explosion and he is gone from the zombie's figure and then there is a.

Lot from the side. There is a loud explosion and this is on the same side where this explosion happened and all the other people have gone, here we are shown the scene of three hours ago. All these people can go here while searching but here some ninja see a key and they decide that they will go inside. There are a lot of zombie soldiers and this is their master who is controlling these people and what is going on. You all are my soldiers now. Hey, these people would have met all these zombies after going back. That girl was joking Do you really want to do this ? Will be recognized and then we will be in trouble. A zombie comes and he.

Is telling his master that these people are total 12, what was his master, what is 102? So it should be 111 and even before that some zombies came out , it should have been 108 but suddenly it happened now It has been known that some other outsiders have entered among them, then the leader who was there would have been wondering who has entered, then the ninja says that it is me, move forward with your full power. He would have been surprised to see the power of ninja because he was also on the ninth level of Extreme Empire Real, only then these people also reveal here that we all are here but till then we are shown what is there. The real Boss is the one who has already done what he was supposed to do Everyone calm down We are shown that this is not another man he is the one who gave the Queen a hard fight He uses his power and creates a hologram of the.

Queen He puts it all and asks who all knows it, seeing that hologram of her, the girl goes to the door and carries it, why is this brother trying to keep calm but she is so nervous that it comes out of her mouth It is done then that banna suddenly attacks the ninja but the ninja was not weak at 9th level but I am right but I want to tell you There is a huge gap between my power and my illness , now I am giving you an experience of how much difference there is in the power of both of us, you cannot stand in front of me, here we are shown that both of them are using their full power. The ninja would have been giving a good fight to the man but that bond is more powerful than the ninja, so ninja hattori is having a problem, this man is holding his little knee that don't let go of any of them, if the big If the fish falls then you have to keep the face carefully.

And then what was it. Ninja comes to attack him and says that now I will not leave you. They are telling the village that I am going to help my brother, I can't stay here but Grandpa went to make him stay. You can see that both of them live that what are these people doing here and they are on the side that run away from here. That's why we are shown here that the whole zombie can attack him and the yellow part is not known, he is directly targeted, then that zombie directly attacks him, Grandpa is asking the girl. After all, who are these people and why are they so many and so strange, but if she is very afraid, then there is no sound coming out of her mouth, then after a while we.

It is shown that all those people have taken them home, then after a while we are told that these are all the people who have not participated in the 80 Solution Festival and all these people are being controlled by Variation Provision and they People have become zombies, only then their leader who is the leader of the zombies says not to spare anyone, here we are shown the ninja who had defeated him and not as a slave, as if I can't believe it. Hey, I didn't even think that you would be able to stand in front of me for so long, but by then the victim would have been over there . It happens that boss forgive me I killed that kid in the beginning and as for this old man it was very powerful and it means he can't do anything so in the end I killed him too Grandpa He would have killed him.

, he would have said here that there is no problem with him, if you have killed him, then what will you do to him now? Roge, his body is no less, wait, I will remove the fork of this path from here, here we are shown that the condition of ninja is very bad and why is it that you killed him so powerful master How can I stand in front of you, I did not know that if I meet you, I will be in this condition, but till then there we are shown that there is fog from all sides and nothing is visible here. But we see that the queen comes out of the SOG, the queen says can I take them with me and here a voice is being heard that come to me, quickly take the magic sword and here this guy too It is surprising that this form is of magic sword and it is not such a magic sword. You will come to know later.

In this episode that what kind of magic sword it is, it is an evil magic sword, whatever it is in its hands . It seems that he has turned into Puri, here we are shown that he who is a fag , closes all these people and lets them go. It is said that what happens if you stay here, I will definitely come back here to take your head. He says that I will also wait for you here, I will also see how powerful you are. Whoever knows you or with whomever you have a relation with, why have you never met him even once, even if he is Buddha or a child, I am not going to leave anyone, whoever is with you, I will I will kill people for the time being you go and just bring him the magic sword I am waiting for you right here while leaving someone says to me ok let me also see if you can survive or.

Not Ho but I would say that you are not going to survive after he leaves, this guy increases his power to a great extent, here I am shown that someone else has done it because it has to be adopted and you are in Han People want to tell one more thing that my art is a bit bad, you guys must have come to know the difference in my voice, that's why I am more I am not making the video fast, it is taking time to make the video, but still I will try my best to put the video together even today, do you understand, that's why if the video is less or less then nothing much will be seen next day My throat is a bit sore, that's why it's okay, see you in the next episode, till then bye-bye

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