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At the beginning of the episode, I am shown and everyone is very surprised to see a power that is so powerful. I will take your head and now it is yours, he starts coming in front of the queen and says what is happening to the queen, Nai Nai President, please, please, please forgive me, please, you cannot kill me, that battery goes to it. It seems that the battery has fallen off, please, for so many years, I have been very loyal to the Gufa family, please, aap president, he should not kill me, my soul, my soul promises you that after today, at any time in the future, at any time in the future, I will Wo n't even step on the place Queen says what's loyalty in its name then you are a dhaba so you have nothing to do with loyalty it.

's okay if you guys don't let me go then it's okay he's fast Starts running , going straight towards the master, trying to catch them, if I do, I will take it along I won't die alone, but before he reaches someone out of his own selfishness straight up his garden, here swords are made from Elder Patrick, a defeated gentleman is always defeated Kara happens but I'm not defeated yet Elder says you can't see your people what see everyone is defeated but here it is shown it still has no shortage of tips and tricks Shango Family's Stomach Rich is about to activate the blood transplant and there's a huge laser bomb that goes off and it's pulling the power out of all the guys who've been killed, someone uses their ring.

And whatever process tha stops all those process midway but the process is over why don't you get out of there I know who you are here we show the one who is bound in taboo has become alive and If there was love then you are the queen, why isn't the Chowk had queens and after seeing this The Elder's condition also worsens that Patrick of the Blood Lord Shanku family is giving respect to the Blood Lord and everything goes back to AK but if the Queen is very angry, then you are the blood, he smiles. And why was it Han, I am the only one, do you have any problem with this, do you have any problem while pointing towards him ? no no problem you are not even that bad but it depends on you.

Till then we are shown someone else has already been there and it is very powerful it is because of you it seems You have forgotten me . So it has become very big, if it had happened to anyone else, I don't know whose disabled I am, what does that blood come, who are you? If it does not happen, then it starts telling about itself, tells its name and also tells that it is the 10th dimple of the lap of war. It means that he will be very powerful and will finish all these people now but after listening to this he starts laughing out loud and what is going on I don't care who you are and whose.

Display you are. You will be killed by my hands, then he takes out his sword and keeps on saying that take out your sword from the blood pool , after seeing this he is thinking that he still remembers the first standing of the truth window, how did you attack me? It's because I attacked you because you insulted my master. It's about who is your master ? Too much anger is happening, it is happening because of you, you are too proud, wait, I will tell you now, but my sword A makes an attack and that attack is so powerful that the blood is lost in one go, after that it goes into the proof, the body still remains inside it, the blood becomes deep that you do not make me alive at all. I will definitely do something for the body,.

But what about the soul, where is that soul? Who pulled out the soul from inside the body, hurry up and tell me, I will come and take it myself is doing and here the sword master is thinking don't know why but I feel like it is master's shadow and then he asks his name the queen tells him his name that his name is a wing He is thinking why his name is exactly like the name of the master but it cannot be the master because the master has been killed 100 years before you, after that he who becomes the sword master was asking whom ? Twinkle asks why did you take his soul . How can you save me? Someone starts telling me ways that if his mind was separated from his body even for a while.

, he would have been killed but he locked his soul in a different formation. K is kept so that even if the body stays away, no harm is done to the soul. We see that this blood lord is still alive and he Why do you think you will be able to do this, otherwise you will never be able to do this, then the solid master goes up to him and gives him a hard kick and says, “If you don't keep your mouth shut, I will tell you straight.” I will make you go for a walk up there, he says to the shot master, have we met ever before? Have you ever met someone asking me how have you become like this, he says it has nothing to do with you, I have done this to myself and I have to kill my master's Amy with my own hands.

. Healing is given by the heart and what is the concern of your internal injury, for this he would have taken a moment and was thinking that in this way he would have given me a moment, but here the blood load, what is the concern of you. Don't know I already belong to blood which is in lower real and once those people came to know about which event today then I Tell me that you people are not going to find any place to hide, you will all be killed here and buried here. Then no matter what happens to me it doesn't matter whosoever comes in my way will be killed no matter who it is blood returns to wreak havoc has to be accepted I have a lot of courage so where am I getting so much courage from says Queen ok looks like you are in a hurry he takes.

His sword and thrusts straight through her and the game of blood load ends here now all that is left in front of the queen is the shimbu family pet rich and sengup The leg of the family was very cracked because the blood load is so powerful, then they will sell it and kill it, and this is the reason why the blood load is no longer there, someone is going to everyone and telling like you Everyone has seen that this is the Shango family which does not treat anyone well, these people belong to the top 8 families but still He doesn't do such things at all, he doesn't understand you at all, he wanted to kill all of you so that he can become powerful and all the people are very furious , already all the people are ready to attack him. climb up and now only one can do it when thousands of people start dying then no matter how powerful the chai banda is, in the end he gets killed as if his.

Game is over and gas I started a new comic and saw that No see it soon it is very interesting then see you in the next episode till then bye bye

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