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At the beginning of the episode, we see that they have teleported to another place, that you guys stay here. The ninja tells who killed Grandpa, then we are shown another voice, Demons, come, you. Why aren't you staying Why have you stayed Come and take your magic sword Why aren't you coming Why have you stayed there Queen says no I don't want to come I don't want to be in demand But I have besides And there is no other way, what should I do, she says in tone, I know you are very smart, but smart people don't act like stupid, if they do, they won't be able to live long. It happens that once you hold the sword in your hand, then there is no shot time, you will have countless power back , you will become very powerful from back, just once remove this word from here, what if I.

Award If I don't leave this place, the voice starts saying, it is obvious that nothing is going to happen, nothing will change. You will remain so weak and everyone will keep troubling your friends but here the speed of the Queen's Ruthless Sword would have been out and it would not have been carried Master you should not do this because once you do this your soul and its The soul will connect with each other and then you will not be able to control yourself but the King of Swords does not listen to the period and he holds this sword thinking that at most what will happen nothing is going to happen after all this If I don't really want to kill someone, I never use this world, but what can I do, I am forced to use it, I am also not this I want to do it, then what was it, as soon as it comes out, the power of the shot.

Starts coming out and the spirit is there. Finally, after so many years someone has chosen me and all his power is released inside the king and here I am shown to be the evil sword spirit that finally gives me a I have got my powerful subordinate after so many years now I can laugh back but she is surprised to see that the queen is controlling her and not the king. The queen says its just a petal. It is a piece, what will it do, only then it gets angry with the sword period, why does it attack you and says that you go to hell, but if someone hits us with its shot, it cuts it into two pieces, here it is what happened that baby i will always remember you i will never forget this thing see i will definitely come back and here the queen has been you are nothing just a little thots of her nothing else now here it comes back so What happens.

To you brother, you have suddenly reached extreme reality. That girl is crying. Someone comes to her . Have to do it because what was it you drunkard don't worry he attacks with his shot and again opens a portal through which those people go back to the same place. They reach here it is shown that these people are talking that they have so many members left but as soon as the queen comes there all the zombies fall on her but the one who is Mr. First of all, those people fly in the air and whatever happens, he uses his sword and destroys all the people, only then we see the religion, the person who is a banda, he has been coming to straighten up, but before that That he knows to kill Cream as he disappears from there we see someone come up to him and.

Attack him with his bin and he directs it it gets hurt it doesn't happen it can't happen This is impossible, but by then someone would have reached directly behind him and before that person could escape, someone would have hit the wall and someone would have kept his sword in front of him and would have been worried about the next two swords that will hit you. Joshi and Grandpa will be here. Queen hits a hard slash on both her shoulders causing it to be in a lot of pain and it chills loudly. It is coming, it was coming, when you want to kill me, why don't you kill me, why are you torturing me so much, but then your power increases and 11 happens, what do you think I am from Extreme Empire Real I am on the ninth level and this small two times can not harm me, it tries to stand back but the hair of the mouth has fallen on the feet of the king from the back and it is deep.

What is this happening, I do not understand anything, it must have been of Banda, what have you done to me, why am I not getting up, actually the queen had fought with the magic sword on him. The same magic has been on both of its shoulders that it could not stand up and it would have obeyed all the words of the queen that it would have kept its head bowed if I obey you, will you let me go from here without killing the queen ? You don't have any way to do exactly as I am saying but if he is not bowing his head then someone is saying I have been searching for the last time and in the next scene we are shown that all these People are going back from there and there is no one left alive till someone cuts his throat and he is killed very badly . In the next scene we are shown that the queen is back. Since this dissolution has.

Happened in the continent, everyone should be the president, here we are shown that when he meets the battery, the battery asks everyone It seems that where are you from so many days, he says that I had gone to handle a matter and as soon as it is completed, I have come back, then the battery starts telling that in fact I will tell the Queen 's grandfather. The members of the family have taken him away and they are going to save his Grandpa and start asking The Battery, you tell me the truth, is this family of yours the same family who are always fighting their brains because from today This family that they had 100 years ago was destroyed, in the beginning of the series itself you have been told that who destroyed it and the Grandpa who saw it with his own eyes at the time, and the battery is very important here. Something looks fishy because it's what's going on it means my grandpa over there the they saw everything so.

They arrested my grandpa what's the matter they're doing with the battery I 'm sorry real It's all my fault, I sent only two fighters with your grandfather, which are level 8, if I sent them there. Well, this might not have happened today and here the Queen would have been very angry because her Grandpa would have been caught by those people without any reason and she would have said that I am not going to kill any of them. But the battery boy puts his hand on his shoulder and says don't take too much tension, you are not yet starting your cultivation because he has cultivated too much and has now reached the ninth level of Extreme Imperial Realm and this They are very surprised to see that till then the Sword Elders have also come there, they are also giving the same fate to whom even if you have.

Reached the Extreme Imperial Realm, but still you are not very impulsive. It should be because it is very harmful, now what is going to happen next, you will know in the next episode and by the way, I want to tell that tomorrow I am going to put a new comic episode because now its episode episode is more No, hardly 10 or 15 episodes will come like this, so tomorrow I will start a new one. Will give the crew of the comic, you guys see and tell how you liked it, if you like it, then its episodes will also start coming again, four-five and as much as it remains, I will finish it, okay, then see you in the next episode, till then, bye bye

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